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  1. Week 1 Agenda (open)

    Welcome to Hawthorne Academy of Fine Arts!
    It's week one, and we've got a lot of fun events planned to get everybody back into school spirit!

    Convocation & Party in the Plaza
    Night at the Rec
    HAoFA Drag Show
    Outdoor Movie Night
    Football tailgate/Post-game Bonfire

    It was a new year at Hawthorne academy, and it looked like things were kicking off with a bang. As new and returning students were settling into their rooms, someone with more malignant intentions was plotting away. @HA_Hagg had remained silent all summer. Nobody had gone missing. No secrets had been revealed. Everybody was hopeful that their mysterious twitter assailant had finally grown tired of ruining their lives and moved on to somewhere new.

    They were about to be extremely disappointed.

    Look at these idiots, they have no idea. They think I'm done or gone or whatever. Did you all think it was going to be that simple? That one summer apart would change my mind? I'll show them.

    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies

    Every phone on campus vibrated, and they all knew that this was far from over.

    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Reminding you all that 10/25 is the last friday of sept. Looking forward to seeing one of you then.

    And so began another year at Hawthorne Academy. @HA_Hagg is back... and this time, s/he has help.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Trent G. Weatherly

    Trent was driving his new car to the rooms. It was Trent's senior year, he was going to live it up. This was his last year, he was determined to bring the team to victory. Right now all he cared about was, who was his roomy. On the paper it said Quinton Decaro. When Trent saw Quin, he thought it was his boy Q but it wasn't. As long as this Quinton Decaro wasn't a wack job, Trent would't have any problems with him.

    Trent made it to Parkway, he wasn't going to be in his old room anymore. The last time he was in there, some "things" happened. They were amazing "things" too. Trent made it to the room. He unlocked the door. Trent was impressed, he was the first to show up. That never happened. Either way on time or late, he would get the bed closest to the door.

    Trent through his stuff on his bed. Friday was the first game of the season, he would have to get with the team to work out the plan. The coaches think they run things but everyone knows that if Trent says jump they all say, "How High!". For now Trent was getting settled in. Trent took out his phone, he got a new tweet notification. "What the fuck!" Trent saw the creepy tweet from that psycho, HA_Hag, he didn't have time for this. He started to blast some music on his phone. The he started to put up his HA Huskies Items in the room. Whoever that creep was, they were not messing up this game.


    Jax Savage

    Jax the new guy, the outsider. He could really care less about making friends. He just heard that HAoFA, had the best academic classes and studies. Jax may be a hard ass but he's a smart one; which makes him even worst. Jax was driving his stepfather's car. He didn't ask for it, like he would listen if he had said no.

    It took Jax an hour to find the building, he finally found it. "This is where I'll be living for a year...nice." Jax was being super sarcastic. His roommate just better not be some cheery sunshine type. Jax was not in the mood for that. Jax passed by the other rooms. He heard someone blasting music in one room. Jax was glad he didn't have to share a room with that person.

    Jax just shook his head as he unlocked the door. The room was basic, he would have to change that soon. He took the farthest bed from the door. He wanted to be as far away from that music as possible. Jax took out his cigarettes, he didn't know or cared if he could or couldn't smoke in the room. Jax felt his phone buzz. He looked at the tweet. "Uhh...OK." He just shrugged it off as some weirdo messing with the new kids.

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  3. Quinton Quinton was not particularly thrilled about his room pairing. He knew exactly who Trent Weatherly was, and he didn't really see the two of them becoming best friends before this year was over. Oh well, Quinton though smirking slightly. Des and I will get him.
    At least he had his friends to look forward to this year. He couldn't wait to get a hold of Jake and Nico. He'd gone home to visit his dad over break, and hadn't seen either of his best friends for two months. It would've been unbearable if it weren't for Skype.
    Quin reached Parkway at a quarter to one. Most of his things were still in the storage unit that he and Destry had rented for the summer, and they weren't going to pick everything up until after orientation was over. The only things that Quinton had with him were a suitcase full of clothing, a skateboard, and the new Gibson that his dad had splurged on over the summer when Quinton's report card had arrived in the mail ("A 4.0! Quin, I can't believe it!").
    "Hey Jake, call me." Quin hit send, hoping that he'd finally see her today.
    He entered the building reluctantly. His flight had been delayed forty minutes, so Quinton knew that Trent was probably already in the room. When Quinton reached their door, he stood outside for a moment, mentally preparing himself for the potential shit-show that he was about to walk into. He took a deep breath, shoved his key into the old lock, and entered the room.
    "Hey, man," Quinton said, twitching his lips into a smile. "I'm Quinton." If they were going to be forced into sharing a living space together, Quinton had to suck it up and at least pretend like he could stand the guy.

    Lindsay Lindsay was livid. She'd just spent an hour in the housing office whining, shouting, and threatening every living relative of each employee she talked to in attempt to get a room change. She could not get through an entire school year living with a piece of bohemian filth like Annabelle. She was almost as intolerable as Roselynn.
    This was senior year. It was supposed to be perfect.
    "If they don't fix this, I'm going to kill someone." Linday sent the text to Ashton, still furious.
    She stormed into her room, thankful that Annabelle hadn't arrived yet. The movers had been working all morning carrying in and setting up Lindsay's things for her, and her side of the room looked immaculate. She'd shoved Anna's bed all the way against the far wall, in order to give herself more space.
    "Well," Lindsay mumbled to herself, kicking off her shoes and flopping onto her bed, "if I'm stuck living with the witch, I'm going to make the best of it."

