Hazardous Times

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    It's a long way back, when you're halfway to Hell.

    A sleepy small town in Nevada about 68 miles east of Vegas doesn't get too many tourist visits. Eli, Nevada is home to handful of things: a thrift shop, a grocery store, a small library, a motel, a clinic, and a hitman. Follow the small town of Eli as it deals with the backlash of murders in the surrounding area and the police investigation that makes its way to the formally peaceful burb as the officers try to catch the man responsible for the professional killings and the mastermind behind him who loans out his services.

    Harvey grunted to himself in relief as 'Welcome to Eli!' came into view on the town's faded welcome sign. It was early in the morning and he glanced at the sun breaking over the horizon in the distance with annoyance. His side throbbed while he kept his motorcycle steady and his eyes narrowed as a headache slowly but surely began to drum it's way forward towards his temples.

    He would need to call James later that day and let him know that he had gotten shot, well grazed really. It was less concerning that Harvey had been shot in his opinion and more concerning that the target had knew that he was coming and that he was ready when Harvey had sneaked into the man's office. He figured maybe the client had called to gloat, which would be stupid, or that James had gotten sloppy, which was unlikely. James was paranoid to a fault at times underneath his calm exterior but either way Harvey had no need to think too hard about it. It was James that handled all the details of the jobs this was for him to worry about, Harvey had done his part. The man was dead. There had been a struggle which Harvey had disliked but the target had been a poor shot and it didn't take Harvey long to close the distance between them and snap his neck, large gloved hands twisting his head in an impossible direction. He didn't like it, he hated using his hands, but it was done with a bullet placed in the man's head like the others for good measure.

    He hated driving out to Vegas too but the city was good for one thing, the noise. No one had came to check on the man even as Harvey retrieved the bullet with his blood on it and made sure none of it was left at the scene and no one had seen him leave through the back, no one sober anyway. He would be on the camera's, he always was, but it mattered little thanks to the heavy duster he used to hide his body shape and the bandanna that covered his, rather defining, facial features, he wore contacts to turn his eyes blue when pursuing a target and he kept his long hair tucked away and out of site under the rather plain black cowboy hat he wore on jobs. Everyone wore cowboy hats in Nevada.

    The pain that shot across his side drew his attention back to the wound as he stopped his bike in front of his room at the motel and got off of it, cursing as he fumbled with his keys. He opened the door long enough to fling his duffel bag, full of his "work" clothes and tools, onto the unmade bed and locked the door back, climbing back on his bike. He wasn't too worried about housekeeping, after staying there for a year the housekeepers assumed at this point, after he declined the offer so many times before, that he didn't need anyone to clean his room. They were right.

    Harvey turned his bike down the road that led to the town clinic. Roxie wasn't open yet and she'd probably be pissed that he was showing up while she was still setting up, he knew he would be, but he paid in cash the few times he did need to see her and didn't make a fuss about anything she recommend so maybe she'd be tolerant of him. He climbed back off his bike as he arrived at the clinic and knocked on the glass door, either way he needed to think up an excuse as to what happened and a good one.
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  2. Summers was hard at work at his desk. Hunched over as he wrote on some paper. Writing a report for the current big case file. The cowboy for hire. A dumb name for a killer/hitman. The criminal profile was already drawn up for the man. Provided by the fbi. There's no telling how many he's killed with how methodical the scenes are. No fingerprints, no shell casings, hell there were hardly any bullets in the victims. There was a possibility that there could have been more murders unsolved done by the hitman, or the body could have been disposed of.

    So far all they had were some fiber samples and hair samples. A lucky find really. Though there is no telling if any of that dna evidence matters until they get something to connect a known person to the crime. Daniel was part of the investigative team comprised to find this man and whom had hired him. It was difficult case but there could always be time for mistakes to be made. Then... they would be ready.

