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  1. Hai! Im Chijire, a new member to this site. Right now, im kind of hoping i didn't totally bomb the site's name. Don't hate me if i did!
    I have to say, im really impressed with this site. I've been roleplaying for... *counts fingers* four or so years now, and i have never really found a Forum Roleplaying site i liked. And i already love Iwaku! *huggle* Im looking forward to a great time here! Im always open to a friendly message, or a few pointers about the site.
    Well.. i guess im supposed to tell you a bit about myself right now. My favorite kind of Roleplays, as of this moment, are human, adventure, not-really-realistic, Vampire(<3), Half-blood (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) and, on occasion, an animal of some sort. Im usually very picky about my Roleplays. I always need a good plot, and a group of somewhat literate people to Roleplay with. I cannot stand it when i take the time to type up a long Roleplay paragraph, and in reply, get, 'Sara nodded. "Ok."' Annoying... Sorry for any insult! I love to read, Roleplay, just be online, play tennis, bike, and be with friends. I do NOT like to.. well.. pretty much do anything involving physical activity. Sports put aside. Im also big in Anime. My current favorite would have to be Vampire Knight, hence the current urge to Vampire-roleplay. Im working on a few Roleplay plots, just to get started on the site. What they are... well, you can just wait for that. Eh, i might as well add on that im really good at HTML. I would demonstrate, but what i was going to do doesn't work here.

    Before i leave, i'll tell you one thing.
    I rarely text talk.
  2. ...I like this one already.

    Well maybe not Zypher but he sill love him.

    Formal introduction time!

    I an Vay! No darth about it, I'm kroot not cyborg. While I may spend my days fighting and eating people for money and weapons to better fight and eat people with I spend my off hours as a roleplay support and projects mod. Any questions you may have are welcome in my inbox. You may also want to drop us a line in the Roleplay resume thread.

    Also WTF is text talk?
  4. Welcome to the site. If you don't see an RP at the moment you're interested in please don't give up, this is the slowest time of year with people finishing finals, going off to see family, and general 'end of the year'-ness. New blood and new ideas are always welcomed and I'm sure there will be some bites when you post up your own plot ideas.

    And thank you for not txt tlk! Not everyone speaks it, or English for that matter around here.
  5. Welcome to the site and I'm sure I speak for all the members when I say that we are happy that you have such an affinity for the site already, AND that you don't do that whole "how r u gais i liek dis plaec".

    Anyways, if you need any help at all, hit me up.
  6. Welcome, hope ya find a good rp.
  7. Well hello and welcome to the Iwaku new flehs *recieves the hug* ... ... ^^ I'm happy now, well anyway I am Shadow (snowy) Ike the leader of Silvering Wolf pack, and I welcome you to the Iwaku and if you have any questions at all I would be gald to answer them for you.
  8. And we like you, random citizen.
    Just kidding, welcome to Iwaku! It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm so glad you love it here, I do too.
    I think it's super how much you told us about yourself, this will help us get to know you a little more as a roleplayer, too.
    I'm Kitti and if you have any questions, please ask!
  9. Welcome! You will fit in here really easily I'm sure. We are chill but often get work done, feel free to hit anyone up for questions! Enjoy!
  10. Welcome to the community oh excited plum one! >:3 I look forward to seeing your roleplayness!
  11. Welcome User of the Color Purple. I'm Rory, one of the trolls admins of this forum. Enjoy your stay and don't feed Chaos. He's been a very naughty boy.
  12. Welcome to the site.