    Destry had spent the summer traveling. At least that's what he chose to call it. Despite his parents' begging and pleading, Destry couldn't stand the idea of spending an entire summer back home. He loved his parents --- he just couldn't stand being around them. Every time they looked at him, it was the same --- yeah, they saw him standing there, but they didn't really see him for who he was. He hated it.
    So instead he "traveled." Des and Quin split the cost for a storage unit, Des packed as much as he could carry in a backpack, and he headed southwest, toward California, sleeping mostly on park benches and under bridges. Honestly, Des had a lot of money. He probably could've stayed wherever he wanted, if he wanted something nice. His parents would keep money in his account, no matter how much he spent.
    But what kind of story would that make? Where was the adventure in spending your parents' money on fancy hotel rooms and plane tickets? Instead, Destry played music for tips so he could eat, and hitched rides wherever he could find them, only coming back when Quin reminded him that orientation was around the corner.
    So here he was. It was the first day, and Des was actually pretty stoked that his roommate was going to be Nico. Des and Nico were decent friends --- mostly because of their mutual friendship with Quinton --- but Destry didn't care. He'd take that over Trent Weatherby any day. He would've paid anything to see Quinton's face when he found out about his room assignment. Destry's phone rang as he reached Parkway. It was Quin.
    "S'good, dude?" Des said, grinning. "Getting settled in?"
    "Nah, my plane flew in late, I just got to the airport. Are you at your room yet?"
    "Almost. I just got to Parkway."
    "Alright, well tell Nico to text me when you see him. We should get together before convocation."
    "Aight, dude." Des unlocked his room and walked inside. It was still completely empty. "Nico ain't here yet, but we'll meet up when he gets here."
    "Sounds good. See you soon." Click.
    Destry threw his guitar case and backpack on the bed and propped his skate board against his dresser. These rooms were bigger than the freshman dorms. Go figure.

    Hayden Hayden could not believe her luck. How in the actual fuck does a school mess something up so badly?
    "You have to fix this," Hayden pleaded. She'd been waiting for an hour to speak to someone about her housing error while a blond girl threw a tantrum about her room assignment. That bitch has no idea, Hayden thought.
    "I'm sorry, Miss Pratt. As I already explained to Miss LeChance, there aren't any available rooms. Transfers aren't possible at this time."
    "You've got to be kidding me," Hayden moaned. "You can't honestly expect me to live with a guy. There's got to be some kind of policy against this."
    The woman seemed completely uninterested in discussing the matter --- probably because she'd already spent an hour and a half bickering with LeChance.
    "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about it," the woman snapped. "I suggest you take it up with the dean. Perhaps you can request that he purchase an alternative dorm building?" The last sentence came out as a sneer.
    "Fine." Hayden snapped, throwing her backpack over her shoulder, and storming from the housing office.
    I can't fucking believe this, she thought angrily. She walked briskly through the park blocks toward Parkway. The campus was set up around a series of rectangular patches of grass separated by pedestrian trails, hence the title "park blocks." There was a large fountain directly at the center, and the entire area was full of enormous oak trees. Hayden would've appreciated how beautiful the campus looked if she was in a better mood.
    She hesitated upon reaching Parkway. According to the room assignment sheet, the dorm buildings were separated by gender. She would literally be the only girl living in the entire building. This is absolute, total bullshit. She entered the building and hurried to her room where she'd already left her suitcases. The rest of her possessions would arrive in the mail later that week.
    Hayden threw herself onto the squishy twin-sized bed. At least each dorm had it's own bathroom. She'd die of humiliation before she had to share a public shower with a floor full of horny adolescent boys.
    What am I going to say to Lincoln when he gets here? Hayden was freaking out. This had to be the most awkward, most humiliating possible situation that she could find herself in on the first day at a new school.
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  4. Ashton

    She could not believe she would be dorming with the queen of filthy misfits! Ashton had already had a rough morning, waking up late, her car running out of gas, a tire going flat. It had all just piled up, and she was ticked off. And to get to the school, and see she was rooming with one of her enemies, it was like the perfect little sour cherry on top! And to make matters worse, she practically just threw on a random outfit (Though she still made sure she looked fabulous...but still!) Ashton slammed her palm down on the counter, the woman behind it jumping a bit. "This is getting fixed! There's no way I'm going to sleep in the same room with a dirty little pig!" She seethed behind clenched teeth, her curled hair still in perfect condition. The woman fidgeted slightly, and gave a sheepish glance. "I'm sorry miss, but we can't transfer you to a different room. It's practically impossible." Ashton's cheeks flared with pure anger, and she huffed, turning on her heels and stomping out the door. Of course she'd have a sucky day back, on the beginning of her senior year! Senior year was supposed to be spent with rooming with your best friend, not your enemy! Ashton rolled her suit case across the sidewalk, and entered the park area, making her way to the girl's dorm area.

