Hawthorne Academy for Juvenile Delinquents

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  1. Hawthorne Academy for Juvenile Delinquents is an Academy designed to hold and educate youth criminals. Teenagers here have committed a large spectrum of crimes from murder to scams.

    Welcome to Hawthorne Academy.
    Enjoy your stay.


    - Hawthorne provides a uniform. Its mandatory you where it during school hours. The uniform consists of white of grey cotton t-shirt and black sweatpants. White tennis shoes are also provided.

    - Common Rooms are set-up for socialization during breaks. The Wardens encourage this activity.

    - Obviously we discourage fighting of any kind.

    - Phones may be used during comp time.

    -Computers are off-limits for those without permission


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  2. Having recently gotten into her new uniform, Joan was the slightest bit nervous about stepping out into the courtyards, where it would all begin. Through her eyes, she simply saw but another hurdle to jump over, and the sooner she could get out, the better. It was unlucky that her mother had found such a place, she was looking forward to dropping out of school and going about her life on the run, but alas, she simply had to deal with this.

    Seating herself where one of the armed guards had told her to sit, Joan sighed and looked around. There certainly weren't too many people, at least out and about for the moment. Admittedly, she was usually the early bird, so alas, she was dealt the loneliness which struck her that cold morning.
  3. Aubrie didn't take school very seriously, and always rolled out of bed late. Today however, she was a little early. She put on a white t-shirt and a pair of black sweats. She sat on the edge of her bed and put on her sneakers, and tied up her waist long brown hair in a pony-tail. Aubrie exited her room and bounced down the stairs to the first floor and into the cafeteria. She picked up an apple and sat at a table, propping her feet up. She wasn't worried about being late, or socializing. Sure, she wanted to make friends, but today was the first day, so she figured she would just take her sweet time and relax.
  4. Vanessa awoke and sat up. She wasn't usually one to be up late but oh well. She got out of bed and brushed her hair. She out her uniform on then walked out of her room and walked to the first floor. She walked into the cafeteria and grabbed an apple and walked over to one of the tables. She sat on the table and ate the apple quickly. She didn't want to get yelled at again by one of the guards.
  5. Noah was an early riser - only because they got what the later ones didn't get. In fact, it was almost an attractive feat. Leaving the scraps of whatever for those who couldn't have been bothered to go the extra mile. Going the extra mile is what put people on top. And Noah was intent on getting there...But, that wasn't now. That was later. Noah, seated by one of the guards that stood at the end of their seats, an almost impressive display of Hawthorne's extensive security, and security measures. An intimidating stance, but only for the most deranged of the student body, he was sure...Just listening to the idle chitchat amongst the class, he could pick them out. One by one, a logical assumption on the tip of his tongue for every student present. But Noah was silent, seemingly occupied with the phone he held, sliding through it with his thumb, headphones pulled over his head. But there was no music to be amplified. In fact, he listened to nothing. The headphones were...a safety measure. A little white lie and illusion that was so very basic, but so damn effective. But not for long...His eyes glimpse over one of the many contacts he had on the phone. With his chin in his hand, leaned slightly away from the armored guard, hood drawn. Perhaps his small break of composure, a stiffening of his posture, would remain unnoticeable. Probably.

    And if it didn't, so be it.
    He really should consider eating, but could he be bothered with it? What a question...
  6. Allie descended the stairs in her bland uniform to find her brother already sitting down. She danced around her brother as he ate breakfast. "Andy hurry up! Its the first classes of the year and I don't want us to be late!" Allie and Andy were to say, not very interested in classes last year. She just wanted to get out of this stupid Academy and go back home to her friends, though, she wasn't sure if they were even her friends anymore. Allie plopped down beside her twin, leaning on him and sighing loudly. "Andy seriously! Lets go!"

    Andy woke up extra early so he could finish his breakfast before Allie got there. Allie was the energy in Andy's day, since he didn't care enough to muster his own. "Fine." Andy replied letting his sister drag him away from his half eaten breakfast. He couldn't help but smile at her. It was his fault she was even here, and the least he could do was be nice to her. She dragged him out into the courtyard, and his smile disappeared. He was only soft around Allie, and would show little emotion around others. They passed a girl on their way out but Andy was trying not to trip due to the force his sister was dragging him at.

