Hayate vs. Any and all Challengers

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  1. The crack of thunder boomed throughout the land as a streak of lightning tore through the night sky, darkness has fallen upon the Colosseum as a lone figure made his way down the long empty corridor. Another flash of lightning lit up the sky followed closely by the crashing boom of thunder, then suddenly the first droplets of rain fell to the earth, impacting upon the hard <nobr>stone walls</nobr> and floor that was slightly layered with sand. The soft clicking of the males black boots echoed quietly through the corridor soon drowned out by the heavy rain and thunder that shook the very foundation as the lightning struck. From within the blackness only a pair of menacing red eyes could be seen, piercing the night with such fury, slowly the eyes moved from side to side as each step of the male drew him closer to the grand arena. A place that has seen its fair share of combat and bloodshed, oh the wonderful Colosseum such a marvel it is to behold. But once again was home to another battle as the young male exited the tunnel and into the falling rain, his hair quickly dampened and matted against his <nobr>scalp</nobr> as he made his way towards the center of the arena.

    Garbed in a ashen sleeveless shirt covered by a black open sleeveless shirt, most of his forearm were hidden by fingerless gloves that went up to his elbows, a red sash around his waist and a red scarf tied loosely around his neck, his ears sported long free hanging earrings that gleamed golden. He bore no visible weapons on his person as he reached the center of the grand arena where the rain had began to slowly let off as the lightning and thunder continued to rage in the night sky. Looking up towards the heavens closing his eyes letting the small rain drops impact his face he allowed a small smile as he outstretched his arms welcoming natures cool embrace. Taking a few deep breaths enjoying the fresh air that followed during storms, lifting his hands running his fingers through his dampened hair before returning his sights back upon the second entrance of the Colosseum, his eyes slowly opened revealing his glowing crimson eyes once again as his arms crossed in front of his chest as he waited for his opponent to arrive for their battle.
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