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  1. Motoharu Sonozaki is a seventeen year old Japanese girl.
    She was recently moved back to her small village in Japan after living with her father in America for a few years.
    Her mother brought her back after seeing how her daughter was changing, and she thought it was not for the best.
    Motoharu is the eldest in the family, and is in line for the next head of the family.
    She is usually seen in her school clothes (pictured here), or a formal Kimono when she is at home.
    She is kind and smart, and quiet. Her family has many secrets, and she tries to protect them as best as she knows how.

    This roleplay will be a every day role play, with some horror and mystery, along with high school drama.
    There can be love if you'd like, I expect Motoharu to find a boyfriend sometime in this rp.


    x- Please use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, if you don't, I may kick you out.

    x- Your character must be between the ages 13-18, and in the grades 6-12. Unless you'd like to play an adult, ( the head of the family, a member of the family, ect)

    x- If you do want to play, please provide a picture of your character, along with age, name, likes, dislikes and personality.

    x- If gore offends you, do not join.

    x- If you have any questions, please PM me. :)

    Once I've got two-four people who have signed up to play, we'll begin, and I will post the RP link here.

    Thank you!

    Motoharu Sonazaki-