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  1. Helen

    I start to feel horrible as Penelope lets me go with Demi. I can tell this hurts her. I swallow and I look to Demi, leading her outside into the mess hall then to the actual hallway.

    "Why do you two have to bicker?" I ask of her gently, my frown still there "I know you don't like her very much, and I know she doesn't like you very much, but can't you just put up with one another? I care for both of you equally, so I don't see what the big problem is." I don't want to scold Demi any longer, so once I am finished I offer a smile at her

    "Perhaps I can do most of the talking when we check up on Nellie and Cyrus? I promise I can convince them you are a great person...I just don't want either Nellie or I to have a freak out again" I mumble "And it's not like I will ever freak out towards you again...I just want everyone to be civil you know?" I swallow nervously as we head up to Nellies room. I can feel my heart pound in my chest. I knock twice, exhaling and praying that they are okay.
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  6. j
    i groaned and kissed him hard "yes baby, do you want me to do anything master?" i winked at him.
  7. Helen

    I see how difficult it is for Nellie to absorb what I have to say about Demi. I bite my lip and slowly step inside the room, noticing that Cyrus again tries to get up. He fails at his attempt, clumsily plopping back down to the ground. He grumbles and just curls back up. I must say, he is one of the most innocent and endearing men I have met.

    My thoughts have been taken back as Nellie asks me about the intruders. I lower my sleeves on my arms to expose the rope burns and the patched up wounds. "We were almost abducted. A man tried to take us away...but we did get some answers from him. He said he wanted us for abnormalities." I clear my throat hesitantly, trying not to let my body tremble as I look down to my stitched up injuries. It's bringing me back to his grip on me...his hand around my mouth...

    At that moment I'm shaking so badly I become dizzy and am surprised I don't topple over. Breaths are escaping me quickly and I force myself to move my chest voluntarily. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out.

    "L-luckily Demi w-was able to save us." I smile back at her thinly then turn my attention back to Nellie as I roll back up my sleeves "We needed to make sure you two were okay. And we have track of Penelope and another girl, Eve. As far as I know the house is quiet now but...we can't be too sure. How's Cyrus by the way? He looks wiped."
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  9. Carrie

    I shake my head absentmindedly "Tegan you had no idea that opening that door was going to let in those people. In reality it is our fault for not informing you of the danger. If we had done that..." I bite my lip. "I don't know if it would have been different. I am just relieved that you and Quinn are alright..." I pause before asking her "Has Quinn displayed any odd behavior to you? I am concerned about that girl." I admit to her.


    "I don't want you to go." I admit slowly, holding the blankets so tightly to me I am surprised they haven't suffocated me yet. "But I know that you want to go help. So I shouldn't hold you back from doing that." I glance down at the floor and sway my feet absentmindedly over the bed.


    I finally make my way to the house and I light a cigarette as I observe the mansion. It is surprisingly quiet. I expected to hear gunshots and screaming. Delightful, delightful screaming. My eyebrow raises as I hear none of that. What the hell? I shrug and stuff the cigarette between my teeth, huffing out some smoke. My head peeks towards the side door and I realize it's creaked open. Alright. They definitely should have made their way in. My fists freeze over as I feel myself start to sweat and heat up. That's odd. I haven't felt like this in a week.

    I shrug my shoulders again and make my way in through the side door. "Holy shit..." I mumble as I see that there are people distracted by cleaning up blood on the floor. Not to mention I see one of the Marksmen on the ground, unconscious. My eyes seek for a safe place to go and I make my way swiftly over to the other side of the room, where an abandoned staircase is. Not bad. My cigarette quivers in my lips as I make my way up to inspect the house further. I hear footsteps and my head snaps over to the boy.

    "You alright?" I ask him as I remove my cigarette from my mouth and glance up at him. "I heard screaming from outside. I was coming in to make sure no one was hurt." I lie smoothly and I approach him cautiously.



    "That's all that's all." I confirm with a small nod, grinning nervously at her. "She just seems to know a lot about us kids too you know? Somehow she knew my name before even saying anything..." I swallow the lump down my throat that was made by anxiety.


    "What? I think it's awesome!" I grin at her lightly and I lean back too, resting my eyes slightly. "I mean...there is always the idea that it would collapse over the bottom bunk, but that's the same idea with a regular mattress."
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  12. Tegan
    "I don't know either....but its crazy." I say with a sigh," just glad everyone is safe now."
    "Oh alright. Of course ill watch out for we are friends. " i say with a smile," i know what you mean though. "
    It was like she had this wall up not wanting alot of people to be around her. I was just glad to have a friend though.

    "Hey....you don't have to be sorry." I say," why are you sorry? I should be the one sorry for being an idiot and not noticing...anyways whatever happens we will still be friends. Right?"

    He was very persistant...and i was craby. I knew what happened but i didnt trust this guy.
    "I get it you're being nosy...you can stop talking now." I say looking at him blankly
    "Told you already i don't know what happened." I say rolling my eyes although i was lying ," and we don't need your help. Especilly from someone we don't know."

    "I see...well good luck." I say and looked around," maybe we should help clean...that might nake the ghosts feel better?"
    I hobestly wasn't sure but i felt like it was only right to help. I had seen carrie and another girl go with cleaning supplies.

    "Hu...personality? Ok then." I say and nod," well i like a firm matress..."
    Thats what i was i use to and it felt wierd being in a such a soft bed.
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