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Horror,modern,romance, scifi, etc I don’t mind much
ive been looking into doing a hazbin hotel rp for a while now but I haven’t really felt connected to any groups or servers. So I wanted to make this ad featuring some of my ocs and interest. Ifanyone interested in any of my characters please pm and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 💖

heres a link to my toyhouse, i have a range of monters,demons,humans, and even anthros
YogurtOgre on Toyhouse
(My hazbin ocs below)
  • Im okay with nsfw rps of any kind as long as the other user is 18+
  • if your not 18 or older its okay to hit me up and still wanna rp, just note that our rp wont enter into any sexual territory. if you try to push onto me i'll shut that shit down real quick.
  • same goes for forced replies or forced ships, i take my time and i let relationships come naturally.
  • i do take a bit to reply so please bare with me ( i proof read my replies ^^; )
  • i can fit to rp styles, so if your not interested in long replies i don't mind responding in short paragraphs. (as long as it's not a one sentence reply im fine )
  • im down for any genre and when i say any i mean any, so feel free to hit me up with an rp idea of any kind
interested in one my ocs and you wanna rp with them just pm with a link to the oc and i'll let you know if im down ^^
if the oc doesn't have any info just let me know in the dm and i'll give you a brief summary of their bio​
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