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  1. It was a new year at Hawthorne academy, and it looked like things were kicking off with a bang. As new and returning students were settling into their rooms, someone with more malignant intentions was plotting away. @HA_Hagg had remained silent all summer. Nobody had gone missing. No secrets had been revealed. Everybody was hopeful that their mysterious twitter assailant had finally grown tired of ruining their lives and moved on to somewhere new.
    They were about to be extremely disappointed.
    Look at these idiots, they have no idea. They think I'm done or gone or whatever. Did you all think it was going to be that simple? That one summer apart would change my mind? I'll show them.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies
    Every phone on campus vibrated, and they all knew that this was far from over.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Reminding you all that 10/25 is the last friday of sept. Looking forward to seeing one of you then.
    And so began another year at Hawthorne Academy. @HA_Hagg is back... and this time, s/he has help.
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  2. Lilith Tokisaki

    She arrived at Hawthorne Academy after her vacation was over. She knew this school was trouble, and for one main reason. The Twitter kidnapper. She sighed as she checked her twitter seeing the new messages on it from the person behind all the nonsense. She however didn't really mind going to this school. She was a nerd after all and so are her only friends. She had taken note of the dorm she had to be, which was 124B. Yes, of course, the creepy Blackstone. She had stayed her the previous year but still hates it. Whenever she'd get something to drink or go to the bathroom at night, she'd feel like she being watched. The place just had a weird feel to it. She went to her room and put her luggage on a bed. No one else was here yet so she just claimed a bed. She sat on her bed and took a sketchbook along with a grey pencil as she began drawing. She looked out the window a few times. She seemed to be drawing it all very quickly and soon began colouring it. She soon finished and looked at her work with a smile.
    Well at least I got a new drawing of the outside from Blackstone. This year I'm on a higher floor so a different outside sight. I am excited to see who will disappear first this year
    She snickered and put her drawing stuff away as she took some sweets from her bag and began eating them leaning against the wall
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  3. Mathias had not had a good summer. He'd had to spend it with his family, and that wasn't fun. Somehow, they'd actually made him want to go back to Hawthorne Academy, despite the weirdness. And it was weird. During his freshman year, he'd been introduced to Hagg. Luckily, she hadn't decided to kidnap him yet... or worse, tell his secrets. Maybe this year he'd have someone to actually do something decently awful with to live up to the high expectations.

    Adalyn, on the other hand, had had much fun. She couldn't wait to tell everyone who cared about her summer. And hear about everybody else's! She pulled her suitcase behind her. She couldn't wait to get into those honour student dorms! She couldn't wait to get her schedule! She couldn't wait to meet her new friends! It was so exciting. Classes and homework and friends and parties and... it was her last year. Maybe she'd escape Hagg free.

    Mathias thought of Hagg and brought out his phone. Twitter. He didn't know why he didn't just unfollow them. Maybe that was how they chose their victims. He collected his dorm key and glanced at the tag. He couldn't bear to be in the same dorm building as his freshman year, but he found himself staring at the letter B. He sighed. Some gothic artictect was out to make his sophomore year more hell than it already was. He dumped his bags on the bed he had decided was his, furthest from the door. If his new 'pal' had a problem, tough.

    Adalyn, however, wasn't going to have to wait for a roommate to arrive. The beautiful dorm room was all hers. Joy of being an absolute nerd. She dumped her suitcase, and began to unpack.
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  4. August Hayes || Delinquent
    Mentioned: Destry @CelestriaCellar, Axel @IceQueen
    Interacted: Destry (kind of)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Itch. Itch. Itch. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Her icy blue eyes roamed, looking for anything to catch her interest. They were close.. August examined the school’s courtyard, mildly impressed at how well maintained everything seemed to be. They weren’t lying when they said prestige. Returning to Hawthorne was definitely a bitter-sweet experience for August.. On one hand, she was always mildly entertained by the students and the classes there. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Itch. Itch. Itch. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]On the other hand, the same people she found entertaining were mostly people she disliked and being forced to take orchestra annoyed August to no end. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Itch. Itch. Itch. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]August let out a frustrated sigh as she continued to scratch her inner arm. It was only then that she had noticed she had broken through her skin.. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The brunette lowered her hands, fidgeting impatiently in the back seat of her taxi. Why was this guy driving so slow?! The driver seemed to notice August’s anxiety, and he gave the brunette an uneasy look. Disregarding this, August turned back to the window. They seemed to have been coming to a stop and, without waiting for the car to come to a full stop, August hopped out. As she hurried over to the truck, August’s mind began to wander to the events of which took place last year.. Thankfully, she hadn’t been a target of the harassment of that bitchy internet troll or the “HA Hag”, as they liked to call themselves. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This had been a bit shocking, as August had plenty of secrets of her own that’d be devastating if they got out. But the Hag was gone.. Why would they have been so quiet lately, otherwise? Last year was just an old nightmare.. It was finished. August could finally breathe, without feeling like death was just around the corner.. Whether that be socially, or physically. Paying the driver, the man was quick to speed off, leaving August alone with her devastating memories of that online bitch. But it was over.. That was all that mattered. August tugged at her sleeves, rolling them down just far enough to hide the scratch marks and the pricks in her skin. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There were plenty of decisions that August regretted from last year.. Things she wished she could take back or things she wished she had gone through with. The brunette stared anxiously at the the sheet of paper. On it, her schedule and the dorm she’d be sharing with someone, among other things. Of course, Axel Carrison was her dormmate. During the summer, the two got a little.. friendly. However, their fling was ended rather abruptly by Axel and August suspected that the male had been a bit more shallow than what he had seemed. The whole experience was a bit disappointing, to say the least. August examined the rather empty campus, before walking into the intimidatingly size campus. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She struggled to maintain the luggage at her side as she pulled out her phone. It was rather weird for August to be on this campus again.. And this was probably one of the few times August didn’t want to be alone. It was, as if on instinct, to text Destry first.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]‘it’s rude to leave a girl waiting.. are you close?’[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]August’s phone buzzed, leaving August to scramble to take it back out. She stared down in disdain, wanting nothing more than to throw up as she read the tiny text. What was supposed to be a response from the male, was actually the start of something horrifying. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies[/BCOLOR]​