    The detective was probably on his fourth or fifth cup of coffee when his phone rang. It made him jump a bit with how quiet the office was at the time so he reached up and answered it as he rubbed at his tired eyes. "Detective Daniel Summers speaking." He said in an almost too rough voice. Full of bite cause mainly from not enough sleep. The woman on the line hesitated but he waited. "Ah sir, I was asked to call you about a new lead in your investigation. I'm calling everyone actually ah their was a man found to have died close to 4th. Nasty business he was such a good man. A lawyer. Well when we looked at the tapes We saw the cowboy hitman and he was-"

    Daniel groaned outwardly. Louder then he meant to. "Okay ma'am just... just give me the address." He told her and took out his pen and paper to write it down and quickly hang up the phone. The woman really did talk too much. So after a few more phone calls and some left messages Daniel grabbed his tan cloth coat and bag.
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  3. Dr. Roxie P. came in extra early this morning to start promoting physicals for the teenagers in the area. It was the one time of the year where patients who were not her regulars came, so it made sense to promote the physical season almost as much as flu.

    She had a stack of flyers in her arms as she carefully pinned each flyer in just the spot she wanted, before hearing the dreaded rap at the door.

    Pulling back the curtain on the door, she glowered at the stranger at her door, immediately recognizing him as her quiet and strangely obedient patient. Despite the patient being more tolerable than her others, charity work was not her forte and before hours was exactly that, among other things such as being a walk-in and messing up her current patient schedule.

    Her anger was easily read through her bright red lips, curled into a snarl, and the early sunlight making her curly red-dyed hair look like fire.

    Through pursed lips, she pointed to her office hours clearly labeled on the door.
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  4. He didn't have time for this. Harvey's brows knitted into a frown that rivalled Roxie's sneer and he forced his face to smooth over not wanting to anger her further. He slid his eyes over to where she pointed and acknowledged them before moving his impassive gaze back up to her. It would be stupid to piss off the only doctor in this town but the ache above his hip throbbed demanding attention and earning a small flinch from him. Slowly reaching down Harvey's rough fingers found the hem of the bottom of his tank top. The tank top itself was an ugly thing he had gotten from the thrift shop, dark green with small images of pineapples haphazardly printed on it in various places. Harvey didn't really mind it though, if kept him covered.

    He gripped the bottom of the shirt and gently tugged it up wincing as the muscles in his abdomen stretched and flexed with the movement, revealing patch of bloodied gauze wrapped around his abs covering the wound on his side that sat right above the waist of the low slung cargo shorts on his hips. He held the shirt up for a few moments more before carefully lowering it back into place wincing when his hand had brushed the wound. His brown eyes moved back to Roxie and he stared at her through the glass.

    Hopefully she would be a little more receptive after seeing the wound. If she still wouldn't see him he would be fine, eventually, he supposed. He'd just have to go back to his room and throw back the rest of his whiskey to put himself to sleep until a more reasonable hour came upon the town. He didn't want to do that, but if he had to he would.
  5. Daniel drove up the scene in his tan sedan. He parked on the sidewalk and got out. His badge already in hand as he shrugged on his jacket. The scene was already being tapped off and officers controlling the scene from curious individuals. Daniel grabbed a pair of gloves from his bag and cloth booties. So he wouldn't contaminate the scene.

    With a flash of his badge he was inside. Already he could smell the sweet sticky scent of blood. Daniel wrinkled his nose and observed carefully as he examined the door. Forced entry from the broken door frame. Scrapping of metal. He walked further inside where the lawyer laid with his head blown off. Definitely the cowboy's mo. Using a high powered gun. Forensics needed to be hear to gather samples and possible evidence. Examine the body and blood splatter. Daniel already had his phone out to send a text to the numbers he knew. A straight forward text. Details of the job and address.

    Daniel moved towards the desk that was near the body and began to examine the files. Taking a mental note to take all of the folders in the office. Even though the hitman was hired and may not know the victim. There was a chance the person who was a client paid for the kill.

    Daniel started through the folder slowly. Just to skim and see if he saw any names he recognized.
  6. Roxie noticed the frown, and considered it a challenge, at least until he reached for his tank hem. She sensed what was coming before he even pulled his shirt up, the definite proof that he needed to see her, and see her NOW.

    Even while he was lifting his shirt, she glanced at her watch. There was still time before her morning patients arrived. The town was small enough where she did not always need help with her practice, but at times like this, perhaps having a secretary was good idea.

