Hawthorne Academy 2.0

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I will be posting tomorrow... after I asked about relationships and stuff xD
So the 4 of my characters I have done, I need like friends for them and stuff ._. Because right now they're all alone
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I'll be posting today. All character's are open for friendships.

"I'm just a little bit of a book nerd. I like homework. And comic books. And I'm awkward... I'll just stop talking now... ._."
||Daniel Zachary Webster||




||Bisexual (But still in the closet)||



Daniel is a very chill down to earth guy. He tends to be too happy all the time. Danny is a very bubbly guy. He cares about everyone's feelings and tries to help everyone out. Sometimes he is a little insecure and talks down to himself, but he does have times where is is confident. Daniel spends a lot of his time doing homework, studying or chilling by himself reading a book. It's kinda hard to get him to really get out there and be social. He is a total sweetheart and ff


||School work||Observant||Smart||Very understanding||Math||Dancing||Good with kids||

||Too nice sometimes||Awkward||Helping people||Shy||Easily manipulated||


||Chewing his bottom lip when nervous||Running his fingers through his hair when nervous||
||He used to wanna be Luke Skywalker||He's not a virgin (surprisingly)||He's a recovering alcoholic||He smokes marijuana sometimes||He pissed himself on a date once||He was verbally abused by his father||He's an in the closet bisexual||


Extra Curricular
||Book Club||

Desired Classes

Accelerated English 2
Accelerated U.S. History

Advanced Orchestra
Japanese 2

Does this student wish to be an honors student?
Yes he does want to be an honors student. Daniel takes his studies very seriously and would most likely die if he wasn't in honors.

Twitter Name


Best Friends
Artist Fields

Julian Micheals
Brayden Grey
Giovanna Cross
Axel Carrisson
Marianne Vinter
Annabelle Finch
Fiona Lee
Quinton Decaro
Valerie Poxleitner
Adalyn Wolfcastle
Justin Patch
Marion Martin

Dylan Rylee

Love Interest
Jacob Smith

Sebastian Thomas
Eliza Montgomery
August Hayes
Luca Amello
Lindsay Lechance
Destry Faucheux
Hayden Pratt
Mathias Nickel
Greyson Golden
Natasha Smith
Cayden van der Mint
Eli "Gabe" Heath
Jack Rylee



Favorite Song
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I might seem like a douche, but inside I'm a snugglebear

Name: Søren Jenssen
Age: 18
Grade: Junior
Sexuality: Straight
Clique (must be one of the ones listed): Jocks
Personality: On the first look he might seem like a generic douche who makes fun of other over the smallest things. But in reality he is very kind and sweet and loves to help people. If someone needs help with for example science, he will always be glad to help these people and make them better in this subject. He is determined over basically anything and will always complete his tasks
History: Søren was born in the Danish place of Copenhagen. He grew up in a normal family with very kind family. He never had any brothers or sisters but he was more concentrated on his school work anyways. He however started playing the game Counter Strike. He became a very good player and would play this game daily. Most people thought his schoolwork would suffer under this but he still got all his homework done and had straight A's. His parents supported him when he joined an amateur team and started playing for money. The team had a team house but this was just 20 minutes away from where he lived and he would still do all his schoolwork. Many people called him perfect also because of his amazing looks. He decided to stay with his team but had found out about a school called Hawthorne Academy. He went there and played his game every day still being a good student.
Strengths: Very confident in himself. Never gives up. Will always do what he is asked to. Always helpful
Weaknesses: Sometimes might not be able to help people cause of his gaming. Can get angry faster then other people at times. Not perfect at English because of his Danish origins so might say some words wrong
Habits: Spending half of his money on special in game things. Checking his social media a lot.
Secrets: He had a bed wetting problem until his freshman year. He has one fake eye which he lost in an assault on him.
Talent (If you got in on being rich list it): Very good at every sport[/color]
Extra Curricular: Basketball (if available would like to be captain)
Desired Classes: AP English