    Allie pulled her brother over to and empty bench and sat him down, since she knew he didn't like to stand for too long. "Aren't the trees pretty this time of year? With all their leaves turning different colors and falling off. The trees are prettier when the aren't blooming." Allie smiled at her brother and sat down beside him. Allie wanted to make friends other than her brother this year, though she spent a lot of time around him. Allie looked around and spotted a girl, she was pretty sure the girls name was Joan, sitting all alone and she bounced over to her. "Hi! I'm Allie. Who're you?"

    Andy rolled his eyes at his sisters ramblings. He hated saying it, but was actually happy when she skipped over to the other girl, giving him a chance to relax and dig his nose back into his book and sit peacefully while that other poor girl has to deal with his sister.

  7. Joan perked up at the girl's voice, her raised eyebrows now pointing toward what seemed to be a fairly bubbly female. She didn't seem dangerous, but that could be said about a lot of the people around this place. With a sigh, she finally replied. "I'm Joan, nice to meet you." Her voice was largely monotonous, but she held what could be called a friendly smile, extending a hand to shake. "The morning is nice, is it not?"
  8. Elvira woke up an hour before classes officially started. After that, she showered and dressed in the grey shirt and black sweatpants which was provided by the school. Tying her hair in a high ponytail, she skipped down for breakfast in Building D. Since she first joined the year before, she met many interesting people. She admits, she like her life here, despite locked up 24/7 and away from the other buidling's students. Nevertheless, she was lucky enough to get a room instead of a cell.

    She queued for her food and ate at her usual place, which was near the back windows, facing the whole cafeteria. Even though she feels that most of the people around her have negative auras, she tries to be positive once in a while. Albeit, she doesn't get anything positive from her parents. Heck, whenever they come to visit her, they would only criticized her in hers and their native language, Russian. The only time she gets positive feedback is from her psychiatrist. And, that's whenever she shows progress in controlling her temptations. Still, her psychiatrist always motivates her.

    Elvira shook her head slightly, from left to right, trying to get rid of some thoughts. She smiled slightly to herself, "I can't wait for chemistry class..."
  9. Freddie Scannel didn't like Building D. It was lonely, and the people were mean. In rare occasions, the authorities of the school would let her walk around building C, however, it never lasted long. She was considered a threat and extremely unstable. Oh well, that's a shame.

    Freddie got up early that day, giving her doll, Lola, a gentle "Good Morning.".

    Good Morning.

    Oh my, Lola was such a lovely doll. Freddie did everything she had to do in her bedroom, she brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, changed her clothes, etc. And with Lola in hands, she left her bedroom, waiting for the 'click' of the metal door closing. Freddie started to humm a song, it was slow, hauntingly beautiful. She loved it.

    "What should we do, Lola?" Freddie's voice was cheerful, on her face a big innocent grin.

    We should get out of here. It would be so easy to go away.

    Freddie rolled her eyes, the grin not disappearing. "Don't be silly, Lola. Oh, let's go to the cafeteria! I'm hungry! Are you not? Oh wait, yeah. You don't eat. Sorry!" The girl walked towards the cafeteria, not ending the conversation she was having with the doll. To those who did not know her, they would think her insane. And they're right.

    She chose to eat toast that morning, with milk. Lola was extremely talkative today, that's good. In the start, Lola didn't talk too much, she was shy. But now it was different.

    "So, you think there's going to be new people? This building is booring. Do you think they would let me walk around Building Angel?" That's what she liked to call Building C, because, compared to the residents of the D, C were saints.

    Last time you were there, you almost choked a girl to death because she kept staring at you. I don't think they're going to let you enter that place so soon.

    Oh yes. Freddie remembered that. To her defense, it was the girl's fault. But maybe Lola was right. Ugh, she hated having to wait. Freddie Scannel did not wait.
  10. Leo awoke and put on the grey shirt and sweatpants. One thing he was happy about being here, the uniforms were actually comfortable for once. He tied his shoes before heading down to the cafeteria. He grabbed a piece of toast and sat down.glancing around. He nibbled on the bread before getting up and walking to the courtyard. Slowly but surely more people were coming down. He sat on a bench and finished the piece of toast, classes would be starting soon. Though Leo didn't like school, he was good at it which made it so the teachers liked him, which made it easier to control them when needed.
  11. Allie shook Joan's hand and grinned, "Nice to meet you Joan." Allie took another look around before replying, "Yes. It's the perfect morning I think. It's just the right season." Allie kept the same smile on her face through her talking. This Joan girl interested her. Plus it was the first day, and its always a great time to make friends.

