Head West, Young Vampire

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  1. It was not easy reaching his destination. Lucas had been in Boston for 50 years, a large amount of time to some, but simply a blink of the eye to his elders. All of them having lived in the New England area for well over 100 years, some of them having even been soldiers in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Lucas couldn't boast such historical or cultural ties. He reflected on this while in the darkness of his coffin, the feel of the road beneath the U-Haul making its way up to him.

    After years of stalking the streets of Boston with the utmost care, Lucas had made a fatal mistake. He had allowed someone to see him while he was feeding. Nobody was in the alley when he first found the young girl clothed in tattered rags and shivering from a combination of the cold and withdrawal.
  2. Elisa had been out that night with her camera. She had just finished her first year in college for photo journalism and was trying to get into some of the papers and magazines in the area. It was tough, but so was she.

    That night hadnt been much different from any other, cold, dark, lonely. But those nights were supposed to make for the best stories. Elisa had been wandering down through the more broken areas of town photographing the sleeping homeless, the prostitutes when their pimps weren't looking, and all the druggies. She was hoping for some sort of exposee on the cities underworld.

    Elisa was kneeling down next to a trash can clicking away at an unconscious denizen when she thought she heard a noise from the adjacent alley. She stood and walked briskly over and peered camera first around the corner. She could see legs sticking out from the other side of the trashcan and that wasnt unusual. But, then there was some movement, a shadow. Maybe someone getting mugged? Well, that was normal but exciting enough for her if she got the hard prints from it. Elisa crouched next to the container and moved slowly forward, keeping her camera up. She came around the side of the trashcan and instantly paled. There was a man there, and it looked like he was....biting the poor vagabond girl. But it didnt look like anything that could be considered normal. Quickly she turned the flash up on her camera and snapped a picture of him, quite a few of them in fact, before standing up and fleeing the alley, dialing 911 on her cell as she fled.
  3. A frigid and vile wind gripped the concrete jungle. As a foul and insipid odor tickled the senses of those observant enough to take note. Like the distant flickering of a candle; the signs of another horror story pierced the swarthy shadows which weaved itself around the city. A city of vice and degenerated dreams. Even now as Kirk made his way through the trash littered and sin infested streets. He could feel the broken wills of those around him. People who were victims of a system, a system which makes men hate and births intolerance and selfishness. A prison without visible bars but instead a cage of bane. The blonde hair blue eyed male was a stranger to this realm. From his posture to his accent he reeked of a foreign aura. One which unknowingly he projected onto others. After pressing pass the multitude of societies forsaken the rugged man found himself traversing a less traveled path. Yet despite the lack of bodies he felt suffocated.

    With the subtle and easily mistakable sound of his cane and boots juxtaposing with the weather worn road he would make his approach known. His nostrils flaring as he picked up on the scent of blood rich with iron. His eyes narrowing as he turned to face the alleyway often over looked. His gaze pouring down it's narrow passage. And though the darkness provided the illusion of security and stealth. His unnatural eyes penetrated it's influence. For there were many things in this world which lurked in the shadows. Things which most would consider but myth or legend. Beings long thought to have died with the cultures which supposedly birthed them. And though these beings have been forgotten, seemingly slipping into a stagnate state or torpor. The truth of their existence could never be fully obscured. For that which is acted in the dark will always step into the light.

    Silently Kirk would watch as the parasite which fitted the social norm for a vampire feed on this poor forsaken child. Like all predators this man feasted off of the weak. For all things even those thought to be grand, shared one common bond. That they all were part of the cycle of life. And all life forms no matter their intellect operated under the guide lines issued from the animal kingdom itself. However little could this single vampire know; that he wasn't the only monster. Nor could he fathom what other beings lurked within the flesh of men.

    Kirks eyes would dart as a sudden flash from a camera caught his eye. like a hawk he would watch from afar as the woman fled. Foolishly sacrificing her life for a picture best taken by the mind alone. She was brave, this much was apparent. However bravery like all things could be misplaced and abused.
  4. The flash that rapidly bathed the alleyway in light brought Lucas up from his feeding. The young girl hung in his arms like a rag doll, a small moan coming from her mouth. His lips were covered in her blood, which he licked as his fangs retracted. He heard the rapid click of heels echoing through the alleyway. With a growl, he dropped the girl and took off after the sound. It was of utmost importance that no one witness his feeding. His kind had operated in secrecy for centuries, it was how they had survived all this while. If he was discovered, if the vampires were in threat of being revealed to society, then he would be ostracized. The vampire elders, creatures of ancient knowledge and strict tradition, were unkind to those who threatened their way of life.

    Lucas couldn't help but think of how different things had been when he was a yearling. Fifty years ago, this wouldn't have happened. People didn't walk through the alleyways unless they were looking for what was in the shadows. Now, people traveled through the alleyways looking to do good deeds or document the tragedy of the fallen. Also, half a century ago, cameras were a rare thing for people to have and now everyone had one. They could even be found in phones now! As he raced down the maze of alleys, he realized he wasn't sure what he would do when he found whoever it was he was searching for. His choice would have to be quick he realized, as he rounded the corner to discover the owner of the heels.
  5. Elisa ran as fast as she could go. The streets were dark and full of clutter and un-filled pits. She tripped and stumbled into walls as her heels couldnt keep up with the momentum of her running. She slammed into a corner and cursed silently to herself. She had to stop running, first of all she was hurting herself, and secondly the shoes made alot of noise. Quickly she bent down and slid off the heels, hooking them together and slinging them over her shoulder and took off down the street again. Her mind was still racing about what she had seen. Luckily in the not so far distance she could hear the sound of sirens heading her way. Thank God for the invention of cell phones.

    Elisa made it another block and realized that if that man she saw really was what he looked like, then she was in a world of hell right about now. Up ahead she saw an apart complex, inside some of the lights were on and the front door was ajar, the mechanical lock not having sucked the door shut. She flung herself up the steps and pulled open the door. As she stepped inside she turned and looked back.
  6. Wei was covered in blood of his enemies. "Don't push me next time. Got that?" he said to the one person he kept alive out of the other five. The man nodded pushing away from Wei. He nodded and slowly started to walk away and was tripped up by a girl running away from something. 'What could she be running from?' he thought to himself. 'hope it's not me.' he snickered. Wei decided to walk in the opposite direction that the girl was running in. He wanted to find out what made her so scared. See if he could beat some sense into him for making a woman feel fear like that.