    It was easy to identify the type of wound, but did not reflect it in her face. Not a moment would be lost with her patient while she was on call.

    Throwing the door open and the scowl still on her face, she grabbed him roughly by the arm, secretly hoping she jostled his wound. Something needs to teach this man. She slammed the door shut and grabbed his wrist with her other hand and took his heart rate while leading him to the furthest and most recluse room in the back. After entering the private patient room, she slammed the door behind her and went to work.

    She spoke briskly, but clearly. "Shirt off, pants unbuckled, lay down at an angle to prevent your body from going into shock." She quickly motioned for him to place the pillow behind him to elevate him. She swiftly grabbed a few needles, scalpel, gauze, tongs and a sewing kit.

    Roxie wrapped a blanket around his legs and brought it up as far as she could on his body where it wouldn't obstruct her sudden surgery. She prepared the local, "The bullet needs to be removed. I will apply a local anesthetic, remove the bullet, then stitch you up." Her eyes seemed to stare right through the local as it filled the syringe. "You would prefer me not to call an ambulance to deliver you to the nearest hospital?" There was a sharp bitterness to her tone as she stuck her patient with the local. A few more minutes and she could begin her surgery.

    To pass the time, she threw her arms across her chest, and crossed her legs in irritation. Her body language was clear. "This type of wound should be reported to the police." She did not want trouble at her office including the police, but was amused to hear his excuse before delivering her own suggestion.
  7. Taylor didn't hear his phone go off immediately. He was busy doing some research, examining some blood samples through a microscope. Practicing to detect different anomalies in the blood. He didn't move his eyes from the microscope as he jotted something down in the notebook just next to his equipment. It was then that he felt the phone vibrate rather than hear the ring accompanying it. His hand floundered for a moment, slapping around the desk in an attempt to not be too distracted from his studies. Unfortunately, it wasn't a phone call, as he would have prefered, but instead a text message. With a quiet huff, he pulled back from the 'scope, blinking for a second as he opened the phone. Daniel's number. Details on a case. They must have received a call. He frowned and glanced at the watch around his wrist, even though his phone had literally just been in his hand, and sighed. He was the only one that could go out in the field right now, the other tech busy with other things and had requested the time off ahead of time. It was understandable, and he wasn't about to pry or complain.

    He cleaned up his station, returning the samples to the coolers. Then he gathered the equipment he would need for the crime scene, packing it all in his convenient black case. Badge, vest, gloves, flashlight, tweezers... Everything. He double checked before finally leaving the office and heading to the address he was given. He hated his used mini-truck, but it at least got him from point A to point B. Traffic was annoying as usual, but he managed to find Daniel's sedan parked on the sidewalk, and parked his truck behind it. Flash of the badge, protocol, and he was soon on the scene as well. He followed the other officers to where the murder occurred, and found Daniel looking through the contents of the desk.

    "Morning, Daniel," Taylor piped cheerfully. He set his case down in the hall and pulled his gloves from his pocket, pulling them on before even entering. "Looking like our same guy?"

    He didn't really have to ask, but it was nice to try to conversate, right? He opened his case and pulled out his camera, proceeding to snap photos of the scene. He shot several images of the deceased from various angles, and a few close-ups of the entry wound. He frowned a little at the corpse, but eventually moved on to document the rest of the scene.
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  8. Swearing under his breath in Spanish as she jostled him through the threshold of the clinic, Harvey narrowly avoided being hit with the front door as it closed. He followed behind the smaller women, letting her drag him, and tried to focus on her sharp tone after she had slammed the second door rather then the pain in his side. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the side obediently, hands working at his buckle after. He attempted to undo the gauze and grunted as pain flared from the wound with the movement, she'd just have to cut the makeshift bandages off of him.

    Harvey turned on his side and propped himself as he was told with the pillow. He knew she couldn't see the extent of the damage through the gauze so he waited till she tucked him and and finished making her snide remarks to speak, watching as she stuck a needle in his side. "I would prefer you not call an ambulance that's not necessary." his voice was gruff and deep but his speech pattern smooth and consistent despite this. "You don't have to worry about removing the bullet either, it went clean through, I saw it." he clarified making sure to leave out the fact that the bullet currently sat in a plastic bag in his motel room. "I really just need to be stitched up." He watched her arms cross and frowned, certain that he had seen a fire made from her irritation light up her eyes but made no comment on it.