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  5. Brayden Grey
    Mentioned: Valerie @CelestriaCellar
    Interacted: Willow (Sister)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Why not?” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Brayden pestered, looking longingly at the driver’s side of his sister’s car. She only offered a grim look in return and Brayden reluctantly placed himself in the passenger's seat. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I’ve been learning how!” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Willow smiled gently down at Brayden, the very same smile Brayden had taught himself to perfect. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“It’s a long drive. And not to mention your lack of a driver’s permit,” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]the dark haired female reasoned and Brayden looked disappointingly to the side. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Dad would’ve let me,” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Brayden muttered as she began to drive, before ultimately regretting his decision to make such comment. The male could see his sister’s whole body tense at the mention of their imprisoned dad.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m just trying to protect you, Bray. I’m not the bad guy. Our father.. what he did to you-” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I know.. I’m sorry. I just think you’re making this into a bigger ordeal than it actually is,” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Brayden admitted, resting his head against the car window. Somehow, all of their conversations seemed to lead to the same destination.. Their father. It was no secret that Brayden blamed Willow for what happened. He felt as if she had gotten involved with something that had nothing to do with her in the first place. Willow, on the other hand, made Brayden seem as if he was a defenseless child.. She victimized him, when Brayden could have easily taken care of the situation himself. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“What happened wasn’t your fault.. And our father.. that man got what he deserved. Justice was served and now he isn’t hurting you anymore,” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Willow reassured, which had only worsened Brayden’s mood. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This topic was the only thing that Brayden had ever really argued about.. And his dislike for his sister was taking up a majority of his time and effort. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I know it wasn’t. It was yours. And if you had kept quiet, he’d be letting me drive!” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Brayden argued, and crossed his arms, similar to the way a child would when throwing a tantrum. The two sat in silence for the rest of the way, and Brayden exited her car without a single goodbye.. He was angry. Irritated. And he wasn’t quite sure why. Brayden looked down at his ringing phone, already knowing the caller without looking at the caller id. It was his sister calling to apologize. He hit the end call button. It was a bit scary coming back.. Especially after all the events that had taken place last year. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Brayden just felt lucky he hadn’t gotten the short end of the stick, like some of the other kids. Like Valerie.. It broke Brayden’s heart to have to watch helplessly as Valerie was struggling. He wanted to help her, let her know that he was there for her but he didn’t know how.. Brayden looked around, simultaneous buzzing noises could be heard. The phone in Brayden’s hand vibrated, causing him to jump and drop the phone on the ground. Hesitant to pick it up, Brayden was surprised to see that the phone hadn’t cracked. The case really did work! However, his mood quickly soured as he had read the tweet. He looked over at the other students and they seemed just as torn and alarmed as he was. [/BCOLOR]

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  6. Luca Amello || Prep

    Mentioned: Lindsay @CelestriaCellar (sorry for the spam.. XD)
    Interacted: N/A

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luca’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. His mind refused to leave the thought of the wretched summer with his brother. Luca had used to respect him as a child, however as he grew older he managed to really see how much of a nuisance his older brother was. Antonio had forced Luca into his current job at a young age.. The things he made him do.. The faces of every male and female that had ever preyed on Luca as Antonio had just stood and watched was still fresh in his mind.. He wasn’t sure if they’d ever go away. Luca wanted so much to be done with this job of his but he knew that was improbable. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The appearance of the Hag last year only seemed to make matters worse.. It was as if Luca had been in Antonio’s position.. Standing and watching as his friends were preyed on by the Hag. Those who were clear of their mercy were lucky, including Luca. Maybe it was the stress of the entirety of the situation that had forced Luca to snap at Lindsay.. Something he regretted deeply. But Luca was determined to make this year a better one. He had spent all of last year worrying about the things he was keeping from others, anxious that they could be exposed at any moment. If that had happened, Luca wasn’t sure how severe the consequence would have been.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The thought of someone knowing what Luca did for a living disturbed him. He could already picture their scornful looks and their judgmental tones, as if they were somehow better than him. Luca’s knuckles began to turn white as his grip tightened once again. Even though Luca despised Antonio, he still seemed to keep returning to him. No.. Luca needed to focus. And he couldn’t do that if he was constantly dwelling on his past. He’d try and make things up to Lindsay.. He’d lose Antonio’s number.. He’d find a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]real [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]job. Things were going to look up this year, and it was because Luca would make them. Luca parked his car and proceeded to grab his luggage before practically skipping through the parking lot and into the courtyard. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luca continued to stare down at his phone, the others seeming to be reading the same thing he was. The male continued to read and reread the tweet that had been sent by the Hag. The Hag was supposed to be gone.. Everyone thought this nightmare was finally over.. Luca shifted uncomfortably at the thought of his disappearance. That couldn’t happen.. He wouldn’t let that happen.[/BCOLOR]

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  7. 800full-julian-schratter.jpg
    Outfit: HERE & HERE
    Mood: Bored, Excited, Annoyed
    Interactions: Cayden @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming (via text)
    Mentioned: Luca

    Having arrived early, Bash found himself out on the field running sprints. It was never to early to work on his game. The faster he ran the smaller the chance of someone catching him during a game, but it wasn't just running he needed agility. So, with coaches permission, he brought out tackle dummies and sat them up randomly, close together, down the field. Bash ran quickly, dashing through the dummies and down the field. His heart was pounding and the cold fall air cooled his skin. He loved it. He loved fall because fall meant football season and the start of school. The start of Bash's hunt for school girls. Bash was for sure a huge player and he liked it that way. He felt like it gave him freedom not to be tied down with a girl, but he was realizing he was also craving a relationship where he really had someone...a serious relationship.

    After about eleven sprints, back and forth, down the field, Bash heard the sound of a small bell. It was his phone. He had set an alarm to tell him when the dorms were ready to be moved into. His breathes were heavy and uneven as he walked himself off of the field. Grabbing his gym bag, which contained his keys, he walked to his car and began to pull out his suitcases. Closing the trunk he say Luca's car. Ugh kill me now. Bash thought to himself as he started for the dorms.

    Over the summer, Bash had basically become intoxicated non-stop. What ever alcohol he could get his hands on, he drank. Whoever he could get his hands on, he did. And that was where Luca came into the picture. After one extremely drunken night, and Bash had slept with his first, and last, guy. He could still remember waking in the middle of the night and rolling over to see Luca. He had never ran faster in his life. He just wanted to keep that night a secret, and thankfully Luca agreed to it.