    Andrew actually almost felt bad for the girl Allie had approached. He knew his sister and she could get a little.. out of hand sometimes. He stood, the brisk morning had made him cold and he didn't like to be uncomfortable. He walked towards Building A and pulled open the door, walking up to the second floor classrooms. He sat in a set waiting for the first morning class to being.
  12. An apple? A bit too cliche, though it might have worked...had orange slices not been the obvious choice! Citrus flavors and colors; a perfect compliment to what could have been a flawless morning. If, well, they hadn't been left in captivity, masked as an appropriate learning environment. Cleanly cut (too cleanly, really.) orange skin, and he plucked away at the first slice, which was almost always indefinitely - the best one. Noah took his first bite, giving the room one last look around. A pair of twins; speaking to a young girl; who seemed to be making enough of an effort to be pleasant. (Noah could respect that.) Another young one who practically radiated with her loneliness, a solitary woman whom looked lost in her thoughts, and just as he thought he'd seen it all - a girl with an apple. Was that two? What a small world... The third slice. And Noah actually listens to music. Pulling one headphone off of his right ear; and focused on eating. Left without much else to observe, except that fucking orange.

    'When will you be waking up tomorrow morning?'
    'Out the backdoor, godDAMN-'
    'But I love her anyway!'

    What a nice song; on what could have been a nice morning.
  13. Hey, let's go to the classroom!

    Freddie was pulled out of her thoughts as Lola called her, which was kind of weird, since Lola was part of her mind... Anyway, Freddie listened. She dashed quickly towards Building A, Lola on her arms. She entered the classroom and saw that she was not alone. Her eyes rested on the guy already in the room, her head tipping to the side. The classes were the only time that she had contact with any of the students that weren't of the Building D, so she always looked forward to it.

    "Hello." Her voice was a calm tone that hid the excitement on it. Suddenly, all traces of insanity disappeared from her face, even Lola lay strangely lifeless on her arms. She almost seemed normal, but, with attention, one could notice the strange dullness in her eyes, as if trying to hold back something bigger. Who knew. Not Freddie.
  14. Beauty
    was never a very social type of guy. Maybe he'd find the occasional stray cat (which isn't as often as he would like) and hold a 'conversation'. Two purple eyes fluttered open, and he let out a very heavy sigh. A darkness had nestled into his left eye, like a parasite that had dug itself into his eyeballs and Beauty couldn't just rip it out for good. Why couldn't he at least go fully blind? Being teased and the sight decreasing gradually on his left side was torture. The dark haired male was stabbed by the well known fear that one day he'll lose sight in both eyes. He then remembered that he was grateful, even for the time he had left.

    He had his morning cry, getting up -more of- tugging himself from the soft and warm arms of his ultimate love. His bed. His eyelids red and raw from crying, his nose pink with irritated skin from blowing into a white tissue that now was placed on his nightstand. He stepped over his two taken in cats whom he has yet to name, his toes lightly tiptoeing over the cool floor of his dorm at the academy. First day of school. He felt nervous, and could barely hold back the tears of oncoming anxiety. He splashed cold water in his face, brushing his teeth harshly and taking a cold shower. Shivering and sneezing, he dried himself off and threw on a white button down shirt, a black tie, a grey cotton vest and pulled on comfort black sweat pants. He poked his own tummy before pulling on socks and the white tennis sneakers.

    Beauty left out some food and water for the cats, leaving the window open slightly so they can go and come as they please. Brushing and drying his hair, he gave up on trying to get it to obey. He then snapped on his eye patch, then his mouth patch, letting out a deep sigh as his cold body gained warmth from the clothes. Beauty opened his door, looking back to the still slumbering cats before closing it behind him.

    Beauty awkwardly felt at his ear buds and music player in his pockets, feeling on edge as he strolled to the cafeteria for no good reason. He wanted to calm down by listening to some music, but he'd do it when he's sitting down and eating. Everything seemed to go more wrong than usual when he was walking and using ear buds. Plus, it was terrifying not having half of his sight or hearing as well... It made him sick in the stomach from being so helpless in a way. Beauty was overwhelmed by the loud and rowdy cafeteria. He held back some tears, feeling tempted to cover his ears. Soon he found himself waiting in line, picking up a rather big breakfast that he thought he deserved to eat. He felt positive! Yeah! He only cried once the first morning of school, and that was an achievement. The male had a gray breakfast of some two grilled cheese things, a cup of.... That's not coffee, that's tea. A yogurt, a string cheese and two cinnamon cracker things. Beauty didn't think he could eat the cracker granola things without some milk, so he grabbed some and clumsily found an empty table. To make sure no one steals anything, he laid out his stuff on the table next to him. Music player, two pieces of candy and a spare eye and mouth patch.