    As Ashton entered the room, she gave a look around to see if the other had already, and released her breath once she realized she wasn't. She practically tossed her suitcase on the bed farthest from the door, which was already decorated with a bright pink bedset, and took out her phone. Apparently the mysterious tweeter had sent out a message. How incredibly ridiculous. Ashton tapped on her message icon, and immediately typed up a reply. "Right?! At least you don't have to room with the QUEEN of all the little germs!" Ashton hit send, and laid back on her bed, heaving a deep sigh. This year definitely had started with a bang, but unfortunately, Ashton wasn't too stoked about it.


    "Nico, get your ass moving! Oh, my god, we are so late!" Jake was practically running around like a maniac, grabbing suit cases and clothes and other little things they hadn't thought about. "Jake, calm down! We're only, like, 30 minutes late!" Jake swung around to throw a shoe at her twin brother, hitting him right in the shoulder. "Only 30 minutes, Jake!" She mocked his voice, crossing her eyes and making it low and dumb sounding. "I do not sound like that!" Nico retorted, shoving some of his necessities into the suit case, zipping it. "Uh, you sound exactly like that, you big idiot!" Jake ran out of the living room, into her room, and began to freak out again. "Oh my god, oh my god, we're so so late!" She paced around, grabbing another pair of shoes and then her skateboard in the corner. Really, they weren't even that late... her drama queen-ness was just coming out. "Nico I better see that suitcase outside in 10 seconds!" She demanded, exiting the house and hopping on her skateboard. She had picked out a rather comfortable outfit that day, her denim vest fitting a bit baggy, the way she liked it. Nico came outside a bit later, hopping onto his skateboard alongside her, pulling his suitcase behind him. Jake followed suit, the big school only a short while away from their home. And yet they were still late.

    Nico had ran off to get to his dorm, and Jake walked over to hers. She knocked on the door, the walked in, looking around. "Hello?" Jake shrugged and walked in, placing her beloved skateboard in the corner. She walked over to the bed farthest away, and tossed her stuff on the bed, taking a look around. She pulled out her phone as it buzzed, and smirked at the screen. Quinton. Of course that idiot would want her to calm him straight away. They had all skyped that summer, Quinton away due to visiting his dad, and they hadn't gotten to hang out. Jake pressed the call button, and held it up to her ear.

    Nico didn't know why his sister was being such a grouch that morning, but then again, she was always grouchy. It now seemed to be a tradition to be late on the first day of school, because this was what they did the year before... and the year before that...and the year before that. He chuckled, and opened up the door to the dorm he'd be staying in. He was pretty happy with having Destry as a roommate, simply because they'd already known each other, and because he wouldn't have to deal with a popular. At the sight of him, he gave a dorky grin and tossed his stuff on the other bed, giving a nod to him in greeting. "Aye man! How was your summer?" Nico questioned, moving to flop onto his bed, stretching a bit and yawning. Jake had really rushed him this morning. "I swear, having a twin is seriously the worst but best thing." He muttered, rubbing his temples due to a head ache from Jake's yelling. Jeez.

    "Iris, honey, this way." His mum called, gently tapping his wrist to alert him of the direction. He followed her voice, and soon they were inside the office, asking about the rooming. Iris was slightly embarrassed with having his mom there with him, but then again, he would have gotten so lost in this gigantic school. Iris brushed away some of his hair, tucking it behind his ear as he waited for his mom to finish up. "Ah, yes, Iris will be dorming with Quincy Lambert. I'll be happy to show him the way." The woman hopped up at that, and hooked her arm in his. Iris smiled at his mom, or at least, where he thought she was, and gave her a hug goodbye. "Ohhh! My little boy is growing!" She cooed, hugging him again as he blushed rather brightly. "See you later mom.." He murmured, letting the lady lead him out the door, his suit case in hand. His mom would mail his other belongings soon. Iris followed the lady into the great dorm building, and allowed her to lead him into the room. "Ah...thanks.." He murmured, the woman releasing his arm and walking out. He took a few ginger steps, and found the bed closest to him, setting his suit case beside it. From what he could hear, there was no one in the room with him, and if there was, he'd feel a bit creeped out due to the silence. Iris sat on the edge of his bed, fiddling with his hands as he waited from someone to join him.

    (( I'll post Skye's after @Justice_20 posts Quin's ))
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  5. Roselynn
    Rose looked at her cousin with some disdain on her face. "I hate I get paired with the Prima fucking Princess!" Rose shouted outside as she walked to her dorm room with her red headed cousin next to her. She had her bags one hand and straightened her outfit with the other. "Stupid shirt..." she mumbled to herself the only good thing to good thing to come of this year is that Rose gets to see Axel. Although she was terrified that he wouldn't speak to her as soon as they got back. She knew they had to keep a secret of them actually getting along. She lugged her stuff upstairs and threw open the door and sneered at the so called Princess. "Stick to your side I will stick to mine. Don't talk to me after this moment don't even look my way got it you little snot." She said as she threw her bag onto her bed and pulled out her phone texting Anna, ~I got stuck with the fucking Princess! Please tell me you gotta a better roommate than I did!~ Of course her phone buzzed alerting her to the twitter from HA_hags. She rolled her eyes. 'Here we go again.' she thought to herself.