    Bash could hear the notification of twitter come through his phone. Just please don't be him. Bash hoped as he looked at his phone. His hope was soon diminished to nothing as he read the tweet.

    @HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies

    Seriously, you couldn't go get a life over break? Bash thought as he pushed open the dorm doors. He could have gone to a different school if he knew that Hagg would resurface. Lucky was an understatement for those not chosen to disappear. Lucky was far from what people felt like when their name wasn't plastered on the abduction notice. Yet lucky was the word that people used to describe it. Bash used words like blessed to describe his feeling of utmost happiness. God it was bad that the people who were left here were happy about still being here when one of their classmates were basically wiped off the face of the Earth like some vermin pest.

    Bash sighed and pressed the thought of Hagg to the back of his mind. There was still three weeks to go...thank the heavens. Upon reaching his room,423M,located in Montgomery Hall. He liked the place, and well he had been rooming here, not in this room, since his freshman year. He sighed and threw his things on the floor by his bed. Taking a seat on his bed, he pulled out his phone again.

    "Yo, Cayden. When you getting here?" He text, before getting up and changing out of his workout clothes into something he could actually wear for the day.


    Outfit: Here
    Mood: Bored and pessimistic
    Location: Montgomery Hall- dorm room 413M
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Eliza @Poisoned Rose

    The morning had brought great exhaustion for Eliza as the night was filled with the painful screams of her mothers' constant arguing back and forth. Their marriage was crumbling. Eliza had wished to be able to simply put an end to their arguments by saying she loved them and wanted them to move past Karen's mistake, but life wasn't that easy and neither was marriage. Time wouldn't even heal this wound, only divorce papers and a court date could. Eliza knew that. She came from a nearly broken home, which was finishing destroying it's self. How was she to deal with this? She wouldn't. She'd put on a act just like she did with the other problems in her life. Everything would be fine.

    Hawthorne came into view as her mother, Melinda, pulled the car into the student parking lot- located near the dorms. Eliza would've drove herself, but a week before school was to begin a wind storm knocked over the old oak tree in the backyard and crushed her car. Eliza had been completely mad about that for about three days. She had been such great friends with that tree since childhood, and it betrayed her. Eliza sighed and climbed out of the silent SUV.

    Melinda knew that her daughter had heard her and her wife late last night, in fact Melinda would be surprised if the whole neighborhood hadn't heard. So she stayed silent and helped her daughter get the bags from the back of the SUV out.

    Pulling her bags, one duffel and two very large suitcases, from the hatch, Eliza slung the duffel over her shoulder. The fall breeze was a bit chilly and made shivers travel up Eliza's spine. She tried to pull down her shirt's sleeves, but it wouldn't work. It would have been better if she had wore a jacket.

    Faking a smile, Eliza hugged her mother farewell before pulling her luggage towards Montgomery Hall. She thought it was pretty funny that she was housed in a dorm that shared her last name and was rooming with another Eliza. Whoever assigned dorms had a sense of humor, well kind of. Remembering her first two years here, she was in the underclassmen dorm, she couldn't wait to move into Montgomery, but than again who wouldn't. The upper class men got more perks. They always did. With time came wisdom...more like stupidity, but who cared about that.

    As Eliza crossed the courtyard, she noticed many students were out on the lawn. Friends hugged and smiled warmly to one another; enemies glared and thought up ways to harm one another...oh good old Hawthorne always keeping it original. Whether it be the cafeteria food or the constant growing cliques, Hawthorne had a way of delivering stability. Another thing that represented stability, and at the same time didn't, was the Hagg. Hawthorn's very own Hagg was responsible for providing the "it" factor of the school because who wouldn't want to attend a school where students went missing and secrets were spilled like blood on a battle field. No one. And yet here everyone was still attending the school.

    Eliza was almost to the front doors of Montgomery when she felt the vibration of her Iphone 6 in her pocket. Who could it be this time? Within the past several days, Eliza had received calls from her agent urging her to be home schooled in order to work on more plays. She had just worked on a play over the summer in New York as both an actress and a stage hand. She liked keeping busy, and both jobs did just that. Eliza had stopped in her tracks when she read the twitter notification. It was Hagg. Eliza, like many others, thought that the Hagg had disappeared and found better things to do with their time, but they all guessed wrong. Hagg wasn't going anywhere as long as students were at Hawthorne.

    Sighing, Eliza made her way into Montgomery as she put her phone away. A growing headache, put in place by the tweet, was irritating her and she wished to lie down for a while. Though she still had a room to sit up. Ugh. Maybe she could just make the bed for now and really decorate later; however, Eliza knew that if she was to do that her side of the room would be left blank for quite some time. She'd just have to get the grit and decorate with a head ache.

    Locating her dorm, Eliza pushed the unlocked door open and dragged her things in there. Each year the dorm rooms were a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. Eliza loved it. Choosing the right hand side of the room, she began to unpack her suitcases which held clothes, her bed spread, electronics, and more clothing. Her mothers had had her pack a few days before, with boxes, and had mover guys bring the stuff over. So her her larger make-up kit was already here, dame with her decorations, extra pillows, extra storage containers, dresses and shoes, curtains, etc. If Eliza was to stay here a whole year, she would need to feel at home.


    Outfit: Here
    Mood: Calm, Open minded
    Location: Dorm room SB 8
    Interactions: Fiona @IceQueen
    Mentioned: Fiona

    The sound of the alarm clock invaded Julian's sweet dreams of his girlfriend, Fiona. It was just a simple memory of their first date together, but of course the memory was ruined by the annoying screeching noise of Julian's broken alarm clock. He sighed, still having his eyes closed, and hit the snooze button. He pulled the blankets up over his head before realizing that he had to get up. Ugh. Sluggishly getting out of bed, Julian went to the bathroom and showered. After wards, he got dressed in a black shirt that read "Lafayette Street" along with some black, rolled up, jeans, a pair of black vans, and a flannel long sleeve shirt tied around his waist. Julian was many things and a fashion forward guy.

