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  1. It's a long way back, when you're halfway to Hell.

    A sleepy small town in Nevada about 68 miles east of Vegas doesn't get too many tourist visits. Eli, Nevada is home to handful of things: a thrift shop, a grocery store, a small library, a motel, a clinic, and a hitman. Follow the small town of Eli as it deals with the backlash of murders in the surrounding area and the police investigation that makes its way to the formally peaceful burb as the officers try to catch the man responsible for the professional killings and the mastermind behind him who loans out his services.

    1. The Moderators are Myself ( @HolyFudgeBars ), @TypicalLou , and @SurpySoup
    2. This RP will be intermediate. I'm hoping for a least a paragraph for each post but I'm not going to harp about little grammar mistakes, they happen to the best of us.
    3. You must post a profile here first before posting IC and it must be approved by either myself or one of my two co-mods.
    4. I'm not picky about the type of character picture you use all I ask is that it fits the setting.
    5. You may have at most two characters (but don't feel like you have too or anything, it's only if you want).
    6. You may reserve a spot, I will hold it for 24 hrs (longer if requested).
    7. Be polite
    8. Romance is a-okay and encouraged but take any explicit sexual content somewhere else.

    The Inhabitants of Eli:
    [The Hitman]: Harvey Hazzard [ @HolyFudgeBars ]
    [Thrift Shopkeep]: Alice Netherlied [ @SurpySoup ]
    [Local Sheriff]: Available
    [Motel Owner]: Available
    [Librarian]: Available
    [Town Doctor]: [BCOLOR=transparent]Roxana Paraskevopoulos [ @Rivix ][/BCOLOR]

    The Vegas Police Force:
    [The Sergeant]: Available

    [Detective 1]: Daniel Summers [ @TypicalLou ]
    [Detective 2]: Stacy Evans [ @colorfulcheshire ]
    [Detective 3]: Available
    [Detective 4]: Available
    [Lab Tech 1]: Taylor Gene Brooklyn [ @SurpySoup ]
    [Lab Tech 2]: Available

    Residents of The Vegas Strip:
    [CEO / Mastermind]: James D. Bluff [ @HolyFudgeBars ]
    [Mastermind's Assistant]: Michael Trey Lewis [ @colorfulcheshire ]
    [Rival CEO]: Available
    [Informant]: Warren [ @TypicalLou ]
    [Reporter]: Available

    Additional Information:
    1. The sergeant does not handle the whole police force, he is only in charge of the group of detectives who have been assigned to try and catch the hitman.
    2. Detectives 1 & 2 are partners likewise with Detectives 3 & 4
    3. The informant make work for which ever side they wish (or both) but must have a feasible and reliable means of gaining information. (Ex. A secretary for the mastermind or an officer with case details)
    Character Outline:
    Orientation: (What type of butts are they trying to touch.)
    Appearance: (A brief description of your character and/or a pic. Please place pictures under a spoiler)
    Background: (A brief summary of your character's life, a least a paragraph)
    Date Of Birth:
    Aliases: (Any nicknames or preferred names)
    Occupation: (Their role in the roleplay)
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  2. Name: Harvey Hazzard
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual (Tends to prefer women)

    Appearance: Harvey Hazzard is an intimidating wall of a man. Standing at 6'4” he has an ever present sneer on his face, even if he may not be upset, and is wide with muscle built up from back breaking manual labor. Harvey is of Native American and Hispanic descent and his appearance reflects that with thick black hair to the middle of his back and high sharp features.Harvey has horrible taste in clothing (due to his lack of care about the way he looks) and can normally be seen in a pair of cargo shorts or ripped jeans, a tank top with a cheesy logo on it, and a straw cowboy hat.

    Personality: Harvey is gruff and comes across as rude thanks to his short answers and rough speech patterns. He's grumpy and easily aggravated by other people but he rarely gets truly angry and has a surprising amount of patience for the people around him. All Harvey really wants is to be left alone and has no real interest in trying to make friends with anybody.

