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Head of the Serpent - A Serperior's Journey

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Psycho Cat, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Hi. I'm looking for a possible romantic RP partner. You can be any Pokemon as long as it isn't an uber. I don't mind what gender you are, as I can do both hetero and homo pairs. And of course, to prevent confusion, my moves are Leaf Blade, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, and Giga Drain. Character sheet preferred, but if your posts contain enough information I might let it slide.

    "I'm sorry, Serperior, but I really just don't need you anymore. I'm sure you understand, but it's nigh time we part. You've been outclassed under recent circumstances, and I see no benefits in keeping you. Good bye, hopefully forever," the human finished with a scoff. I looked up at her, blinking slowly. I had anticipated this. The second she saw the Virizion I knew I'd be gone soon enough. My human was always about efficiency, and it wasn't very efficient to have two Grass-types. I found it ironic that it was me who helped her catch it. I didn't mind, really. We shared a lot in common, me and my human, but we both knew that when an opportunity arose it was time to strike. My only regret was that it was me and not that damned Weavile of hers that had to go. I knew if it had been an Articuno she found that cocky little Dark-type still wouldn't be going anywhere. In fact, there was a one in five chance I still would have had to go! But again, I didn't really care. My human didn't want any emotional bonds at all. She was a ruthless fighting machine, and me? I was just like her, waiting for my next enemy to crush. We had a mutual respect for each other, knowing the power and capability of the other but not caring an ounce for them in our hearts. Maybe I wasn't always like this. Maybe she brainwashed me into a state of vicious hunger for blood. But if that was the case, then I dare to say it was a good change for me. I remember the time she was breeding me to her Liepard because her current Liepard was insufficient. That Liepard loved me. I almost loved her back. But then, as my luck goes, she died. Shortly after laying her egg she just fell over. Her last words pleaded for me to help her, but I didn't. My human had been right. If one egg laying was enough to mangle her so, then she was insufficient. I could have saved her. I could have rushed her to medical aid, regardless of my human's ambitions. But I didn't need to. I didn't want to. There was no point. She would be useless to me. She would have been useless to my human, more importantly. So I slithered over, coiled my tail around her, and squeezed until my muscles ached. I sat there, my human and her Weavile watching, the long dead Liepard in my grasp, with my eyes closed for what felt like hours. I think it was hours, but every memory from that day was too blurry to remember. I felt no satisfaction in my deed, just the reassurance that I had done my job.

    Now, here I was. There were no thanks for all my services, no teary eyed speeches about how much I had been loved. Just a short and simple briefing on why I was being left; deserted; marooned. I thought about saying something in human language to acknowledge the situation. My human speak was off and unsatisfactory on every level, but I knew at least a little. Mostly commands. What should I say? I suppose I should ask for something. I knew that in all my years of merciless battling, I had earned at least exactly on wish from my human. Then, it just slipped out of my mouth. The single word I spent my wish on. "Name," I demanded. My voice wavered as I said it, the foreign language confusing the lips of unilingual creature. However, in my mind I knew what I wanted. A distinction. A tag that was more than the simply put title of Serperior.

    Although to most I realized the clumsily spoken, single word would be impossible to understand, but my human knew what I wanted. She smiled without any true pleasure, looking down at me with the same sarcastic look as if I were still a Snivy. "Do you really need one? Do you even want one, or are you just trying to prove to me you can say something? A single, unimpressive word you cannot even work into a sentence you don't know how to form. Fine. You can be the north star, Alpha Draconis." I knew my human was mocking me. Alpha Draconis, better known as Thuban, was indeed the north star. Just not right now. In essence she was calling me a has been. Something once well know swept under the rug of history. She had a bitter sense of humor like that. I should have hated my human for that, but instead I fought a dry laughter that tried to force its way out of my throat. All I could think about was how despicable and unlovable the two of us were. This, of course, assured us both that my new name was Thuban. Thuban wasn't too bad of a name. It was a double edged sword: maybe my name was meant as an insult, but it also translated to "head of the serpent." I certainly didn't deem it inaccurate. I predicted, though, that my human would now name her Virizion Polaris, which still stung.

    I watched my human, now post-human, walk away while she laughed at my expense. I felt no infuriation, but I did think she was acting overly impish. Perhaps she was trying to hide feelings that were not there. Trying to mask the aura of nothing but a hard, impenetrable shell that I knew was there. My human had always tried to fit in, but I think at some point in her life she just gave up. I would have pitied her, but I didn't. I see no point in pity. It only brings grief, and grief brings weakness. That's what my human knew all along. That's what she taught me. What, in reality, I taught myself. Now the only things I pity are those who still feel it. Those weakened by their own empathy. All I need is myself and my ability to ascend to perfection.
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