AP Government

Does this student wish to be an honors student? Yes. Has a high GPA and will never skip classes no matter the situation. Always makes his homework and never gets lower then an A, only on some rare occasions
Twitter Name: @s_jenssen
Relationships: He is on good terms with basically everyone. He never made enemies to his knowledge and won't care if someone doesn't like him
Favorite Song: This one
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I won't be able to finiish my charries till chrstmas day or boxing day
Well, I got Jake done... kinda. Didn't do her history or relationships yet, but I feel like those can wait for now. I plan on skipping those 2 things for my other character sheets for the time being, and adding them when I'm on a less busy schedule. (holiday parties are taking over my life, and I'm still hella sick.) So, hopefully that isn't too big a hassle to skip them, I hope?

Also, if I haven't said this yet, red leather yellow leather
"You're like school in June; No class."

|| Ashton Emmins || x || Seventeen || x || Prep ||

|| N A M E ||
"Ashton Emmins, doesn't everyone know that?"

|| A G E ||

|| G R A D E ||

|| G R A D E ||
"Um, have you seen the football players?"
Secretly Bi-sexual

|| C L I Q U E ||
"Ew! Do I look like a dirty misfit?!"

|| P E R S O N A L I T Y ||

Ashton is definitely known for being completely bitchy and, well, over dramatic. She's mean to those in other cliques, but tries to be all sugary and sweet to those who are in her clique. Though, let's face it, she still doesn't like some of the preps. But what people never realize is that Ashton is actually a very sweet and loving girl, but hides behind this fake mask of snootiness. Of course, this is due to her childhood that was filled with bullying. So now, she talks behind people's backs, gets in on the gossip, and is generally just a bitchy princess.

|| H I S T O R Y ||
"How about you stop sticking your nose in other people's business. Okay? Okay."
She grew up in a rich family in California, but didn't have a good childhood. At all. She was bullied mercilessly
during her middle school years since she was the biggest nerd in the school. Ashton wasn't exactly pretty in middle school, and
she became depressed and gained anxiety, ending up hospitalized from a suicide attempt in the 8th grade. Over that time period, puberty hit her like a wall.
She moved to (wherever Hawthorne Academy is) in the beginning of her 9th grade year, and totally changed her ways and personality. Since then she has never spoken or shared any of this with anyone.

|| S T R E N G T H S / W E A K N E S S E S ||
+ She's pretty good at lying
+ She is gifted on the piano
+ Ashton is surprisingly really good with technology
- Terrified of sex

- Scared of heights
- Clean freak

|| H A B I T S ||

* Checking the makeup on her wrist
* Checking the amount of calories something has
* Tapping her fingers like she's playing the piano when stressed

|| S E C R E T S ||
"Um, no."

* She was once the biggest nerd in the school back in middle school, and often bullied.
* She's gifted on the piano, but she thinks it's nerdy, and hides the fact that she knows how to play.
* She cakes on makeup and other expensive cosmetics to cover a purple, thick, long scar across her left wrist from a previous suicide attempt, resulting in her fear of water since it'd wash it away.
* She's secretly bi-sexual.
* Suffers from Anorexia
* She's jealous of the rebels and no-groupies

|| T A L E N T ||
"Uh, I can totally sing."

Got in on her daddy's money, but her secretive piano skills could have gotten her in too.

|| E X T R A C U R R I C U L A R ||

|| S C H E D U L E ||


|| H O N O R S ? ||

|| T W I T T E R N A M E ||

|| R E L A T I O N S H I P S ||

|| F A V O R I T E S O N G ||

@Tart "You're like school in June; No class." xD
@CelestialCellar and @Tart I have an idea what if Ashton and Cayden slept with each other one drunken night at a party... and Lindsay doesn't know about it, just image if or when the secret were to come out xD

What do you guys think about that?
I probably won't be able to post much tonight. Stuck with my cousins who hate my style
Yeah my intro may be up Saturday night or later tonight if I feel up too it.
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