    Eliza looked at her cousin and followed her up not really knowing anyone in this school considering that she was pretty much the transfer. All Eliza knew was that she was roomed with some one named Skylar. Eliza found her room and found that she was the first one there she figured that she would just take the bed closer to the door. She threw her things onto the bed and sat down looking at her clothes. She honestly did not care what she was wearing. She ran a hand threw her red hair and laid back onto her bed when her phone buzzed alerting her to some message. She knew it wasn't a text, she flipped down her feed and noticed it was twitter someone named HA_hags. Eliza was so confused so she texted her cousin, ~Who is HA_hags and why am I suddenly following them?~ Eliza hit send and sat her phone next to her.
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  6. Lincoln, blue
    inclon had done barely anything the whole summer, well he did what he always did every free day, he would put on his headphones lay on his bed and either listen to music all day, play an instrument that would most likely end up being the guitar, or start writing down lyrics. He would sometimes go on twitter but would most times see his whole feed with twitter wars from Lindsay and Ashton, with Quinton and Nico. But now it was a new year at Hawthorne Academy, no HA_Hag anymore, so hopefully this will be a good year were he could jam out with his friends.
    Lincoln drove into the parking lot in his now given ford by his father, locking his door he stared at the building he would be staying in for his second year in a row. Lincoln was still in shock when he heard that he will be moving in with a girl named Hayden, he was surprised that they would accept a girl and a guy sleeping in the same room with each other, which Lincoln felt a little uncomfortable with since he had never slept in the same room with a girl besides his mother.
    Lincoln already knew he had Hayden as a roommate since he had gotten a phone call on his cell saying that he would have to be roommates with her, which Lincoln had a good three hour phone call with. What Lincoln knew was that when he walked in that room it will be very awkward. Lincoln made his way up the stairs till he reached his room, "Door 353" He said out loud, taking a deep breath, Lincoln opened the door.
    Lincoln saw Hayden sitting on the twin bed, walking across with his three bags, one on his back and two rolling back packs he set it on the bed across from hers. "So uh we are rooming together this year, don't worry i won't have do anything I'm not like that...Not that I'm gay...Uh I mean I'm not a perv...You know what I'm just gonna shut up now" Link dropped to the bed taking his beats he turned up his music dropping to his bed...This will be the most awkward year of life...EVER. Lincoln then felt a beep in his pocket, telling him that a new tweet came out.
    He checked his phone to see the tweet when he saw it. [​IMG]@HA_Hag: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies
    "Oh god not again!"

    David, green

    avid had mixed feelings about high school, on one hand he was afraid about the older kids who would want to beat him up or worse while on the other hand he thought it would be really fun since the school's have movie nights in such, his mother told him that high school was the greatest years of her life, so David was more expecting that it would be a fun experience.
    He had his mother drive him to the school, the year where he would be away from his family and have a quiet time away from them, a place with no parents sounds like a dream to him.
    His mother escorted him to the front desk where she asked. "Um excuse me, my son, David Hunt, this is his first year here can you escort him to his room?" David moved his head to the direction of the desk employee. "Oh yes right this way David" His mother hugged David going to his height. "I love you honey be sure to call me on your phone once a day, okay?" David nodded in agreement. "Yup I will mom, i will see you at Christmas break" His mother waved goodbye and David turned to face the women. The women escorted the small boy to room 352, she then turned to face him. "This is the room you'll be staying in for the year, your roommate is Jax Savage, if you have any other questions please come to the front desk." David nodded and the women walked away.
    David then opened the door seeing a male laying on the bed, giving a gentle smile the boy greeted him. "Hi I'm David Hunt, are you Jax?" The man didn't look like the kindest guy he's ever met, but it's nice to greet people. The boy then felt a buzz come from his pocket, he looked at his phone to see a tweet saying. [​IMG]@HA_Hag: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies
    David was confused, who was HA_Hag?

    Quincy, Red

    uincy had trained all summer just for football season in September, he was constantly hustled by Trent to practice at least three times a week, but Quincy would sometimes text back a picture of him that looks like he's been training all day, but really sometimes just soaked his head in water. But most times he would train three times a week and became a way better wide receiver, with Trent's help of course.
    But other then that he went to a few parties that Lindsay and Ashton hosted, he realized how rude they are to the less popular, but high school has a food chain, just it would suck to be a misfit, Quin thought.
    But other then football, basketball and a few parties, he would just go on twitter, and was thankful that HA_Hag is finally gone.
    Quin and Skye had found a good foster home, the parents really did love them, but the bad part was that it was really far away from the high school, so it was a long and exhausting trip to the school.
    When they got there, Quin got out of his foster fathers old car now given to him, the parents were ready to adopt them, while Quin agreed he wasn't sure what Skye thought about this.
    Quin stopped at the front desk waving Skye goodbye he waited for the women to come back over to the desk. When the women approached Quin spoke. "Hi I'm Quincy Lambert, can you tell me what room I am sharing with?" The women typed on the computer then spoke. "Yes you are with Mr. Iris Miller door number 354." Quin thanked her then brought his back pack and his two suit cases up the stairs, this Friday there will be their first football game and Quin was ecstatic.
    Quin started counting down the numbers till he got to number three fifty four were he put his key into the lock and unlocked the door, but then was surprised to the man, Iris, already there. "You must be Iris, names Quin-" Quincy stopped when he felt a buzz come from his pocket, he took his phone out to see the Twitter notification. "Oh not again, got f***ing dammit." Quin was pissed, even though he hadn't had one of his secrets shared yet, his old friend, Kyle Newman, second Quarterback and very popular dude, had gotten one of his secrets shared saying that he was into dudes, and was pushed all the way to a new group and eventually switching schools. But Quin couldn't believe why people made a huge conflict with sexuality, he found it was as stupid as how back racism was back then.