    Grabbing the luggage that was located in the corner of his bedroom Julian made his way out of his apartment, making sure to lock the door up behind him. He had been robbed one too many times and didn't feel like going off to school this year would be that great if the police called him again. Once down at his Jeep, he put his bags in both the back seat and trunk before getting into the driver's seat. It was beginning to rain and Julian hoped that the area the school was in had little to no rain. Pulling away from the curb, Julian started his long drive to the school. A good three hundred miles, but it was worth it...being away from his mother was worth it.

    After many stops and a near car accident later, Julian reached the school in need of a extra large coffee with three shots. He hated driving for a long time so the pain of driving to the school was irritating. Pulling into the small parking lot, which was off the main, that was for the Simon-Benson dorm house Julian parked his car. Waiting a moment, he pulled his phone of from his pocket and sent Fiona a text.

    ~Hey I'm here. Where are u cutie ;)~

    Julian returned his phone to his pocket and got out of the jeep. He opened the back passenger door and grabbed his back pack and duffel bag. Closing a locking the car, he would be back for the other luggage, Julian walked towards the front doors. Thanking a girl that held it open for him, he went towards his dorm room, SB 8. Unlocking the door, he walked in and dropped his bags before running out and grabbing the other two. Once done bringing in his things, Julian sighed and sat at his bed.
    He was able to talk the housing department into giving him the same room as he had last year since he didn't feel like setting his stuff up again. He was beyond happy that gave it to him again.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Lindsay Lechance
    [BCOLOR=#999999]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : @Tart (Ashton) || M E N T I O N S : @IceQueen (Marianne) ||[/BCOLOR]​

    Interactions/Mentions: Ashton & Marianne
    indsay was livid. She'd just spent an hour in the housing office whining, shouting, and threatening every living relative of each employee she talked to in attempt to get a room change. She could not get through an entire school year living with a piece of bohemian filth like Marriane Vinter. Marianne was almost as intolerable as Roselynn, and the idea of having to sleep in the same bedroom as some delinquent punk... Lindsay couldn't stomach the idea.
    "That worm is probably going to pawn off half my stuff."
    "Don't you think you're being a little melodramatic, Miss Lechance?"
    "Don't you think you should do your job, Miss Westly?"
    The housing director scowled. "I don't know what to tell you, Lindsay," Miss Westly snapped, dropping her professional tone. "All students at Hawthorne Academy are treated equally, therefore we will not be making any special accommodations for anybody, regardless of who their father is."
    Lindsay's face flushed. "You're so fired."
    "Bite me."
    Storming from the housing office, Lindsay dug furiously through her bag in search of her cell phone. This was senior year. It was supposed to be perfect. Scrolling through her contacts, Lindsay found Ashton's name and rapidly began typing into her phone.
    "If they don't fix this, I'm going to kill someone." Linday sent the text to Ashton, still furious.
    Her angry strides carried her briskly across the park blocks, through the entrance to the Montgomery dorms, up three flights of stairs, and into her dorm room. She slammed the door behind her, thankful that Marianne hadn't arrived yet. The movers had been working all morning carrying in and setting up Lindsay's things for her, and her side of the room looked immaculate. She'd shoved Anna's bed all the way against the far wall, giving herself more space.
    "Well," Lindsay mumbled to herself, kicking off her shoes and flopping onto her bed, "if I'm stuck living with the witch, I'm going to make the best of it."
    Lindsay's phone vibrated, and she glanced down expecting a reply from Ashton.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies
    "Great," Lindsay mummbled, clicking "like" on the Hagg's update. Better safe then sorry, as far as she was concerned.
    Quinton Decaro
    [BCOLOR=#999999]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : @Tart (Jake) || M E N T I O N S : @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming (Cayden) ||[/BCOLOR]​

    Interactions/Mentions: Jake & Cayden
    uinton was not particularly thrilled about his room pairing. He knew exactly who Cayden van der Mint was, and he didn't really see the two of them becoming best friends before this year was over. Oh well, Quinton though smirking slightly. Des and I will get him.
    At least he had his friends to look forward to this year. He couldn't wait to get a hold of Jake and Nico. He'd gone home to visit his dad over break, and hadn't seen either of his best friends for two months. It would've been unbearable if it weren't for Skype.
    Quin reached Montgomery at a quarter to one. Most of his things were still in the storage unit that he and Destry had rented for the summer, and they weren't going to pick everything up until after orientation was over. The only possessions that Quinton had with him were a suitcase full of clothing, a skateboard, and the new Gibson that his dad had splurged on over the summer when Quinton's report card had arrived in the mail ("A 4.0! Quin, I can't believe it!").
    Sitting on the edge of his bed, Quinton typed a quick message for Jake: "Hey Jake, call me."
    The phone buzzed within seconds of hitting send, and Quinton's heart leaped momentarily... Until he realized what the notification was for.
    "Damn it," he mumbled. Deciding that he didn't particularly care to still be in the room when Cayden showed up, Quinton rummaged through his backpack for his wallet and keys (pocketing both), grabbed his skateboard, and headed straight back out into the hallway and toward the park blocks.

    Destry Faucheux
    [BCOLOR=#808080]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : @Yandere-Chan (August) || M E N T I O N S : @Tart (Nico) ||[/BCOLOR]​