    She had mentioned the police and he tried to keep his face even despite the thinning of his full lips. "That's not needed. It really wasn't anything major, I thought I had just been grazed and I drove home thinking it would heal on it's own before I realized how bad it was." He glanced at her crossed legs and flicked his eyes back up to her face. "I drove all the way here from Vegas so it can't be that bad." He glanced away from her and stared at the wall indifferently. "I was accompanying a co-worker from my construction job to a bar in the shadier part of the city, on the way out there was gunshots. We ducked and I got hit but I didn't think it was that bad at the time." Harvey lied, glancing back at her face, but it was a believable lie. There was gunfire on that side of Vegas every week at least and if she had reason to believe he was a bit tipsy at the time, that would mean he would have been likely to ignore the wound, instead of getting it treated right away.
  9. Daniel had been through many of the files already. Pulling the ones of interest to him. People with possible motivations. Lots of money. There were business owners, actors, actresses, criminals. Though he had to scrounge a bit to find the hidden files. A secret drawer hidden in the desk. There were only a few files but at least he was smart in hiding the folders. Some of them were incriminating for people with high status. Something useful for his division later. Daniel glanced up and added the folders to the growing stack. "Hey Taylor got another messy one for you." He mumbled as he opened on of the criminal folders for a known mob leader.

    "Looks like it..." he said as he tucked those files into small case boxes to take with him back to the office. "Looks like our guy. Person's head almost blown clean off by a high caliber bullet but no bullet or casing to be found. Forced entry... but it looks like our lawyer here put a bit of a fight." he said noting the signs of the struggle. Turned over chairs, broken vase and other items strewn about now laying among the blood splatter. "Hopefully this time we can get something good." he said as he sighed and rolled his shoulder. There was going to be a lot of evidence to go through but to get something really good out of the hundreds if not thousands of evidence items put into the system to go through.

    Daniel tried to find anything else worth taking for the first round of gathering evidence. Any other hidden items. He added a client address book and his cell phone that was still on the office desk. "So what do you got for me so far from just looking?" he asked knowing the Lab boy could see and do more then he could. While Daniel studied investigative criminology, Taylor had this down to a finely tuned science.
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  10. Uncrossing her legs and arms, she pressed him flat on his back, sure the local had set in. She began cutting off the gauze peeling it off the damaged skin, her face remained stoic as she observed how critical the wound actually was.

    "Do you feel any pain?" She barely waited for a reply as she began stitching up the wound.

    "I don't believe your story," She stated flatly, "I graduated school with a PhD. Do not treat me like I'm stupid." She pulled the needle through a stitch. "That said, I don't care about your reasons or your story. You are first and foremost my patient, protected under the law by HIPAA. By law, I am not allowed to tell anyone what your damages are or your history." Her voice remained dry and indifferent. She lied about what HIPAA actually does, but she felt this would benefit both of their cases and was betting he didn't know that much about HIPAA.

    She continued stitching, noticing it was getting closer for her morning patients to arrive. Her pace quickened as comfortable as she was willing to go. She finished by placing more gauze around the wound and made a small med kit for him containing two prescriptions for pain medication, antibiotics, gauze and prescription anti-bacterial.

    "You will be sore tomorrow, take it easy for the next two weeks or you'll bust the stitches open. The local should wear off soon, so I recommend getting that pain med filled and take some before it wears off. Other than that, I suppose you're good." She crossed her arms again, adoring her stitching work under the gauze. She eyed his shirt on the floor. "Do you want me to call Alice? I can hook you up for a free shirt that is less bloody."
  11. Taylor looked up for a moment as he heard Daniel's question. He stood up from collecting a print from the door knob, tucking the adhesive pad into the pocket of his vest. From there, he crossed the room to the body and looked it over.

    "Well..." he began, tapping his chin lightly. "It would appear the victim is... Dead." The man chuckled, and then squatted down beside the corpse, looking it over more closely. "It would appear that the cause of death was the gunshot wound, but we'll be able to get a more conclusive answer once the autopsy is conducted.."