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  7. Will
    Will rolled up to school, he was nervous and excited. But mostly nervous. His roommate was Axel, the Swim Team captain of all people. Will took a deep breath and left the car. He was pretty sure his dad said something but he just nodded and walked through the front gates. He was excited for this year, it was his junior year after all, maybe he could make a few new friends or maybe even be in a relationship for once. He laughed quietly to himself at the thought of that and opened the door to his dorm. He glanced around a little, it looked like he was the first one here. He took advantage of this and placed his stuff on the bed closest to the window. The room its self was pretty nice, kinda bare but he supposed that that could be fixed. He felt his phone buzz and glanced at it and froze. Why was this happening again, just why.

    Will sighed and sat next to his stuff, his summer had been pretty boring, he had basically just be swimming the entire time or hiding out in his room. He stretched and leaned back, he placed one his headphones in and turned on some music, just wanting to pass time until his roommate came by or something else happened.​
  8. Lindsay read Ashton's text and her jaw dropped. Ashton and Rose? They would kill each other. "Meet me in front of Starbucks in the Park Blocks." Lindsay quickly typed the response before jumping out of bed, grabbing her bag as she hurried out of the door.

    Destry sat up as Nico entered the room, grinning.
    "S'good, dude? Good to see you. My summer was bomb, honestly. Like, all I did was hitch hike and play music and chill. It was dope. What about you? How was your summer? You look like you got taller, no joke dude."
    Destry's phone vibrated, and he glanced down. His heart sank as he recognized the user name in his twitter notification.
    "Damn," he mumbled, glancing up at Nico. "Dude, did you just get this too?"

    Hayden wrapped her arms around her legs, completely unsure of what to say.
    "I... uhh... I didn't really expect you to be a perv or anything," Hayden told Lincoln, avoiding eye contact. "But thanks for the confirmation, I guess."
    Awkward silence spread between them for several moments before Hayden decided to talk again.
    "So. Lincoln." She said, determined to alleviate some of the tension in the room. "What brought you to HA?"
    At that moment, both of their phones vibrated. Hayden furrowed her brow as she read the tweet.

    "What the hell is this?"

    ((I'll write Quinton's next post after @Total Anarchy Beastmode's))

  9. [​IMG]
    Trent G. Weatherly

    Trent was in his own zone. Then he heard the door open. Trent turned off his music. When he saw the boy, Quinton, Trent couldn't believe it. He was one of those junior dweebs. Oh this was going to be great. Trent stood up, making sure he was face to face. Trent will try and play nice for now. "Sup..." Trent shook his hand. Making sure to add a little more pressure then normal force.

    Trent went back to his bed. "Ok Quinton, this is how it's going to go, you stay on your side and I'll stay on mines." Trent had a smirk on his face. "Any questions?" Trent tried to play nice and it failed. He knew that the kid probably didn't like him. Trent could care less, everyone who doesn't like him just wants to be him or be with him.


    Jax Savage

    Jax heard the door knob turn. He was about to finally see who his roommate was. He put out his cigarette. Not because it was the nice thing to do, he just smoked it down. When Jax saw, David come in he almost started to laugh.

    The kid looked like a 10 year old or something. There must have been a mistake. Nope there wasn't. "Hi I'm David Hunt, are you Jax?" Jax sat up. "Nope...I'm his twin Max." Jax started to grin. "Nah, I'm Jax. So what are you, like a 10 year old genius or something?" Jax couldn't believe that this boy was anywhere near his age.

    As long as the kid didn't cling on to Jax, he would be cool. Jax was no one's protector. Looking at this kid he would need one. Jax just shook his head. What have I gotten my self into now?


    Shine Matthews

    It was Shine's junior year at HAoFA. She was an upperclassmen now, whatever that meant. Shine was just glad that she could see all her friends again. Shine was in a rehab facility over the summer break. Her aunt thought it would work but it didn't.

    Shine was in her aunt's car with her older asshole of a brother, Seven. "I mean really, do you always have to dress like that?" Shine stared at her brother, if looks could kill he would be dead 10 times over. "Well no one can dress as girly as you can, Seven." "Funny, the psycho has jokes." "Shut up!" "You shut up!" "How about you both shut up?!" Shine's aunt was happy she was getting rid of them. She could finally have some peace again.

