Hayate vs. Any and all Challengers

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  1. The crack of thunder boomed throughout the land as a streak of lightning tore through the night sky, darkness has fallen upon the Colosseum as a lone figure made his way down the long empty corridor. Another flash of lightning lit up the sky followed closely by the crashing boom of thunder, then suddenly the first droplets of rain fell to the earth, impacting upon the hard <nobr>stone walls</nobr> and floor that was slightly layered with sand. The soft clicking of the males black boots echoed quietly through the corridor soon drowned out by the heavy rain and thunder that shook the very foundation as the lightning struck. From within the blackness only a pair of menacing red eyes could be seen, piercing the night with such fury, slowly the eyes moved from side to side as each step of the male drew him closer to the grand arena. A place that has seen its fair share of combat and bloodshed, oh the wonderful Colosseum such a marvel it is to behold. But once again was home to another battle as the young male exited the tunnel and into the falling rain, his hair quickly dampened and matted against his <nobr>scalp</nobr> as he made his way towards the center of the arena.

    Garbed in a ashen sleeveless shirt covered by a black open sleeveless shirt, most of his forearm were hidden by fingerless gloves that went up to his elbows, a red sash around his waist and a red scarf tied loosely around his neck, his ears sported long free hanging earrings that gleamed golden. He bore no visible weapons on his person as he reached the center of the grand arena where the rain had began to slowly let off as the lightning and thunder continued to rage in the night sky. Looking up towards the heavens closing his eyes letting the small rain drops impact his face he allowed a small smile as he outstretched his arms welcoming natures cool embrace. Taking a few deep breaths enjoying the fresh air that followed during storms, lifting his hands running his fingers through his dampened hair before returning his sights back upon the second entrance of the Colosseum, his eyes slowly opened revealing his glowing crimson eyes once again as his arms crossed in front of his chest as he waited for his opponent to arrive for their battle.
  2. His shirt ripped like a savage's, his pants the same. He rushed into the grand arena growling loudly. He bared his fangs and got in a low beastly stance. His hands slowly becoming furry paws with sharpened claws. His legs and feet turning into those of a tiger's. He was left as a large sabertooth roaring upwards. He then focused on his opponent. He growled and lifted one paw, then said in a deep growly voice "Get ready to take your last breath." He rushed at his opponent, rather quickly, getting ready to pounce and rip his body open. Besides....he was hungry.
  3. Another crack of thunder boomed through the arena, lightning tearing through the heavens above before something caught his attention. Within the dark tunnel of the Colosseum the feral sounds of a wild beast approached, the sounds of clothing being torn. Hayate's crimson eyes gleamed brightly in the darkness as they panned over to the source of the commotion, a lone figure emerging from a dark tunnel into the light of the storm as a flash of the beautiful lightning illuminated the arena revealing the creatures form. Lowering itself on all fours as its razor sharp claws clicked lightly against the marble floor before entering the main arena, the surface damp and slightly muddy but not enough to seriously hinder either of their movements, a flash of amusement came across his face before vanishing as quickly as it appeared. The fierce and feral saber cat stood growling at him, turning his body so that it stood sideways to his opponent, spreading his legs apart slightly bending at the knees as he lifted both arms up slightly above his head, fingers pressed together and pointing towards the heavens he goaded his foe as he heard his opponent demand he prepare for his demise and with that a simple response escaped parted lips. "Here kitty kitty" His eyes narrowed as his killer instinct and martial spirit took a hold of him. Blood pumping through his veins increasing his awareness for as the beast dashed towards him it was like he was moving so slow. Taking a deep breath as he took one step forward leaning towards the side rotating his body and the arm behind him towards the large puddles of water forming at his feet, as his hand past over the water a stream of liquid followed licking at his fingertips and with one quick movement sent the stream flying towards his opponent, condensing the stream to a point where if his foe were to be hit by it it would be like hitting a brick wall while going about 25mph. But in quick succession he repeated the move sliding his left foot forward thrusting his right arm out palm open and facing the sky sending another stream of water up along his arm and out aiming for his charging foe. Both streams moving as quickly as his foe, one aimed for his chest area and another for his legs attempting to throw him off balance.