    Interactions/Mentions: August & Nico
    estry had spent the summer traveling. At least that's what he chose to call it. Despite his parents' begging and pleading, Destry couldn't stand the idea of spending an entire summer back home. He loved his parents --- he just couldn't handle being around them. Every time they looked at him, it was the same --- yeah, they saw him standing there, but they didn't really see him for who he was. He hated it.
    So instead he "traveled." Des and Quin split the cost for a storage unit, Des packed as much as he could carry in a backpack, and he headed southwest, toward California, sleeping mostly on park benches and under bridges. Honestly, Des had a lot of money. He probably could've stayed wherever he wanted, if he wanted something nice. His parents would keep money in his account, no matter how much he spent.
    But what kind of story would that make? Where was the adventure in spending your parents' money on fancy hotel rooms and plane tickets? Instead, Destry snapped his bank cards in half, played music for tips so he could eat, and hitched rides wherever he could find them, only coming back when Quin reminded him that orientation was around the corner.
    So here he was. It was the first day, and Des was actually pretty stoked that his roommate was going to be Nico. Des and Nico were decent friends --- mostly because of their mutual friendship with Quinton --- but Destry didn't care. He'd take that over Cayden van der Mint any day. He would've paid anything to see Quinton's face when he found out about his room assignment. Destry's phone rang as he reached Parkway. It was Quin.
    "S'good, dude?" Des said, grinning. "Getting settled in?"
    "Nah, my plane flew in late, I just got back from airport. Are you at your room yet?"
    "Almost. I just got to Montgomery."
    "Alright, well tell Nico to text me when you see him. We should get together before orientation."]
    "A'ight, dude." Des unlocked his room and walked inside. It was still completely empty. "Nico ain't here yet, but we'll meet up when he gets here."
    "Sounds good. See you soon." Click.
    Destry threw his guitar case and backpack on the bed and propped his skate board against his dresser. These rooms were bigger than the freshman dorms. Go figure.
    His phone vibrated twice from where he left it on top of the dresser, and he scowled at the first notification that he saw --- he, like everyone else, had hoped that the Hagg was finished toying with all of them by now... Clearly, he'd been mistaken.
    The second notification was much more welcoming, and Destry smirked slightly as he hastily typed a reply.
    "Just got in. Where do you want me, angel face? ;)"

    Hayden Pratt

    [BCOLOR=#808080]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : Grant (Me); Kyden (@Little_Ghost98) || M E N T I O N S : August (@Yandere-Chan) ||[/BCOLOR]​


    ayden had already been on campus for several hours by the time the rest of her classmates finally started showing up. She didn't have that many things to move into her dorm, so she'd already finished unpacking; currently, she was lying on her bed staring at the cieling and listening to her favorite playlist on youtube. Her phone, resting face-down on top of her chest, vibrated suddenly. Hayden didn't move right away --- she didn't expect it to be anything that important; as far as she knew, nobody she really cared about was even at Hawthorne yet. Once the song finished, Hayden rolled onto her side, finally glancing at the screen on her cell phone.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies
    Well, so much for the Hagg being gone. Whatever. Hayden didn't really care much --- frankly, she was too insignificant in the school's pecking order to be a likely target for the Hagg. Most people looked right through her, and for that reason she kept her group of friends small and exclusive.
    "Hey, you get the girl?" Hayden sent the text to Grant, tapping her fingers impatiently against the back of her phone. It didn't take long for him to reply --- it never did.
    "We've got a date tonight. You wanna meet her?"
    "Yeah, you should introduce her to August, too."
    Hayden smirked, sitting up. It was hard to care about HA's mystery assailant when she had illicit activities to preoccupy her mind.
    Standing up, Hayden grabbed her comfiest hoodie, throwing it over her head and looking around for her purse. She wanted coffee before orientation started... She checked the stash that she kept in a discrete pocket inside her bag --- she'd be good until she met up with Grant.
    Scrolling through her contacts, Hayden tried to decide who she could bear to be around for the longest duration of time.
    "Coffee?" She sent the message to Ky, stepping into the hallway and locking the door behind her.
    Hayden liked Kyden --- mostly because she didn't ask the wrong questions --- but also because, no matter how down Hayden was feeling, Ky always had a way to lift Hayden back up, even if it was only for a little while.

    Valerie Poxleitner

    [BCOLOR=#808080]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : Braydon (@Yandere-Chan)|| M E N T I O N S : None||[/BCOLOR]

    alerie was perpetually late, and today was no different. She'd overslept, she'd forgotten to pack her bathroom things the night before (which held her up for another hour), and she'd left headlights on overnight which meant she had to wait for one of her neighbors to give her a jump before she could leave. By the time she arrived at Hawthorne, dorm check in was nearly over.
    At least there's no line now, Valerie thought, approaching the RA's table for her dorm assignment.
    "Sabastian Thomas? Seriously?"
    "Lucky you," the girl replied. She looked serious.
    "Debatable," Valerie replied, folding the schedule and dorm assignment and stuffing it into her backpack. "Thanks, see you."
    Valerie lost herself in thought as she made her way back to the parking lot to get the necessities from her car. This year was going to be good, she was sure of that. The hole that her brother left was still there... but she wasn't going to let it ruin the rest of her life. He wouldn't want that --- in fact, he'd probably scold her endlessly if he could see her now.
    As she approached the parking lot, the twitter notification rang from her pocket. Her heart sank --- notifications were only set for one account, so she knew exactly what it meant. Staring at the text on the cell phone screen, her vision blurred slightly. The fucking Hagg was back. After everything that had already been taken from her, Valerie knew that this year would be filled with terror, just like the last. She shoved the phone back into the back pocket of her jeans, and quickened her pace.
    She noticed a tall, baby-faced boy climbing out of a car. She definitely recognized that face.
    "Brayden? Is that you?" she called, flashing the whites of her teeth, trying her best to hid how bothered she was by the tweet.

    Grant Young

    [BCOLOR=#808080]|| I N T E R A C T I O N S : tbd || M E N T I O N S : tbd ||[/BCOLOR]



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  9. Vanessa Abernathylocation: heading towards Montgomery dorm; mentioned: Imogen Rotchford; interactions: none

    Vanessa stared at her phone screen, her jaw clenched as she read Hag's latest tweet. She had hoped against all reason that the bitch was gone for good--that maybe s/he was a senior from last year who had moved on to terrorize some university or whatever. She was wrong, obviously. Or perhaps this was the next generation Hag; no one could really be sure. Whatever it was, she refused to let everyone know just how afraid she was.

    Cursing under her breath, she heaved her duffel over her shoulder and made her way to her dorm. She was rooming with one of the preps (Imogen, was it?), though she never really cared enough to pay any mind to them. Except the extra infuriating ones. Sometimes she wished she actually bothered to be an honors student for the mere fact they got personal rooms all to themselves. She could probably do it, too, if it wasn't for her obsession towards art. Perhaps it was for the best; she wasn't cut out to be a full-on nerd anyways.

    New year, new faces, probably new enemies. Vanessa could hardly wait.

    Erin Wilhelmlocation: campus courtyard; mentioned: Luca Amello; interactions: none

    Erin was in one of her happier moods as she practically bounced in her steps. She had decided to wear glasses instead of contacts today, and she was glad. Contacts were wonderful for being on stage, but they always made her eyesight just a little bit fuzzy around the edges. Most people wouldn't notice, but Erin was one of those people that would.