    Beauty pulled off his mouth patch, showing off normal pink lips and his button nose n' button chin with a scar. He stared at the food.... It looked okay, but since he only saw the world in black and white or grey, it wouldn't be as tasty looking as when he still had sight. He held the grilled cheese in his pale fingers poking out of his vest, nibbling on it slowly. Man, it tasted sort of good. Beauty gave it big chomps, slurping on some tea that was kind of bitter but sweet at the same time. Soon the tea and cheesy warm goodness had disappeared. He proceeded to tackle the yogurt, holding the little spork thing and carefully spooning a glob of grey jellyness. It was strawberry flavored and tasted really good... His ears turned pink as he shoveled spoons into his mouth rapidly.
    his post will be shorter since im not sure what to do since there's nothing big for him to butt his head into...
    busted out his room door, wearing a grey loose tank top that gave off a few nipple slipples if it fluttered wrong. He trotted along with a smug look on his face, checking out a few shawty's that caught his eye with a grin and a rub of his chin. He hummed as he dangerously jumped the stairs, barrel rolling and getting to his feet. He snapped his fingers, pointing his fingers at a rather cute girl and poking her in the tummy a few times, earning a giggle as he spun and kept walking. .... But not before he took a glance at the back. Perky. Kevin nodded in approval as he trotted towards the cafeteria, kicking the door open and grabbing a bottle of OJ.

    Sitting on the table, his feet on the seat and his shirt hanging off him practically, Kevin guzzled down the juice matching his hair and gazing around. Maybe he should head to class, he usually had the big crowd gathering around him to crack jokes, but it was dead today. Probably cuz it was the first day of school.
  15. The cafeteria was full of different characters; these two however, couldn't have been anymore different. Polar opposites, negative and positive, two sides of a coin, and an saying that could put across the message of complete and utter difference. It was interesting to watch, if he could be a judge of anything. Even their entrances couldn't have been anymore in contrast of the other. Were they friends? ...Improbable. Despite how close their presences came within time of the other. The last orange slice; but his focus had been drawn from that.

    Aw, were those tears in the smaller boy's eyes?

    Two choices lay before him; but it was a matter of impulse that he walked the road less traveled by. Noah, getting to his getting to his feet and with silent confidence, flicked the last orange slice into his mouth with his thumb. Lugging his leg over the side of the lunch table's seat, and he was free to walk towards Beauty's table. Tray tucked under his arm. Headphones pulled down to hang on his neck, and with a press of his thumb, the phone in his pocket went quiet. As did it's music.

    "Ah, hungry? You look like you're enjoying yourself."

    No invitation, Noah just stopped at Beauty's table, leaning a touch, while he offered a smile. Brow perked and all; what was the advantage of befriending a person like this? ... He'd find out, wouldn't he?

    "Hello...May I?"

    Noah would keep an eye on the other one; but for now, he set his sights on Beauty. Knee resting upon the tables seat, waiting for any verbal - or physical sign of permission to sit down with Beauty. Noah would have been surprised if he'd ever hear anything Beauty, who looked as timid as they came, had to say within the loud hustle of the lunch room and it's, for the most part, unruly occupants.
  16. As soon as Elvira was done with her breakfast, she got up and cleared her tray. She does not have many friends in school since she isn't that sociable. She rather watch what everyone does from the corner of the classroom, it was easier that way, for her at least. Albeit, it doesn't mean she's ignorant to her surroundings. Of course, when one is quiet and unnoticed, one will recognize almost everybody around them. For example, she recognized the boy that just came into the cafeteria. If she wasn't wrong, his name's Kevin. Also, observing is one of her main traits.

    After clearing her tray, she walked out of the cafeteria and made her way to Building A, where the classrooms were. These past few days, Elvira tried to behave herself. A year had past since she joined Hawthorne and she admits, her bad habits have been dying slowly and her addiction was slowly dying though it comes up every now and then. The first few days there for her was quite painful but she got used to it.

    Her hands in her pocket, her head was tilted slightly upwards, looking at the classroom number plaque cards that hung above the doors. As she searched, she began talking to herself, "Isn't the psychiatrist coming today...? She said she will on my first day..." "Ah... I completely forgotten that mother and father would be coming this Saturday..."