    There was a lot of blood, and it was obscuring everything else. However... He frowned and tilted his head, then reached down and moved the vic's head a little. It rolled so strangely..

    "His neck is broken," he stated, sitting back.

    Then he looked up at Daniel, his expression pensive. He had nothing left to say, though, and stood up to resume his examination of the crime scene. The realization that the vic's death wasn't caused by the bullet left him feeling uncomfortable, of course. He was shot post mortem. Why? He wracked his brain, trying to think of any reasons besides the obvious one. Just to make it seem like all the others, to hide the fact that things didn't go quite as planned. The struggle was a tip-off, something was different about this victim.


    Alice yawned as she fiddled with the keys of her shop. The door swung open, the chimes tinkled pleasantly, and she flicked on the lights to her little thrift shop. Everything was as it should be, and that was perfect. Today should be okay. She just had a few things to make sure she did before opening up completely. She hummed as she set to the routine of prepping the thrift store she'd inherited from her grandma. Shelves were stocked, clothes racks straightened, and the cash register was ready for the day to begin. She just needed to get herself in the right state of mind to greet the day and its customers. Of course, she had twenty minutes before she needed to open the door to the public, so that gave her a little more time to dust some shelves. Just needed to keep busy.

    Instead, she sat behind the counter, still humming to herself, and flicked through the apps on her phone. She brought up her text messages, but saw she had none, so she instead went to her little game apps that she used to occupy her time. She had better things to do, but feeding virtual cats was more fun this early in the morning.
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  12. A sigh left Harvey's lips but he didn't plead his case to Roxana, there was no point if she didn't believe him, she wasn't going to. "I don't think you're stupid but either way thank you that is reassuring know." He said when she had mentioned HIPAA. His eyes moved to his side and watched as she kept working, slipping into his own thoughts. It was comforting to know that she wasn't going to call the police or anything as long as he didn't give her a reason to. He focused as her work sped up and propped himself to get a better view as the needle slipped in and out of his skin. It was interesting to see a doctor put you back together.

    He sat up when she finished, swinging his legs off the table before standing. His hand reached forward and took the kit from her waiting hands "Two weeks." he grunted back in acknowledgement, James was going to be irked but what did Harvey care? At the thought of James he reached into the pocket of his pants to grab his phone, using his other hand to buckle his belt back. He sent James a quick text before letting the phone slip back into his pocket, following Roxie's gaze to his tank top, reaching down to pick it up from the floor. "That would be appreciated." He mumbled in response to her mention of Alice, the little shopkeeper was eccentric but more than bearable so he didn't mind swinging that way after his visit here was over.

    He headed towards the door and held it open for Roxie, pulling his wallet out of the other pocket. "Do I owe you extra for arriving outside of your normal operating hours?"
  13. James D. Bluff reclined backwards in an overstuffed chair, located in the living room of the suite he had the top two floors of his massive office building converted into. He crossed a bare toned leg over the other, propped upon an ottoman, and his hand lazily tugged the hem of his short robe further down his thighs before ceasing to care about the attempt. There wasn't anyone there to see him anyway and if there was they would have enjoyed the show. A smirk tugged at his lips at the thought and he lazily took a bite of the toast covered with peach jam he had prepared himself until he could muster up the energy to order actual food, free hand using the remote to flip through the channels of the massive TV that covered the wall his chair faced. He paused when he can across the local news his smirk widened as he watched the broadcast.

    "A local lawyer with some high profile clients slaughtered in the early morn' by the cowboy for hire? How tragic!" James drawled laughing to himself as he turned the volume up to hear all of the details. James frequently spoke his thoughts aloud while alone. He enjoyed his voice in a way only Narcissus himself could rival, and talked merely to fill the silence with something he felt was pleasant. James blonde brows knitted together and he sat up, a frown marring his handsome face, his focus honing in on something that had been said. "Signs of a struggle? The hell do they mean there were signs of a struggle?!" He asked no one as he climbed out of his chair, crossing his hardwood floor in quick large strides to make his way to where he had left his phone laying on the granite counter top. Flipping it over James prepared to call Harvey only to be greeted with a text from the guilty party. His eyes narrowed into green slits and he swiped his thumb over the screen, annoyance apparent in his actions.