    Background: Harvey was sent to prison after being found guilty of the murder of his cousin's boyfriend and sentenced to life in prison. Harvey does not deny his guilt but has no interest in discussing the details of his sentence and was prepared to die in prison until James, a man he associated with briefly, bailed him out. After hearing James' request Harvey did as he was told because he had no real motivation to keep living so no reason to object in his opinion and allowed his “employer” to continue to loan his services with the threat of being returned to prison ever present from James, though in truth Harvey thinks little of the threat and doesn't care.

    Harvey now resides in the town of Eli and has for about a year, renting a room in the local motel on a monthly basis. He keeps mainly to himself and most of the time only leaves his room to do some basic shopping or at James' request.

    Date Of Birth: November 1st
    Aliases: Nothing preferred though he is frequently called Harv.
    Occupation: Hitman
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  3. Name: James D. Bluff
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Pansexual

    Appearance: James is a fair headed blond from the state of Georgia standing at 5'11”. His green eyes always have a glint of mischief behind them and his face is rarely seen without a prize winning smile. He prides himself on his “taste” in fashion always in a well cut suit of varying colors and a complementary tie. Despite being 33, thanks to an impressive regime of skincare products, James appearers to be in his mid 20s.

    Personality: James is a charming individual but a terrible person. He's polite and all smiles as long as he feels like a person is of use to him, but the minute they cross him he'll take time out of his schedule to actively ruin their life. James won't hesitate to use his money to get what he wants and has greased many a palm to overlook his misdeeds. Despite this the public and paparazzi tend to view James as a charming, charismatic entrepreneur and he goes out of his way to keep that image up.

    Background: James grew up in an old plantation home with a silver spoon wedged in his mouth and sought to keep it that way. While he enjoyed the tourism his family home received and the money made on it he wanted bigger things for himself and started Bluff Industries. Bluff Industries did well enough but made it's big break after James realized a key fact of the world around him. Sex sells. After reinventing his corporation to focus on sex via: magazines, toys, BDSM gear, DVDs, flavoured lubricants and a plethora of other things, James had his big break and moved to Vegas.

    Shortly after becoming a multi-millionaire though James found himself blackmailed by a member of the media that had taken pictures of him in a less than desirable situation. James did the only reasonable thing a man could do at the time and greased the palms of the Texas governor to release and pardon a prisoner, and former acquaintance, there for life. Upon his release James hired Harvey to kill the reporter and realized that there was money to be made in the business to murder too. James now acts as Harvey's “Manager” and hires him out to the rich that manage to catch word of it and that don't want to get their hands dirty.

    Date Of Birth: July 30th
    Aliases: Jamie
    Occupation: CEO of Bluff Industries/ Mastermind behind Harvey.
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  4. The IC thread will be created after more profiles are accepted.
  5. Eee. I'm working on mine now <3
  6. Name: Taylor Gene Brooklyn

    Age: 28
    Gender: Dominantly male, genderfluid
    Orientation: Homosexual when male. Heterosexual when female.

    Appearance: Relatively average. Blond hair that he keeps at a length just beneath his chin. He pulls his bangs back in a little ponytail when he works. On off days, if he feels like it, he’ll curl it or straighten it. Not all the time, though. His eyes are rather unimpressive. A muddy green, more brown than green. He dresses practically, and for the ocassion, no matter what gender he feels like. Alice tries to convince him to dress different ways and it never works. He doesn’t like showing off his legs, so he mostly wears pants. Sometimes he’ll keep his legs shaved, usually during the summer. He keeps his face clean-shaven, constantly. Because he also has a feminine side, he has kept to a lean, almost slender build. He didn’t want to bulk up, because he didn’t want to lose any softness his masculine body may have.

    Personality: A hard worker with a secret. He’s uptight at work, and obviously more relaxed off the clock. He keeps to himself, rarely opening up to people, and tries to stay strictly business. He doesn’t like to mix work with his personal life.

    Once he’s in his comfortable shoes, however, he is a fun-loving person. He’s a loyal friend, and takes secrets to the grave. When it comes to Alice, the only one close enough to him to know all of his secrets, he humors her astrology and new age mumbo jumbo, but prefers the more practical beliefs that science can prove. He is the Scully to her Mulder.