    A few minutes later, she found her classroom and entered it, taking a seat at the back row, her usual place every year.
  17. Aubrie rose from her spot in the cafeteria and tossed the apple core in the trash. The sudden flow of people made her want to leave. So she did, she exited the building and walked through the courtyard and over to Building A. She wandered through the halls for a bit before entering the classroom and sitting down. She propped her feet up on the desk and fiddled with her nails, waiting for the dreaded class to start.
  18. Aj or as her parents named her April Jeanette had never really been fond of people. She typically kept to herself being as people thought her to be strange and a bit INSANE at times. Which could have been why they locked her up in the what she tend to refer to it as "The Nut House". Aj would be often seen skipping down the hall ways an evil smile planted constantly on her face, with her long black locks floating behind her as she skipped. Being the rebel that she was , she had NO regards for the rules so she modified the uniform the staff had given her to wear. Aj had turned the white shirt into a crop top which showed her toned tanned abdominal region, she also turned the hideous grey sweatpants into shorts that ended mid thigh. She didn't care if she got in trouble, it wasn't like they could take anything away from her..she had nothing...she NEVER had anything ever. Aj seemed to be always in trouble outside of Hawthorne which is why her parents and therapists decided it was time she served a bit of time for what she had done. Her most horrific crime had been the very last one she committed. One afternoon while forced to attend some run down piece of crap school in her small town a girl did something that she would regret for the rest of her life, all it took was one snobby look from the girl and Aj pounced...One look was all..just one. Aj, the short tempered girl bashed the girls head against the floor several times until 4 large teachers pulled her off restraining her. That was the last straw for her parents, they decided it was time she serve some time.
    Now Aj was never much for early mornings, so right around lunch time is when she would typically show her face, not caring what anyone said she just simply did as she pleased. She skips into a class room where there was a girl fiddling with her nails at a desk. Aj forms her normal devious smirk on her pink lips she skipped by the girl and straight to her seat which sat to the right of her. Aj flips her long black locks out of her face so that all of her hair was neatly on one side of her head. She sighs glancing over at the girl, she had seen her around a few times before but had never spoken to her so she felt it was time for an introduction. "Names AJ." she said keeping the smirk on her lips as she awaited the girls reply. ​
  19. Leo got up from where he was sitting. Classes would be starting soon and he didn't feel it was in his best interest to be late on the first day. He got up and stretched, before making his way to the classroom. Classes were something that Leo didn't like even though he was good at the. He found them boring what with the teacher having to go over something for days because just one student didn't grasp what was going on, well maybe that student should just go off to somewhere else if they don't understand. Leo continued the rant in his head, finding a seat, he sat down and leaned back.
  20. Beauty
    thought the yogurt was very good, sniffling and wiping a tear from his eye. A sudden heard a voice, starting to tremble, there was for sure a figure there talking to someone else. He kept eating, feeling the figure lean and that made Beauty tense up. Until he greeted him, his knee coming into view, the half blind shorty dared to look up. He looked him straight in the eyes with his-- uh, one eye. He was talking to him... To him! Beauty, that's him! He abruptly dropped the yogurt onto his plate, making a bit of a mess with his mouth gaping open. He was in such surprise, usually not a lot wanted to do with the male.

    Maybe they would go to class together... Maybe they'd be friends! He was thinking too quickly. Beauty began to cry, out of happiness however. He didn't look very scary, he wondered what color his hair and eyes were. "U-Uh. Sure, you can, I mean, yeah. E-Even though it's almost time to go..." He pushed away his food, his hands resting on the seat where his legs opened. He nodded slowly, just in case Noah didn't hear him... The shy guy had a timid smile on his face in the shape of a 'v', sweating a little and his face turning red.

    After a few minutes of complete silence, Kevin got annoyed that no one was here in the place to be, 'the cafe'. He gorged himself on food, shoving some into his pockets and sneaked them out with him. Whatever, just go to class. Strolling to building A, he looked for his classroom and looked in. Huh, there was a chick in the back, who's beauty made him stare longer at, some guy leaning back, some girl messing with her fingers [kev thought she looked hot] and smirked, nodding his head. Although another pretty attractive chick just greeted her and he rolled his eyes. Damn, if only he was here a little earlier. Kevin, although slid himself into the seat next to hot chick number one, grinning and pushing his hair back. "Oi."
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