    'He was ready, don't know why, job still got done I took care of it, I figure someone told. Got shot going to be out of commission for two weeks'
    James glared hatefully at Harvey's neanderthal attempts at texting and quickly thumbed a response as he mentally rearranged his schedule for the day with this new piece of information the focal point. "It will be taken care of Harvey and I suggest for your sake you make that a week. You're a quick healer." he hissed the words to himself as he typed them and dropped his phone carelessly back onto the counter after it sent, turning to cross the room and mount the stairs to his bedroom.

    "The nerve of that man getting shot!" James shouted to himself as he ripped the door of his closet open. He stomped into it, angry steps muffled by the plush carpet, and towards a revolving rack in the back. "Who in the world does he think he is telling ME that he's gonna be down for two weeks." James's drawl intensified with his anger and he tugged a navy suit down followed a grey shirt and stormed out of the closet snatching a turquoise tie on the way out. He took a moment to press a button on the end table next to his bed and dressed fuming to himself.

    An intercom built into the table crackled to life and a soft voice came through the speaker. "What can I do for you Mister James?"
    "Hello dear, I'm going to need to to contact Mr. Warren, the man I told you to call yesterday, and let him know that I'm gonn- going to," James paused and corrected himself trying to curb his already thick accent, "have to move his appointment up to the first one I have today instead of later this evening. Oh and let him know still at the same restaurant and still my treat." James glared in the direction of the intercom as he dressed but his voice remained even and calm, pleasant even, and his secretary happily responded her conformation expressing that she would contact Mr. Warren right away. James made his way into the master bathroom after the page and examined his face briefly for blemishes. His slim fingers slid into some nearby gel and he began to style his hair, bracing himself for the long day ahead of him.
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  14. Daniel felt his lips twitch a bit at Taylor's comment and lighthearted talk. Yep the guy certainly was dead. He sighed as he picked up the box and lifted it under his arm. Ready to leave with what he had to start the investigation. Daniel looked at the man's neck as Taylor spoke. Pressing his lips together. The lab tech was right... the head wasn't quite right. Though he wouldn't have picked it up that there was something wrong till he pointed it out. Daniel made a note in his notepad. "Alright thanks Taylor... i'll stop by to see if you have anything new later tonight. Gotta setup appointments for any witnesses today. If something big shows up call me." He told the other with an almost stern voice. Then walked out of the room, carefully picking his path to not hurt any evidence.

    Once Daniel was outside he took off his booties and took his gloves off once the files were secured. He grabbed the nearest cop and managed to get a list of the witnesses. It was only about 3. Two vagrants and a elderly woman driving by. Hopefully one of them had something.

    He needed to get back to the office to talk to them. Maybe with the hotline open with the news report they could get more leads to come in... even if it sometimes lead to a dead end. He could see the news stations already set up and broadcasting live. Probably will broadcast to the entire state of not the surrounding states. Daniel secretly hoped while he got into his car that it didn't end up being national. The FBI would love to squeeze their noses in then.
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  15. Warren was happily whistling a merry tune down an alleyway. He had about 2 hours of sleep and just made a big profit that morning. He flicked his fingers through the fresh stack of 100 dollar bills going over in his head the overrall precentage. Not bad at all. Chuckling as he limped over to the blacked out Lincoln with his driver inside and tossed the money inside before sliding in himself. "Man I love it when it's political season." He sighed as he happily stretched. "We're going to have a good year I can already tell." The man hummed as his phone buzzed.

    He looked down to see if was a call from Bluff's secretary. Warren licked his lip and dug his fingers into his hair as he answered it. "Hello." He sang out with such a smooth calm voice "FoxHound here what do you need love?" He asked kind of hoping it Bluff but knowing the man hardly did anything himself. "Mr. Warren, Your appointment with Mr. Bluff has been moved to this afternoon at the resteraunt La Rouge."