    Excitedly, she looked around for one of her favorite people at Hawthorne: Luca Amello. He had been like a big brother to her ever since she arrived at the school wide-eyed and in awe of everything. After all, she had never been in such a facility before, and the auditorium was just huge. Smiling at the memory, she wheeled her luggage behind her as she searched the incoming sea of faces for a friendly one. If not Luca, at least someone who would be just as excited as she was for the new year.

    Then her phone buzzed in her back pocket.

    At first, she thought nothing of it; she could check her phone later. That was until she saw everyone around her pull out their phones simultaneously, and the blood that drained from their faces was all too familiar. Erin froze in her tracks and slowly retrieved her own phone from her back pocket. The words were so clear and innocent yet so horrifying.

    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies

    Before she could even fully process her own thoughts, Erin felt herself lose balance in shock. She was suddenly on the ground, staring at nothing as she tried to understand the reality. This couldn't be happening. Everything that had happened...all the fear and turmoil. She thought it was all over; they all did. But it wasn't. It was back, and she somehow thought it would be far worse this time. Far, far worse.

    Jacob Smithlocation: campus entrance; mentioned: Daniel Webster; interactions: none

    Jacob had been staring at his phone all day, waiting for a text. Of course, he couldn't possibly expect to receive one. After all, he rarely had time to text at all; he supposed it was his nerves for the new school year. Daniel was probably busy or driving or something. He knew he shouldn't get worked up over it, but it was almost impossible not to.

    Sighing, Jacob forced himself to put his phone in his pocket. He was finally at the school, anyways, and it was just be better to see Daniel in person at this point. Grabbing his duffel, he stepped out of the city bus and looked over the campus with a newfound sense of wonder. It was his sophomore year, and freshman year had been...interesting, to say the least. Maybe this year he could fully enjoy himself; after all, the library here was absolutely amazing.

    When his phone buzzed, Jacob nearly jumped out of his socks as he scrambled to grab it. But what he saw was not what he expected--and definitely not what he wanted. His stomach dropped, and fear turned his face ghost white. By all necessary logic, Hagg should be gone. He had been almost certain that s/he was a senior last year. Stuffing his phone away, Jacob pretended that he hadn't seen the notification. It was just a dream or some prank; it had to be that, right?


    Jaxon Lewislocation: Montgomery dorm; mentioned: Lindsay LaChance; interactions: none

    Jaxon smirked as he watched new and old students alike make their way onto the infamous campus. Within minutes, friends had already gathered together, and the poor new kids and freshman looked like lost puppies. Well, at least the girls were cute--especially when they looked like they needed a helping hand. Dragging his luggage behind him, he headed towards one nervous-looking blond girl that was just adorable.

    His phone beeped from his pocket, and he heaved a sigh as he pulled it out. The sigh caught in his throat when he saw the notification. At first, Jaxon thought his phone must have glitched. But after turning the screen on and off several times over, he realized it wasn't. All of the sudden, flirting didn't seem that appealing. In fact, he would rather not be under the gaze of anyone right now, so he moved briskly past the no-longer-so-adorable blond girl and headed for the Montgomery dormitory.

    He didn't know who his roommate was, and he didn't really care in that moment. Jaxon just needed...he didn't know what. He needed to be somewhere that wasn't the open space of the courtyard. Just as he entered the dorm, he caught sight of Lindsay LaChance storming up the flights of stairs. He smirked, wondering what her deal was about. Was it about Hagg? No, he doubted that.

    With her dramatic anger as his only amusement for now, Jaxon walked towards his own room, hoping not to meet anyone along the way. Of course, it would be just his luck that he would.
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  10. Interactions - @LoliNinja, Lilith Tokisaki

    Hawthorne Academy
    Marion Martin

    Marion smiled widely, the large school coming into view from her father's car. "Dad! Is that Hawthorne?" her father gave a uneasy reply, he herd what happened from previous years and tried to talk her out of going "Yes Marion, that's it.". Smiling and giggling the young Freshman girl nearly bounced with Joy. It wasn't another fifteen minutes until Marion actually had gotten out of the car and onto school grounds. Waving goodbye to her father she turned around and looked at Hawthorne, she was in Awe. Marion looked around for a table where she could get some help, maybe even a schedule with a room number, seeming as how she never got one in the mail. Walking around like Marion was a lost Puppy Marion finally found the table "Student Help" written right on it, walking up to the table Marion waited in a line, rather long for her impatient mind. Finally able to reach the help table she smiled and told them her situation, they asked her name and then one ran off returning with a paper handing it to me I smiled and thanked them. Reading the room number "124B" Marion began walking around, trying to find her dorm room. Eventually finding it Marion looked at the building not understanding why they needed a goth type building she was about to open the door but John Egberts voice stopped her "Wow, another text! you must be popular!" pulling out her phone she saw a text a few minutes ago from the twitter account the school recommends following.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies.
    Marion put her phone away when it buzzed again. Not bothering to pick it up Marion entered her dorm, finding another person already in it she assumed it was her roommate. Seeing as how the other girl ad already taken the only other bed in the room, Marion took the only available one. Opening one of the two suit cases she had, Marion stripped the bed of it's previous things and got to work on dressing the bed with her own things. When Marion finished. Marion opened the other suit case and began putting her clothing away in the dresser provided. When she finished both tasks and just had to put the little things away such as stuffed animals and bathroom things Marion looked up and smiled at the other girl. "Hello! I'm Marion, I guess I'm your roommate this year, whom are you?"