    Background: He grew up feeling quite confused about himself. In high school, he dabbled in cross-dressing because it felt good for him on some days. He was a very reclusive person even then. When he made it into college, he did much of the same, until he met Alice. She sort of forced him out of his shell, which he will now only leave for her, and broadened his mind to other possibilities. He’s accepted being genderfluid, and feels better knowing what the cause for his confusion was, but still isn’t sure what to do about it in the work setting.

    He lives with Alice, where he picked up on her vegan habits, though he himself isn’t one. He’s an only child, and his parents are both alive and well, living out their later years on the East Cost. Oh yeah. He also became a member of the local PD's crime lab.

    Date Of Birth: September 3,1988
    Aliases: Tay. Or Genie.
    Occupation: Lab Tech 1
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  7. Name: Alice Netherlied

    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: aromantic asexual. No butts. Not even close.

    Appearance: She’s a typical young woman. She has long black hair that she keeps straight and down, and big, brown doe eyes. She prefers to go without make up, but sometimes wears simple eye make up. Her skin is a light caramel, just enough to hint at a different ancestry. Most days, she’s dressed comfortably, which can range from shorts, to full length skirts, to form fitting dresses. She prefers sandals, the less between her and the open air the better. As for jewelry, she wears earrings and necklaces with whichever crystal she feels she needs guidance from that day, and empowering rings and bracelets. She likes to jingle and tinkle when she moves, so it’s never just one thing.

    Personality: Very outgoing, very whimsical. She lives by her horoscopes and crystal readings, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind on it. When she sets her mind to something, she is relentless. Her creed is very open-minded, as well, and she tries her hardest to not discriminate against any chosen paths anyone may take. She has a small connection to psychic things, resonates with crystals easier than some, and sees auras when she tries. She dabbles in a lot of stuff. She’s a vegan by her own choice, but she won’t force it on others.

    Background: She inherited the thrift shop when her grandmother passed away a few years back. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, she moved into her grandmother’s old house and took up running the thrift shop instead of finding a job in her field. Alice prefers it this way, anyway.

    She met Taylor Brooklyn in college, where she roomed with him for the last two years of their education, and when she moved into her grandma’s old house, he moved in with her again upon landing a job in the crime lab. Alice is one of five children, all of which are older than her. She was raised by her grandmother until she moved away for school, and thus inherited the house because she was closer than her siblings. She doesn’t talk to any of her other family members, and she never explains why.

    Date Of Birth: Febuary 14, 1987 (Aquarius)
    Aliases: none. Just Alice.
    Occupation: Thrift Shopkeeper
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  8. Name: Warren
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Touch all the butts (Pansexual)
    Show Spoiler

    Some would say he was a smartass. He's not afraid to give any sass and finds it amusing to rile people up. He complains about being too old for his job but he knows he's good at it and wouldn't stop for anything. Warren likes to keep things exciting and loves to make money off it. In this world everything centers around cash, metal, and information. So it would be stupid to not put yourself right in the middle of that. So he's an opportunist trying to find the best he can get. Everything is like a game to him and he's good at tactical thinking. He didn't become top dog on looks alone. In truth he hardly sleeps and eats because of the stress of the job. He has a hard time trusting others so he has no problem breaking loyalties if it means he benefits.

    The business is all he knows and what he's good at. He knows it would be unwise for others to trust him so he feels there would be no trust given back to him. Though it anyone was smart they would know he had the information and to cross him would be bad. Warren has expensive tastes and loves lavishing himself with the best things. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty personally.


    Warren was born in Puerto Rico as a degenerate poor person. He got out by joining the military but everything seemed to not work out for him. Warren was often scrutinized for his work with his methods even though He would always accomplish the job. Eventually he was offered a job to work with a Arm Dealer and climbed his way up selling weapons to warlords, governments, and rebels alike. His reputation made him infamous enough to put a target on his back. So he up rose his own organization that sold words instead of weapons. Finding the job to be just as lucrative. Over the years Warren crafted a network of spies, and undercover agents to infiltrate different facilities. While they remained in the dark with other's unaware Warren took the name and title of gathering the information to keep eyes on him. When selling the information gather he splits the cost with those involved. He took on the name of FoxHound Alpha. A figure head that sniffed out the dirtiest dirt.