    Shine just stared out the window. Her and Seven used to be so close. Now they were as far as China is from America. Once they made it to Montgomery Court, Shine took her one suitcase out. The other four were all Seven's. "Have fun Sun...I mean Shine." "See you when I see you, Sunshine!" Shine stuck up her middle finger.

    Shine walked in, she got her key. She had her own room, will until later arrivals showed up. As long as they weren't an airhead snobby whore, Shine wouldn't have any problems. She made it to her room. Shine took out her phone. She wanted to text Jake, Rose and Anna, to let them know she finally made it. When she looked at her phone, she got a tweet buzz. Not this shit again. Shine couldn't take this right now. She just through her phone on the bed.


    Seven Matthews

    "Sometimes, Seven I wish you would act nicer. She is still your sister." Seven's aunt was lecturing him about the way he had treated Shine. "What? I was just giving her advice. Besides who else would tell her that she looks like a trailer park reject." "Seven!" "Fine the next time I see Shine, I'll apologize." He wasn't planning on seeing Shine, until they were leaving to go back home; at the end of the year.

    Seven started to play a game on his phone, when it buzzed. "What the fuck!?" "Seven watch your mouth!" "Sorry." Seven couldn't believe that this was happening again. It was his damn senior year, he didn't need this.

    Seven texted Lindsay, his main girl. "You, Ashton and Me, we need to talk. Haven't seen you in a few days." Seven wasn't going to discuss this over text. Who else would he talk to about this, his sister? As they arrived at Parkway, Seven was still worried about the tweet.

    "Seven, please play nice with your sister for me?" "Yeah...yup." "Seven!" He looked up from his phone. "I will...love you, bye." Seven got some people to help him with his bags. He wasn't going to get his favorite bubblegum pink outfit messed up, he wanted his people to see it.

    "Thank you, boys." The boys started to blush, they brought Seven's things to his room. The room was nicer, then his last year one. He would still have to jazz it up. Seven just sat on his bed waiting for Lindsay to respond to his text.

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  10. Amber
    A soft sigh escaped the lips of a girl with blonde hair and green eyes as she pulled up into the school's parking lot. She parked her car and got out. She took the keys with her and popped the trunk where he things were. Amber then closed her door and slipped her keys into her jacket. She checked her outfit to make sure she still looked good and smiled at what she saw. Amber walked over to her trunk and opened it all the way. She reached in and pulled out a black duffel bag. She slung it over her body then reached in again and pulled out a black backpack that she would use for school once she unpacked. Amber reached up and closed the trunk of her car then took her phone and plugged her earphones in. Amber turned on her music as she walked to her room. before she reached it she felt her phone buzz and retrieved it from her butt pocket. She looked at the tweet and her eyes became cold. Damn, he's back. She thought. Amber put her phone away and continued walking home. When she reached her room she unlocked the door and walked in. She walked over to her bed and set her luggage on it. Amber looked around then laid on her back on the bed, her feet dangling off the edge. "This should be an interesting year." She muttered under her breath, closing her eyes.

    A two door Honda Accord drove into the school. The person behind the wheel parked it next to the black Camry, Amber's car. She smiled and opened the door, stepping out. A girl with brown and honey hair and ocean blue eyes stepped out. She looked around then climbed in and grabbed her keys. She popped the trunk then closed the door and put her keys in her pocket. She wore a cute outfit and had her Beats on. She listened to her music as she walked over to her trunk and opened it up all the way. She pulled out her wheeled luggage and set it on the ground. She then removed her backpack and slung one strap over her shoulder. She grabbed the handle of her other luggage and closed the trunk before she walked to her room. When she got there she put her luggage on her bed then walked into the bathroom to look at her outfit. She smiled then walked out and grabbed her skateboard that was attached to her luggage on wheels. She felt her phone buzz so she set her skateboard down on the bed. Sierra looked at the tweet and her eyes became angry. "Damn!" She growled and shoved her phone in her pocket. This year was going to be rather difficult.
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    Ashton looked up from her phone as soon as Rose walked in, setting her ugly baggage down. The other girl's jabs honestly sounded like kids, calling her snot and to stay on her side as if Rose had marked the other side with a sign "NO PREPS ALLOWED". Ashton sat up, rolling her eyes. "Honey, learn to dye your hair correctly, or don't dye it at all. It looks like you did it with kool-aid." Ashton clicked her tongue nonchalantly and got up once reading the text from Lindsay. "Anyway, I don't have time for a germ like you." She huffed before pulling open the door, giving Rose another menacing look before leaving, closing the door rather loudly. Ashton clicked on her phone, dialing Lindsay's number. "Babe! I'm hitching a ride with you, because I swear my car is going to do some cruddy thing if I drive it again." She rolled her eyes, leaning against the wall.

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  13. Nico

    Nico smiled, looking at his own body at the comment. "Really? I'm already a tree as it is.. I bet Jake's jealous.." He smirked, and then glanced down at his own phone as it buzzed. He didn't expect a tweet from the mysterious tweeter. "Damn.. she/he makes me nervous.." Nico heaved a sigh, sitting up and running a hand down his face. "Anyway, we need to get together with Quinton and Jake. It's been too long." Nico smirked, hopping up abruptly and shoving his phone into his pocket. "Aye, do you know his dorm number? We'll just swoop in and kidnap him." Nico gave a mischievous grin and looked at Destry expectantly.