    Interactions - @OlympusBlood, Mathias Nickel

    Hawthorne Academy


    Eli "Gabe" Heath

    Eli was not amused, his summer was a sh*t hole, he was just fired form his job, he had started to gain a headache, he didn't have any water, and to top it all of he was walking to his new school. Eli was ready to kill, he'd been walking for the better part of an hour "You don't live that far from it, plus we can't drive you right now, our cars are broken." Eli shook his head aggravated he was talked into walking to Hawthorne. Pulling his bags up next to him he sighed at the bulkiness of them both and the heaviness to the one on the right he was holding. It held all his football equipment. Eli looked around and almost cried with joy when he saw the peaks of Hawthorne over the trees. Ready for a sprint Eli came to the edges of Hawthorne's campus laughing he stepped on to the campus and looked around happy to be where he was. Pulling out his phone he was about to text his mother when his phone buzzed
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Want's to Follow you
    Seeing no reason as to object Eli accepted the friend request.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies.
    Eli smiled opening his text messaging app and began to text his mother when
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Reminding you all that 10/25 is the last friday of sept. Looking forward to seeing one of you then.
    although Eli only saw
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Reminding you all that 10/25 is the last friday of sept. Looking forward to
    Eli quickly tried to get the notification back by pulling down on the screen, but in the process accidentally deleting it shrugging it off Eli finished texting his mother and pulled out a paper from his pocket. It had his scedule and dorm number on it "Room 344? Where is that?"Eli traveled all over the place before finding room 344, opening the door he looked around. Finding one bed already occupied he moved to the other turning to the taller male Eli shrugged "Hi?"
  11. "Hi..." Mathias replied. He hadn't expected that to happen, mostly because he was absorbed in Hagg's tweets. Freaky. Still, there was no point in worrying till the 25th. "Umm, yeah, I'm Mathias. Err..." He looked Gabe up and down. New face. That was either good or bad. "Who are you?" He seemed to be a jock or something. He wasn't much shorter than Mathias, but it still made him happy, since he was on the small side. He preferred the nimble side. "These are my things. Just... don't touch them, I guess." Privacy was important. He didn't want some guy poking around his things. Hell, he wished he had a friend or something to share a dorm with. Glancing at his things he decided he probably needed to unpack it.
  12. Interactions - @OlympusBlood, Mathias Nickel

    Hawthorne Academy - Dorm 344

    "Hi..." Eli raised his eyebrows "Umm, yeah, I'm Mathias. Err..." Eli nodded in acknowledgement "Hello, Mathias?" the name sounded weird on his tongue, he had never known any Mathias. Eli opened his mouth to introduce himself before he closed it "Who are you?" Eli went to respond with his actual name, but decided ageist it opening his mouth again the other boy began to speak Eli closed his mouth "These are my things. Just... don't touch them, I guess." Eli nodded "The name's Eli, but friends call me Gabe" Eli smiled picking up the bulky sports bag and began taking out his football equipment "Yeah, I don't like it when people touch my things. So? we good?" Eli gave Mathias a friendly smile and stuck out his hand for him to shake "Oh what 'Group' do you fall under? I'd be classified under jock."
  13. Dorm 344

    The guy must have felt like Mathias was interrupting him, but it was honestly that he just needed a few more friends. He didn't get it. He saw himself as pretty likeable... Honesty was key, right? Well, Eli (or Gabe, where did Gabe come from? It seemed holy, but then, so was the name Mathias), seemed alright. Well. Apart from the fact he was a jock, but you can't judge books by covers. Not that Mathias read any books. "Good for now." He shrugged, before shaking Gabe's hand and putting it back to his side. It was quite awkward to shake hands. A bit too formal for Mathias' liking. "I knew you were a jock." Mostly because nobody but jocks have a sports bag. "Delinquent, but... not really overly." Not like the rest of my family, he thought to himself. Family was a bittersweet word. "I'm guessing you're a freshman." It was very typical for him to be stuck to a freshman. He wasn't giving the guy the grand tour or anything. He looked at the football equipment. He didn't know how people could get so excited about a few people running around with a ball. Saying that, his belongings were just as unimpressive. Art was the only hobby he actually dedicated himself to (apart from his singing, and he was advised not to do it this year. He sounds like a drowning rat.) What could you do? "Where do you come from then? Around here?"
  14. Interactions - @OlympusBlood, Mathias Nickel

    Hawthorne Academy - Dorm 344

    Eli grinned from ear to ear "Good for now." and shook Mathis's hand "I knew you were a jock." Eli chuckled lightly waiting to here his roommates spot in the school "Delinquent, but... not really overly." Eli nodded tucking the information away in his brain. Eli wanted to be friends with the boy, but this was high school. Stereo types weren't so post to mix in his opinion. "Where do you come from then? Around here?" Eli narrowed his eyes as he had to think a minute his own small thoughts making his mind like internet explorer. As quickly as he had scrunched his face he unscrunched his face "Oh! I live just about an hour or so away by walking, fifteen minutes by car." Eli's eyes filled with Mischief thinking about home quickly turning his attention to the room he looked around and murmured under his breath "How are we to decorate?" Turning his attention back to Mathias he nodded "Where are you from?"
  15. When Gabe spoke of decoration, Mathias couldn't hear. He assumed it wasn't of importance because if it was, it would have been louder. "Nice. I live... well, not too far really, but I wouldn't walk it." He wasn't surprised that Sporty knew how long it took to walk. Probably came here on foot. Good practise.

    Mathias opened the drawers, putting clothes in. Ugh, unpacking was the worst part of Hawthorne. Well, it wasn't really, when he thought about it, but it still sucked. Last year, he'd made the mistake of bringing too much. It seems this year he may have brought too little. He did need some better entertainment this year. He'd bought himself a sketchbook in the holidays with some pocket money (he didn't even know he had an allowance. He should've claimed it sooner,) and he was planning on using it, instead of sitting around and doing nothing.
  16. Interactions - @OlympusBlood, Mathias Nickel

    Hawthorne Academy - Dorm 344

    Eli smiled "Nice. I live... well, not too far really, but I wouldn't walk it." and nodded. He watched as his roommate began unpacking and decided to do the same. Opening his actual suitcase he began unpacking his clothing. Refolding and putting them and putting them into piles, shirts and pants were by color and length of sleeve, underwear, by brand and color, socks in their own category and belts in their own. Eli's face turned a little red remembering that he had someone in the room with him, although he was a Jock didn't mean that he didn't have to be organized. Eli took a breath and began to put the pile's neatly away, each item getting their own draw besides the socks belts and underwear that went in the same draw. Looking to his football equipment he took his shoulder pads and set them at the end of his bed then he began stripping the bed of what was already their. Opening a different suitcase filled with things for the bed he would be sleeping on he began dressing the mattress with his green sheet picking it up Eli went to go put the sheet around the last corner when the springs on the mattress pushed back sending him flying with the mattress. Landing on top of the mattress Eli let out a small huff and put his face down "Great going Eli! That was amazing let's try this again!" Eli's thoughts was the only place he was going to say that. Eli sighed and sat up feeling embarrassed.
  17. [​IMG]