    Warren's history is all by wiped in every system so no know his real background though he walks with a cane and a limp. Many suspect that it's from an old war injury or a hoax to appear he's crippled.

    DateOfBirth: August 10 (Leo)

    Aliases: FoxHound Alpha

    Occupation: Informant (Used to work for the government.)
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  9. Name: Daniel Summers
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bi-Curious

    Show Spoiler

    Daniel is very quiet and methodical. He takes his work very seriously but loosens up around friends. He just doesn't like making mistakes. He's hard on himself and other something slips past them. Even though he's quiet it's because he chooses his words very carefully. He doesn't like rushing things and takes his time with things. Tries to not be a perfectionist but it still slips in. Some what OCD especially when it comes to his training regimen to take care of his body. He's a hard worker and won't stop until someone tells him to or he physically can't.

    Daniel is a hopeless romantic and doesn't know the first thing about trying to woo someone. He doesn't have a lot of confidence when it comes to that but he has more confidence in doing his job. Daniel is very caring but hides that afraid someone might take advantage of him. It's very hard to gain his trust but once you do he's loyal with you till the end. He'll do his best to protect those he loves even it puts himself in harms way.

    Daniel grew up in the streets hopping between orphanages and passed along between foster homes. Feeling as though he had no where to go he ended up with a tough crowd and joined a gang. It wasn't until he met a cop that he changed his ways just before things took a turn for the worse. Feeling he owed the officer he went and worked harder to go to college and to train as a officer. With that hard work he managed to become the detective's partner and learned from him until he passed away. After that Daniel seemed to throw himself into his work even though it damaged his newly wed wife's relationship. Eventually they mutually agreed to divorce and Daniel moved to a different town but still close enough to visit his ex-wife Sarah and his daughter Lyn. Now he works at the force since working is all he knows to be good at and enjoy.

    DateOfBirth: April 3rd (Aries)

    Aliases: None

    Occupation: Detective 1
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  10. Why is Daniel so hot? I'm real bitter about it.
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  11. Is he too hot? Should i make him less hot? Will his hotness be a bad distraction? I could give him a wart or something c:
  12. >:c
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  13. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Roxana Paraskevopoulos[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]29[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Female[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Orientation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Straight[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: [​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A no-games lady, Roxy is all business and prefers to keep personal and private life separate. If you come to see her, you better have a good reason to. She often says whats on her mind, and care little how it impacts the emotions of those around her. She is very blunt, and her mood affects her responses greatly. She is stubborn, and needs significant evidence to change her mind one way or another. She doesn’t like wasting time and is only somewhere because there is a reason to be there. Despite this, she does enjoy her personal quiet time off-work either at the library, bar or playing Candy Crush and JRPGs. She also enjoys making sure she looks professional and well-groomed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her personality makes it hard for her to make friends, but she enjoys any she can get and will make excuses for herself to hang out with friends despite her typical personality. Because of her profession, she is good at keeping her cards close to her chest and keeping secrets.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Background:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Second-generation American, she is bilingual and only has a very light accent on some words. She is more American than Greek culturally, but participates in all of the Greek customs. Her grandmother was very close to her, and when her grandmother got ill passed, she decided to pursue a passion in medical studies. She believes she could have prevented her grandmother’s death better than the doctors that treated her. Besides that, she’s lived a pretty regular life, and all of her family still lives together except her. She doesn’t always like visiting her mother, father, younger brother and grandfather, but her family is kind and supportive. She knows how to cook, and cook well, but despises it. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Date Of Birth: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]December 24[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aliases: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Roxie - Call her Roxana and prepared to get a sharper jab with an instrument.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Occupation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Town Doctor[/BCOLOR]
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  14. Approved! I'll update the list now. Welcome to Eli.
  15. Thank you! :D Can't wait to get this started!
  16. Working on the intro now then I'll post a link to the IC thread on the first page of this one.
  17. IC Thread created!
  18. I really like Roxie, she's angry and it's great.
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  19. :D She's too young to be a grump, but.. she totally is! She just likes being practical over everything else. It makes for a great doctor though! :3 I am glad you enjoy her so far! ^^ You role-play with her very well with Harvey too!
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  20. Thank you! I live for grumpy people grumping at each other it's great <3 .
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