    Iris had flinched slightly at the sudden noise of the door swinging open, followed by a few heavy steps. He looked up at the voice that greeted him, well, he looked at the space beside Quincy, but it was close enough. He opened his mouth to introduce himself, but was interrupted at the bitter cursing coming from the other male. Iris's arched eyebrows creased together, his pale blue eyes looking at the space beside him in confusion. "Ah...what's the issue? Did I do...something wrong?" Iris didn't know what Quincy was cursing about, but his hands fidgeted in his lap in anticipation.


    Skye was rather antsy that morning, the news of the foster home they were with wanting to adopt them making her anxious. She wasn't quite what she felt about the matter, but she wouldn't let it make her morning bad. Skye gave her brother a quick, tight hug before waving goodbye, pulling her suitcase behind her to get to her dorm. She was wondering what her roommate would be like, and all she knew was that she was new. Skye reached the room, counting down the numbers along the walls down the hall. She opened the door, the stale air greeting her. "Well, cheers to a new school year.." She murmured, tossing her suitcase on the bed closest to the door.
  14. Lincoln
    Lincoln nodded awkwardly when Hayden said she doesn't think he was a perv, he was terrible around people he just met, so this was a little too much awkward then he could handle. "What brought you to HA?" Link smiled. "Well i play a lot of instruments, i am a great vocalist...Oh and I'm trying to get into Piano now...So yeah, how about you?" At that time was when Link got the notification. "God dammit It's that stupid HA_Hag again, i seriously had enough of him/her.

    David's smile dropped when Jax asked if he was ten years old, he had grown tired of everyone thinking that he was a kid, he was a teen now. "Actually I'm fifteen, not a genius though" Even though his full name was Jayson, he'd rather be called David or Jay. Jay put his clothes bags under his bed, then stood up and waved to Jax. "Well I'm just going to get some air" Jay walked out, he was already tired of people thinking he's little, and he just needed to blow off some steam.

    "Oh no man, just this stupid HA_Hag thing from last year is back, so are you knew here?" Quin dropped to his new bed, letting out a brief sigh, then sending a text to Trent. 'Dude who are you roomed with, I'm with this kid named Iris, he's not bad." After sending that text, he then wrote up another sending it to Ashton. 'Hey Ash, who are you roomed with?' After that he sat up and put his bags on top of his bed, then leaned on the bed as he had already gotten bored. "So uh you play sports?"

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  15. Iris

    Iris let a sigh of relief, and chuckled. "Oh..sorry to hear. And I'm new, yes. I'm a freshman." He chuckled in his head, realizing he must have looked like he was attending college instead with his tallness. Iris heard him click away at his phone, wondering what he was texting or doing. He looked up again at the empty space as Quincy asked the question. "Nah...I'm not really active in a sense... couldn't really play because of the blindness and all.." Iris laughed, motioning to his pale blue eyes. "..wouldn't be able to see the ball.." He murmured, rubbing his palms into his thighs awkwardly. He wasn't used to this.
  16. Lindsay glanced down at her phone. Ugh. This HA_Hagg bitch again? Frankly, Lindsay didn't particularly hate the mysterious twitter account --- she actually found all of the secrets entertaining --- but last year, after a prep went missing, she came to the realization that she might not be totally safe. She closed twitter, checking her texts again, smiling when she found Seven's name.
    "Ash & I are heading to the Starbucks in the Park Blocks. Meet us there?"
    Just as Lindsay hit send, her phone started ringing.
    "I was thinking that we could actually walk." Their dorms were located on the northern end of the Park Blocks and Starbucks was located on the southern end, on the other side of all of their class buildings. "They've got that Party in the Plaza today, so I thought we could check out some of the booths while we're down there. Meet me out front."
    Lindsay was already down on the first floor approaching the front doors. Her heals clicked against the tile floor as she walked.
    "Love you, see you soon."
    She hung up her phone, pushed open the double doors, and stepped into the beautiful weather. Leaning against the wall, Lindsay scrolled through her contacts until she found Trent's name.
    "When are we hanging out? ;) I haven't seen you in forever."

    Quinton frowned. What the hell was this guy's problem?
    "Yeah, I've got a question," Quinton sneered. Trent was only about two inches from Quin's face. "Did mommy and daddy teach you how to use a tooth brush?"

    Destry grinned slightly.
    "You won't believe it. Right next door. He's rooming with Trent. Let's go get him and we can meet up with Jake." Leading the way, Destry opened the door to their room and banged on the one next door.
    "Oi! Quin! Open up!"
    The door opened almost immediately. to what looked like a pretty heated situation.
    "Everything all right in here, gentlemen?" Destry looked between Quinton and Trent. They'd been in the same room for maybe ten minutes, and it looked like they were already on the verge of trying to kill one another."Come on, Quin. He's not worth your time. We're meeting Jake."
    Just then, Quinton's phone started ringing. Glaring at Trent, he backed away and answered the phone.
    "Hey, Jake. Where you at?"