    Warren lounged back in his seats and held back a laugh. "Oh yes of course. Tell him I look forward to seeing him." He said in such a sultry voice that a small laugh escaped his lips. He whispered a loving spanish comment to the secretary and ended the call. A laugh bubbling up into his throat as he began to work on his phone. "Got to make a few phone calls and errands first." He said to his driver.

    "What kind of mess have you gotten yourself into this time James." He hummed as he scrolled through the news reports first. Then his eyes caught the text 'Cowboy for hire' caught on camera. "My, my, someone was sloppy." He hummed out as he put his phone back into his pocket. Today was going to be a very very good day.

    After moving around a couple of his appointments and taking care of a few chores his door of his expensive car was open by the valet. Warren stepped out in his nice armoni suit and silver and black cherry cane. He walked up to the restaurant and had to just say James name before being ushered to a private room. Since it was Bluff's treat he went ahead and order the most expensive bottle of champagne.

    He sat down at the lavish table his scarred hands propped up on his embroidered silver sculpture of a snarling dog. A grin across his face as he looked at one of his many favorite clients. A smug grin. "Hi Jamie did you miss me so much you had to see me just as soon as possible?" He asked as his champagne was brought out and poured. He took his glass and twirled it in his fingers a bit. "Or did your boy fuck up... cause I think your boy fucked up."
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  16. Roxie nodded briefly as she exited the patient room. She escorted Harvey to the front door, where already three elderly couples were standing just outside the door. Before she opened it, she looked at Harvey, "No, I don't need extra. Thank you for the offer. Just make sure you take care of yourself. Next time you get shot, keep it within my office hours." She accepted the payment he offered. Propping the door open for him, she called out, "See Alice, she'll have something ready by the time you get there."

    She shifted her gaze quickly, "Good morning, Judy. Your ankle is looking great today. Please have a seat and I'll be right with you." Roxie headed to her office and unlocked her cell phone to dial Alice's number.

    "Dr. Roxie, I need you to have a cheap shirt ready for a patient of mine. I will cover the cost of the shirt, but the clothing you sell is so poorly put together, I wonder how you stay in business. He will be there immediately."

    Roxie's humor was dry, but she did not really care if Alice knew she was joking or not.
  17. Taylor hummed his affirmation as Daniel left. He was busy doing his job, collecting evidence. It was a little harder to do it alone, but he could manage. Lots of photos, lots of dusting, lots of tweezing. He'd be there for a while. At least he managed to finish collecting what he could from the vic and was able to clear it to go back to the lab for the autopsy. That would confirm what he'd already suspected. Broken neck was probably the CoD, not the gunshot as usual.

    He leaned down pulled a swab from his vest. There was a splatter of blood on the wall, small but there. It wasn't a similar amount as the rest of the blood spatters around the room, but every bit counted. He covered the swab once he had a good sample and put it with the rest of his evidence. That was probably all he would get from the scene, so he wrapped up and would head back to the lab with his evidence.


    Alice blinked as the call came through her phone. She didn't have an appointment lined up with the Doctor any time soon. She answered it and hummed.

    "Good morning, Dr. Paraskevopoulos!" She chimed, then fell silent as the woman wasted no time. Alice looked up at her clock. She still had some time before she was supposed to open, but... well, it wasn't a great idea to go against what the doctor said. "Alright! Sure thing, Dr. Paraskevopoulos! And you know clothes aren't the only thing I sell, and not even the focus~. I won't deny they're kind of terrible!"

    She laughed even as the call ended. The woman swung around the counter, and rifled through the tank tops she had for sale, and found a lovely one with a cat print. Even though the doctor had mentioned it was a man, what self-respecting man didn't enjoy cats. She set the shirt on the counter and rang it up. They were pretty cheap. The receipt was printed, and she set it aside on the counter to send it over to the good doctor later. Then she drifted over to the door and unlocked it, flipping her little sign on it until it displayed 'We're open!'
  18. Harvey nodded at Roxie as she called after him and made his way towards his bike on the curb. The most troubling part of this day was out of the way now and he was relieved to be back on his bike even with the beginnings of a dull throbbing starting to form around the stitches. He quietly made a note to himself that he would need to follow Roxie's advice as soon as he was done with Alice and get that prescription filled right away instead of after a long rest like he had initially planned. Swinging a leg over the bike Harvey started it hitting the road a few moment's later.

