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  1. What's all this, then?

    I'm Alan. No, not Greenspan. Nono, not Parsons, either. If you don't know me, though, prepare to be wow'ed. No ...not that wow, either (although, I do play...).
  2. *is unimpressed*
    Hi, I'm GMK resident Grey Knight and slayer of the daemonic, welcome to Iwaku.
  3. “If John loses control of the gauntlets, I’d still be dead. I’ve spent eons training with them and I have not been able to control it fully. They will drive him insane and the end outcome will still be death.”

    “Papa.. Aria is in heaven...” she said softly, full of concern, “She’s just a child.”

  5. Hello there, Dawnz!!
  6. Welcome to the Iwaku!
    *gives cupcake*

    Hope you, NO YOU SHOULD, enjoy your stay here.

    Or Loveless will be angry and find and kill all your hopes and desires. <3
  7. Do you have a beard?
  8. I used to. I shaved maybe ten minutes before you posted this. :P *gnaws on the cupcake*
  9. Alan! Hello! *glomps him!* Welcome to Iwaku! <3
  10. Alaaaan! <333

    *Starts glueing Alan's beard back on*

    Welcome to Iwaku. It only goes downhill from here.
  12. HAI GAIS! <3^3.141592653!

    I wondered why so many people were looking at me strangely while I was on the train. I get to work and peek in the mirror to find glue and little bits of hair all over my face. Some of which was blonde hair.

    I don't have blonde hair.

    Downhill? I like the sound of that!
  13. you ate the cupcake didn't you
    oh well i guess you stuck like us all in this world
    just remember that is not your fault
    *hands a book to the man staring into mirror*
    read some it might help you
  14. Brother! *attaches and gives <3's!* I knew you'd come see me!
  15. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to see you for the world! <3
  16. Carrie

    "I-I know. Q-quinn mon ami..." I try to plead and I am surprised as she explains to me that she doesn't want help. This doesn't feel like Quinn at all...it scared me. It scared me very much. "Tegan...Itzlie..." I stutter out for a second and I grimace at Quinn's sudden proclamation. Then, like a clueless dog, Quinn looks back to us.

    "Quinn? Are you alright sweetie?" I ask her gently as I approach her. She doesn't seem to remember her odd outburst. "You freaked out on us Quinn...started speaking in French. Y-you nearly did hurt yourself, you threw yourself off the gurney. How is your chest? Do you have a headache? Are you nauseous?" I ask her gently. I make sure to keep some distance


    "Bed and breakfast huh? Oh, yes, there is a place like that up in Maine I think? A neat little bed and breakfast, pretty famous now I think, its still tiny." I smile lightly and my head tilts "Holmes you and I are starting a bed and breakfast. Lets make our great great grandchildren rich." I chuckle softly and frown. "Huh, legal battle? An aunt? Oh dear....and anti-abnormal. My guess is it ran in the family." I grumble slightly. "That's so odd to be fairly honest."


    She tells me that she thinks I am in a good mood and I chuckle softly. However when she pokes my cheek and promises me that I am still red I feel that red glow grow. "O-oh dear, am I really?" I laugh softly "Oh, oh no, I can't be. I just get red easily, you know that Ri. My cheeks are just easily colored. They like to be pink I guess."


    I bite my lip. I suppose he should go and help at some point. I still feel a bit tired but I don't want to admit it. "S-saka?" I ask him softly, anxiously fiddling with the hem of my blanket "Do you think you could at least give me a hug before you go? I-if that's okay I mean." I look down with a red face. I don't want him to leave just yet but I know it would be best for him to help. I should probably help when I have the chance.


    "It was on and off." I admit "I had a dream I went to hell. That's when it started. I mean...it really depended on the night. If I had a stressful day I would have a nightmare about people in older clothes. If I had a good day I would have dreams about laughing people...it's....its odd to say the least. And I am pretty sure that maybe...just maybe...I had this as a kid too."
  17. Winnifred

    I realize he’s blushing too and that we must be just two very awkward teenagers. If I was a bystander of the two of us I would be laughing hysterically, but I never thought about being in this position. It’s so odd but I do love it. “Er...I don’t think you could ever make me feel uncomfortable Saka. I trust you a lot you know.” I admit as I readjust the blanket around me “I trust you not to do anything I don’t want you too. Beside, cheek kisses are really sweet.” I confide in him softly as I pull my knees up to my chest. I glance away from him, blushing.


    “Only forty percent? Good God Alex I did not expect that from you. I demand at least forty one percent. At most forty nine.” I joke to him with a smirk “And as per the expected...I will do the hard work of actually writing the book to sell. You can be the marketing agent.” I tease him and lean my head back again as I spin lazily. “Oh, we named him Goliath. He was a tiny little baby.” I explain with a chuckle “Jack thought it would be appropriate, I don’t know if all the nuns were amused...” I shake my head “he’s afraid of death constantly, especially considering we are sick. Most of the time we are fine. I just grasp onto someone and make sure we have enough energy to get through the day.jack is more paranoid and has become slightly more aggressive to survive. I don’t blame him but I don’t agree with it. I think he did that because you did save our lives. Besides...” I am about to tease him about what he said about Alexander(and that one kidnappwr who was Itzlies brother of all people, damn it Jack stop finding weird people to call attractive) but I don’t hear him. Instead I hear a light snore and I realize he’s conked out in my head. The poor kid. He deserves it I suppose.


    (Yes Rina, when I tell someone I love them plationically, I usually don’t mean platonically XD)

    Annoyance goes through my head as she adds the accursed word to her sentence. Oh of course. I shouldn’t have expected anything else. Oh well. I’m alright with that. I let her hand go and fold my own in my lap, biting my lip gently “I love you too Ri. Plationically of course.” I smirk at her and pick up the book “You know I might just finish this without you.” I coo at her teasingly. “That would be a shame...”


    “Hopefully.” I grumble to her jokingly and shake my head with a smile “Probably not. When I’m around you I’m much less of a grouch.” I admit to her then nod my head instantly “Oh yes. You are the rare and very special case. You should be honored you get to hug the great Andre Hector.” I tease her, smirking with false pride “That is an honor only bestowed upon a small group of people. And by that I mean you. Pretty much it otherwise.”