    Hayden frowned at her phone.
    "Did you get the same notification? Weird. Anyway, I'm kind of here for the same reason. I don't play as many instruments as you do, though. Just guitar. And I'm alright at singing."
    She opened up HA_Hagg's twitter feed on her phone, and started scrolling through it. Something wasn't right. All of the tweets were down right... nasty. Many of them seemed threatening, too.
    "What's the deal with the Hag person? Who is it?"

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  17. Nico

    Nico practically doubled over in laughter. "Trent? Trent and Quinton? They're going to murder each other!" Nico hopped up and followed Destry out into the hallway, waiting for the door to open, which didn't take long at all. Trent and Quinton were shooting each other daggers, their eyes menacing. "Woah now...ummm.. we're gonna barrow this real quick and be on our way.." Nico grabbed Quinton and tossed him over his shoulder, walking out of the room and flashing Trent a cheeky grin. "This is a kidnapping. You are to remain quiet." Nico mimicked a deep voice, walking down the hallway with Quinton swooped over his shoulder. When the phone rang, and Quinton said Jake's name, Nico laughed. "Aye! You're not supposed to have a phone during a kidnapping! Hi Jake!" You could hear Jake's laughs through the call.


    Jake smiled when the phone call clicked on, and she listened to the rummaging of people and laughter, then Quinton's voice. "Hey! And I'm in my dorm. I'm rooming with Fiona, so I'm good. Meet me outside?" That's when she heard her brother's voice echoing in the back, talking about a kidnapping. "Hahaha! I'll just meet you at the front door of you guy's dorms." Jake hung up, hurrying off her bed and grabbing her skateboard on the way out. She hopped onto it in the hallway, grinding on stairwells and hopping down stairs. Once riding outside into the beautiful weather, she made a beeline for the boy's dorms.


    "Kay babe! See you in a bit." Ashton hung up, heading towards the front. Her golden blonde hair was curled, flowing down her back as her floral crop top showed her tanned flat belly. Ashton had a beautiful body, and yet she couldn't see that. The eating disorder had gotten a bit worse, sometimes her starving period lasting for weeks when it used to last only days. Ashton could see Lindsay a few yards away and beamed. "Lindsaaay!!!" She called, waving her hand in the air as she rushed forward to her.
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  18. Lincoln
    Lincoln was surprised to hear that Hayden plays the guitar, a smile perked from his lips. "You play guitar too huh, what kind of genre you like playing." Thank god i wasn't with some of those skinny popular kids, they wouldn't get music even if it was life or death. "So is there any singers or bands you like?"

    "Oh man, sorry didn't realize you were blind, that probably sucks...But you know you can get a lot of chicks after yah if you say your blind around them." He smiled then stood up. "I'm gonna walk over to see a friend of mine...You wanna come?"

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  19. [​IMG]
    Trent G. Weatherly

    Trent was about to wreck the kid but then his misfits friends came in. "Yeah take the punk, before I do something he'll regret." Trent slammed the door shut. "Punks these days, wait till I see him again." Trent went back to his bed, he felt his phone buzz. He looked at it, breathing again when it wasn't from the Hag troll again. He saw a text from his boy Q. "U won't believe it. I got to spend a year with a misfit jackass. Guess what his name is...Quinton. Some shit right?" Trent saw that he got another text from, Lindsay. Trent texted back to Lindsay. "I know, we need to hang out, all of us. Whenever your up for it. I need that after what I just went through." Trent then forward a text to all his people. "Let's all meet up at the Starbucks in Park Blocks." Send.


    Seven Matthews

    Seven unlocked his phone, when he felt it buzz. It was Lindsay. "OK, can't wait to see my girls again!!!!!!!" Seven went to the mirror to fix his hair. He looked over his outfit a couple of times. He started to open the door, when he saw a text from Trent. Seven eyes fluttered, Trent! Seven could remember when he saw Trent on the football field, how he looked soo sexy. Seven shook his head. He made his way towards Starbucks. Like always he was the first one to show up, he waited for the others. Seven saw Trent coming by. "Hey cutie!" Trent had a face of uneasy, Seven just thought it was funny. "Yeah...hey Seven." "Everyone else is coming." Seven stood up showing off his pink outfit to Trent. Trent just sat there, not showing any interest. "Boys!" Trent just went back to playing a game on his phone.

  20. Eliza
    Eliza sat up from her spot on her bed when Skye walked in she looked at her and tilted her head thinking to herself about how she didn't look like she was horrible. "Hey there. My name is Eliza." She helped Skye with her bags. This was her strategy to make her roommate like her. Eliza really didn't wanna make a bad first impression on what could be her first friend here other than her cousin of course. "So I just got transferred over to this school to go with my cousin." She gave one of her sweet smiles.

    Rose rolled her eyes and said loudly, "Good riddance bitch!" She finished unpacking her things and sat on her bed and pulled her phone out texting Lincoln. ~Yo dude where are you at please tell me you have a better roommate than I do!~ she hit send then pulled up her boyfriend's number, ~I made it to the dorms and got roomed with the prima princess... can this school year get any suckier?!~ she smiled when she hit send and laid back on her bed and thought happily at least it wasn't bitch queen. She smiled even brighter as she though of her boyfriend.
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