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  4. Charging in, Onufy's face was hardly seen by any. He zipped, back and forth, quickly assessing the situation as he whipped out twin daggers from his sash. He focused, not a single sweat coming down from his hooded face, and once again assessed the situation. No, he thought, they are in the thick of battle. I must attack from above. Seconds later, Onufy lowered his stance and counted down. 3... 2... 1... and with that, he leaped upward, lightly gripping both blades at his sides. He slowly lifted them further up, and fell at the speed of sound downwards... and onto the enemy!
  5. Crystal would sit blatantly in the top row of the colosseum. She watched as the arena quickly went from empty to complicated. There were now three fighters on stage. Four if she counted herself. She sat quietly and patiently. With her petite frame she wouldn't be surprised if she weren't noticed by any of the participating warriors. The wind slowly picked up enough to blow her small body out of the colosseum. Crystal wore a heavy trench coat with ahood. Under it she fashioned light clothing. A light blue tank top and incredibly tight, black weightless shorts. She had sky blue hair to match aong with icy blue eyes. "Umph" She would scoff in an adolescent tone due to the disturbing level of wind. It was hard to see a girl like her as a warrior but in this case looks were incredibly deceiving. A light smile graced her cheeks as the rain lightly pounded her cheeks and lightning flashed all around her. She was now in her element, literally. Slowly, Crystal rose to her feet. She pulled the hood up over her head and made her way down to the midsection of the stands with her hips swaying quite seductively. With ach sway of her hips thehilt of her weapons jingled nd clanked abit like loose change. Crystal slid each hand down waist side and each palmed a hilt. The rand hand palmed a black hilt and the left hand palmed a white one. She gripped them tightly as she watched the third figure attack from above. They were all completly unaware of her presence, just how she wanted it. Crystal slowly repositiond herself into alow crouching stance. She gripped the hilts even tighter as her gaze was fixated on the scene in front of her. As the third adversary came down from above the pure wind from his entrance blew her trench coat back, slightly ripping it. Even so she didn't budge nd waited for her momet to strike.
  6. Very_long_modern_woman_hairstyle_with_long_bang_straight_hair_in_red.jpg

    Natalia sat at the end of the Colosseum, watching intently. Laying back, comfortably, as the wind started to pick and her red hair started to blow into her face.

    Natalia wore a small black dress, wearing black stockings underneath, along with ankle high boots. Along with a leather jack with a hood.

    Hoping the hood hiding her face, she continued to watch as the rain hit her jacket. But something caught her attention in the corner of her eye.