    Alice's place wasn't far from Roxie but then again in Eli not a single location was really that far from the other. He pulled his bike into Eli's downtown and into parking space on the side of the road. The downtown area of the city was small and old but quaint in a picturesque kind of way and Harvey liked the tan and red brick building lining the streets. He made his way down the sidewalk and stopped in front of the door to the thrift shop, his rough grip tugging it open harder than he had intended. He thinned his lips in annoyance at the sound of the crystal chimes clinking to excitedly at the movement and was reminded of the headache that he had forgotten about when he heard the high sharp sounds.

    He walked in and took a moment to take a deep breath, nostrils flaring, enjoying the smell of the little shop. Harvey may not have understood everything Alice kept in here but at least most of it smelled pleasing. He sought out Alice after his eyes adjusted to the light, far less harsh then the sun outside already violently shining, and nodded at her when he saw her. "Alice" he grunted in acknowledgement before going to examine the small racks of clothing she kept. "Miss Roxana sent me here for a shirt but I'll be picking up a few more item in addition."
  19. "Mr. Bluff, your car is ready." James raised his head from his tablet briefly to flash a charming smile at his secretary from where he leaned in the entryway of his office. "Thank you oh so very much dear." He said quickly moving to the elevator in the lobby of his office. His face fell as soon as the elevator doors shut reflecting the annoyance that he actually felt and it stayed that way until the doors slid open upon his arrival at his level of the garage. He smiled politely at his driver and slid into the car as the door was held open. His fingers immediately sought out the button that rolled the privacy screen into place, dividing him and his driver, and his mask fell from his face again.

    He was pissed. He knew he was and allowed it to be completely obvious in his brief moments of privacy he was going to have leading up to his "chat" with Warren. He needed to get as much of his frustration out as possible before his meeting with that fox. The last thing he needed to deal with was Warren realizing this had affected James and the snarky quips that would follow. He rested his tablet on top of one of his long legs, which was crossed on top of the other, and focused instead on finishing reworking his schedule. He glanced over at the door when it opened some time later and climbed out of the car, thanking his driver, prize winning smile back in place.

    Gazing up briefly at the restaurant admiring the elegant sign James headed towards the entrance waiting while it was swiftly open by the doorman. He smirked to himself when he entered and the host almost tripped upon seeing the businessman before greeting James with an obnoxious amount of enthusiasm. He barely paid the man any attention as he blabbered about how nice it was to see James while he led him towards the private rooms, offering little hums of agreement here and there to the poor host. He sat down at the table and glanced at the host lazily as James was asked what he would like to drink. "I don't see it on the menu but I imagine someone at your bar knows how to make a proper mint julep." He drawled, smiling when the man assured him he would have it. His brief reprieve was ended shortly after by the telling click of a cane over the floors.

    His eyes stayed impassive, brow twitching as Warren asked if he had missed him, he reached for his julep as it was set down and allowed Warren's next comment a moment to settle. Sipping at his drink casually watching the man over his glass. He set it down and allowed his smile to slip back into place while he looked over the menu. "Oh Warren I missed you only as much as you missed me." he replied sweetly baring his teeth at the man in a grin. He turned towards the waiter and ordered handing the menu back to the staff, turning back to face his companion "My boy does not fuck up Mr. Warren. I personally see to that myself and I'm a very thorough man you know that." Clasping his hands together he waited for the other man to order before speaking again. "Which is why I needed to speak to you so," he paused and leaned forward laying his hands flat on the surface, "urgently. I'm so glad you were able to make time for lil' ol' me."
  20. Roxie stared at her phone for a moment. Five more minutes before her patients would get frustrated. Plenty of time to achieve her goal.

    Though her mood was spoiled by this morning's events, there was no reason to not try to recoup it. She was in the mood for company and she wanted to get to know a particular person better. With a quick pull of her red curls, she re-dialed Alice's number and waited to see if she a She noticed her pack of flyers near the front door. She made a mental note to discreetly pick those back up.

    To not waste time, she tidied up papers on her desk while the phone rang.
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