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I wish I had a throne of skulls.

Hello people of Iwaku. I'm Khang, but you can call me Khang.

I was a Iwakuan maybe two years ago? Too much Monster: Assault has addled my brain. I was so young, I couldn't even spell "precocious" yet. I left because I couldn't be mature and of course, with the attention span of a youngling, I got sick of my minuscule posts next to Asmo's epic sagas.

About me:

My name is Jake. I'm a sci-fi fan pretty much. Dune, The Founding, and of course, the effevescent universe of Warhammer 40k. A gamer at heart, spent most of my younger days with my nose in a book, or my eyes dribbling down my face after a entire day of WoW. I wrote a little here and a little there, mostly combat, because that's what I thought was cool, the exercising of skills in glorious combat. I sucked at it of course, my only advantage being an advanced vocabulary gained from a childhood spent besides the Space Marines battling the xenos on some Emperor-forsaken planet, or staring blankly at my shriveling soul after finishing "Misery" by Stephen King.

I absolutely HATED being normal. Not in the stereotypical "You guys are all conformist. *flicks hair from eyes*" way. More like a total ham. I spent the whole second grade imitating a turkey. I spiked my hair in one giant horn with massive amounts of gel. I phrased things like Yoda on PCP. I would sit and purposefully stare at a blank piece of paper for as long as I could stand it. I'm a little more mature now, hopefully.

Music. I'm a metalhead and I must declare it. I started listening to 80's hair metal because my Dad had a whole collection and took a liking to it. It held a small space on my laptop until I played Brutal Legend. My Music folder is now 15 GB of pretty much only metal. From black metal from the darkest depths of Finland to Motley Crue. The only non-rock music on my iTouch is Weird Al.

Anyway, that concludes my wavering half-baked bio.

tl;dr: Hi, my name's Khang, nice to see/meet you again/all. Sci-fi, metalhead.

Look forward to groveling at Asmo's feet again, and spinning epic tales with some of you.
Hello Mister New Old Guy! :D Don't you worry a thing about Asmo. *Leans in and whispers.* I'm way more awesome than he is, and I don't write such big posts!.

I like being normal! ...But no one seems to agree with me. c_c Say I'm weird or something. You just don't listen to them. I am sweet, friendly, and perfect in every way.
Alright. I'll get some grovel time at your feet too.

Hey Trance, Can I get a brofist?
Hi! Someone just <S>harrassed me to welcome you</S> informed me of your introduction so I thought I'd come and say hello and welcome you to the insanity that is Iwaku!

I'm Sunrise aka Dawn aka DamnFace aka That One Creepy Girl That's Obsessed With Pretty Men. Take your pick o_o

I mostly hang out on the chat and sometimes post in the General Discussion section but other than that, I'm far too afraid of the people here to attempt to roleplay. So, sorry I won't be offering myself up as an RP partner but I'm always willing to chat it up with you in the cbox ^^

See ya there~
Hah, alright. I'll do that. I'll take Dawn. Least amount of letters. >:D

I'm also scared of posting, but I'm going to try and launch myself. I make a better comic relief than a serious roleplayer. I played a bard/mage named Lyran who's strongest offensive spell was "Home-Baked Castration" in my last roleplaying 'bout, on Eternal Realms

You had to know that was coming...

By the way, are you interested in dice based RPGs?
Ohhh yeah. Definitely. The problem being that I NEVER hit ANYTHING. XD But yeah, if you have any ideas/RP's going right now, I'd be happy to join you.
*A red dot appears on Mabu's chest. Thunder bellows out in the distance. A minute later Mabu is blown up by a salvo of 155mm Point Det HE rounds.*

And don't you forget it.
-pokes her head into the thread- welcome back.
Haha Khang welcome back and I suppose I don't need to issue my warning as you have already discovered the insane Cbox. Enjoy your time here!
*reforms from shadows...* Anyways...I used to have that problem too. Once, my Dm had me reroll my first miss, followed by a succession of 2s and 3s. After the fifth miss, he said "DAMNIT CHAZ! YOU HIT ALREADY!" But once i started playing on here, I seem to roll quite a few natural 20's, much to Asmo's chagrin. Anywho, we have several DnD games going on. There is a Magic Academy type one starting up as we speak, as well as an Oriental Adventures that has been underway for a few weeks, and another DnD campaign run by Asmo, which has proven to be a raging success, despite the lack of barbarians. Also, shortly, a World of Darkness campaign will hopefully be up and running, as well as a Naruto d20 campaign that I myself will be running. If you have further questions, feel free to ask Asmo, Frost the Rules Guru, or myself.
No barbarians, eh? I may have to fill that gap. I'm generally mroe of a Nekros Dreadcollar, but I can pull of a Bjorn or Ajax. :D See you around then.
Yep. Just remember: Don't shoot the Rogue.
Glad you've returned :P
Lemme know if you need anything ;)
Seems I never did give you a proper greeting. Hello thar and welcome to the iwaku. I'm writer for the Newsletter Pirogeth. Anything I find to be a juicy morsal to put in the letter I shall. Oh and Sakura helps out a lot as well. The General Section is hers and is lovingly named Sakura's Lounge. Other participants in the letter show up from time to time and if you have an idea pm me.

See you around.

Writing in the Moonlight,