    A young girl. Not turning to get a better look at the girl, Natalia turning to look at her, she continued to look at the fight.
  7. The rain falling over the grand arena, his eyes concentrated on the charging foe before him. His streams of water closing in but a sudden flash of lightning brightening the Colosseum caught his attention as the familiar pitter patter of feet running quickly through the multiple puddles of water reached his ears. *More guest huh?* He thought quickly to himself , opening his senses to not only keep track of his first opponent but the new challenger as well. His years of training and experience kicked in, broadening his senses to cover all his bases and to keep on the look out for any other challengers that might enter the fray. Another flash lit up the arena and a shadow appeared on the ground, the newcomer decided to take to the sky? How foolish. His eyes quickly turned skyward his crimson eyes gleaming with killer intent, snapping his right hand towards the heavens the sky cracked as a bolt of lightning descended from the heavens directly above the new challenger aiming to strike him in the back. In a blink of the eye the lightning would strike his new foe in the back if he couldnt find some way to dodge said attack, but even if his attacked missed somehow the lightning would continue towards Hayate's outstretched hand striking the digits of his right hand engulfing his entire arm in electrical energy. Quickly balling his hand into a tight fist he still remembered the saber cat, not knowing if his first attacks hit him or not he decided to give himself some breathing room. The instant the lightning was harnessed in his arm, Hayate quickly cocked his arm back and as he began to kneel down his arm traveled down with the motion of his body, his fist striking the ground hard. Large puddles covered the entire arena along with the thousands of rain drops descending from the heavens above. As his fist struck the wet ground with a crack his eyes closed, a giant electrical dome like shockwave erupted from his arm. Surging along the puddles of water that covered the ground of the arena, the roar of the pure energy seemed to silence all else for in the bright flash of light it was over. Anything or anyone caught in the blast in the actual arena itself would have easily been killed or incapacitated if not having a way to protect themselves, but if there was anyone in the entrance tunnels they would be basically unharmed, if anything they would be temporarily blinded by the bright flash of light. If anyone was hiding up in the stands they would be effected slightly, for the electrical energy that Hayate send out traveled along the tiny rain drops basically making a net of electrical energy, but it was enough to only stun them for a few seconds for he focused the majority of the strike in the central arena. Slowly exhaling as he rose up once again his eyes opening revealing his gleaming optics, lifting his arms into a defensive posture as he widened his stance prepared for any other attackers.
  8. Crystal would widen her stance aswell. She kept the same exact posture as she gripped the two hilts simultaneously. She watched the light show in the arena and could tell that she would be affected if she didnt act quickly. As the attack began to engulf the arena in electricity Crystak whispered to herself: " I-I call upon the legendary power and guidance of Aeolus, god of the feirce winds. Lend me your strength so that i may quench your lust for battle." Crystal hated uttering that prayer, but it worked miracles, and so it would prove to do so right now. Suddenly the raindrops that were once battering down on her hood would roll off and be swept away at least a few feet above her. The same went for the rain that surrounded her. It was as if someone/ thing was protecting her, and it was true. Crystals coat and hair began to flutter wildly revealing both her eyes that had turned from an icy blue to a dull hazel grey. It was now visible that a feirce vortex of wind surrounded her. The winds were so sharp that the rain drops it repelled cut small patches in the ground when they connected. At this time the wave of electricity hit. IT didn't phase Crystal in the slightest. She focused her gaze as the vortex wipped the electricity off at an alarming rate. It smashed into the ground around her, damaging the stands. When it was over she would cause the wind to fade. She resumed a dull glare towards the man in the middle of an arena, her stance as low and firm as ever.
  9. Hayate gazed on as it seemed his attack destroyed two of his opponents, releasing a deep breath he calmed down a bit refocusing on any others that might be around. He didnt have long to wait however, his eyes panned around the arena finding yet another challenger. This one a young woman, despite her appearance she seemed like a capable warrior, more so then the two before her. With his enhanced vision he noticed two swords that her hand rested on, her digits wrapped tightly around their hilts. Taking another deep breath as the rain finally began to ease up a bit he turned his stance towards her, moving into a half mountain stance he decided to go on the attack to try to pressure her back with overwhelming power but he was curious to see what she was capable of. Lifting his left foot stomping it to the ground a large slab of marble shot up from the ground in front of him and with a powerful thrust of his shoulder against the slab of marble it soon took off like being shot out of a cannon hurtling towards the unknown female that was standing near the edge of the grand arena.
  10. Crystal gazed upon the man in the middle. He was the only one still standing or so it seemed. She watched him for a few momenents, anticipatng another electric based attack. To her surprise a formidable slab of earth was sent her way. Crystal immediately thought of many counters. She saw this attack as a test and so she choose the laziest option. She raised her right leg. I was up high looking as though she had the flexibility of a champion gymnast. A few seconds before it hit her right leg came down with blinding speed. The chunk of earth haulted, in fact it was sent back even faster. While the slab shot back at her opponent she took the oppertunity to maybe gain an upperhand. The rock much bigger than her had to be blocking the mans view of her now. Crystal that closed her eyes, wind became visible around her and flustered before fading away. When it did so Crystal faded aswell. She waited for his retalitation.