    Mood: ||Annoyed||Fabulous||
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    Location: Home ---> Hawthorne Academy (Her dorm)
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    Interactions: @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming - Natasha ||
    Freedom sang and danced around her room as she packed her huge amount of clothes, handbags, shoes and other things. She and her family had just gotten back home from Hawaii two days ago, now she had to go back to the Hell hole they call Hawthorne. And she was really enjoying traveling around the world with her family... Which was a bit of a surprise. When she was finished, she and her father brought the bags down to her car. "Why can't I go to Hawthorne with Freedom?" Freedom's little sister grumbled and crossed her arms over her chest. She was a Freshman now, so she thought it would be so cool to be going to school with her big sister. Freedom, on the other hand, thought differently. "Because there is no way on earth that I am going to the same high school as you little sister. It was already enough, that I had to spend the Summer with you." Freedom tossed a piece of gum in her mouth. "Anyway, I should really be going. I'll be sure to keep in touch." She smiled and hugged her family goodbye.

    Freedom sighed when she approached Hawthorne. She was definitely not excited about having to leave the beautiful, sandy beaches of Hawaii to come back to a place like this where she has the potential to be killed, kidnapped, or worse: have her reputation ruined somehow. She was, however, excited that this was her senior year, and would get to see all of her friends and meet some hot, new guys. She went to the office and picked up her schedule and room number. Since she was an honors student, she got her own dorm room, which she was pretty excited about. It'd be weird not sharing a room with someone though. Freedom pulled out her phone to text one of her best friends, Natasha. ~What’s up buttercup! c: I hope you missed me while I was gone, because you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me! I can’t wait to see you at orientation! Xoxo MissFree~ She slipped her phone back into her purse before making her way to her room with her things. This year is going to be the best. She thought to herself and smiled before she heard her phone buzz. Freedom picked up her phone and read the Twitter post, her smile immediately turning to a frown. @HA_Hagg: Welcoming all new and returning students to what is sure to be an interesting year at HAoFA ;) #GoHAHuskies. "Oh great, this again. This year, might not turn out to be the best after all." She sighed and sat down on her bed. She shook her head in slight anger before tweeting: @HA_Hagg For once can I go through the year and not have to worry about getting kidnapped!? K Thanks. #ItsOnlyTheFirstDay.


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    Infinity blasted Out Came The Wolves as she danced around in her dorm room. She was the first one out of her and her roommate, so she go to pick her side of the room first and set everything up that she wanted. She kinda hoped that her roommate wouldn't come in and see her dancing, but even if she did, she wouldn't mind. Just gave the two a little bit to laugh and talk about.

    Infinity hadn't met Sage yet, but she was hoping that she'd be cool; God knows Fin could use some more friends. Friends that she didn't absolutely despise (not like she had any of those) and preferably weren't from Bitch City, aka, the prep clique. She could kinda say that she was a misfit or a no group kinda chick. Hung out with pretty much anyone and got along with most.

    She pulled out her phone and texted her best friend. ~Liza! I barely saw you all summer, so we have to chill sometime today! Dude we need to hang out and raise some hell this year! If we have the potential to get kidnapped by some psycho, we might as well make the year as memorable as we can right?! I'll see you later!~ Infinity threw her phone on her bed and continued to dance around and sing along to her all time favorite band. "Everybody knows you're nothing but a pretender!" She sang a bit loudly. She was definitely going to make the most out of this year. Even if it killed her.


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    Kyden had partially awaken from the most amazing sleep of her life. One leg bent and the other straightened, the blankets barely covering her. She looked up from her pillow, checking her cell phone for any text messages or emails. Seeing none, she put her head back down on her pillow and closed her eyes. She knew that she had to go back to Hawthorne Academy today; her grandmother was going to make her go today sadly enough. She attempted to give her the old 'it's only the first day. We aren't gonna do anything,' but she wasn't having it. Honestly, it was complete and utter crap. She didn't even wanna go, but she knew that her last year of high school would be the best year ever.

    Aimlessly pulling the blankets over her body, Kyden was almost all the way asleep when her grandmother busted through her door, opening every curtain in her room. "Good morning sunshine! It's time for you to get up and get dressed for school." Ky groaned as her grandma pulled the blankets off of her, only to reveal her birthday suit. “My God, Kyden Olivia! Why don’t you try wearing clothes to bed next time?” Her grandmother shook her head. Sleeping naked was one thing that Kyden would miss about staying at home. You couldn’t comfortably sleep naked in a dorm with another person.

    "I’m just embracing the gifts God gave me.” She explained, covering her head and face with her pillow. "Honey, it'll be fun to go see your friends. It's your senior year. Have some fun." Ky's granfma picked up the duffel bags that Kyden had packed the night before and smiled at her. "Get dressed Kyden Olivia, I'll see you downstairs in 20 minutes." She walked out, closing the door behind her. Ky sat up and sighed. She looked through her closet, eventually finding an outfit to wear. After showering, she fixed her beanie on her head. Kyden looked in her bag to make sure she had everything she needed. She didn’t want to forget anything. She headed downstairs. "I'm about to go Grams!" She threw her bags in her car and hopped in the driver’s seat as her grandma put her last bag in the trunk. “I’ll miss you Kyden. You have fun and don’t get into too much trouble.” She smiled. “I won’t Grams.” She smiled and drove away.

    ~A Few Hours Later~

    Kyden parked in the parking lot of Hawthorne Academy, making her way to the front desk to get her schedule. She started walking to her dorm, which she shared with some kid named Iris. She opened the door to her dorm and set her stuff up the way she wanted, making her bed and laying in it. She was exceptionally tired from driving so long. Kyden took a look at her phone which she'd put on silent as she drove and groaned when she saw the Twitter post. "Oh my God not this bullshit again!" Her high school career was pretty much like every season of Pretty Little Liars; everyone knew about the HAAG and was scared to death of him/her, but no one knew who the fuck it was. And were they really ever going to find out?


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    Daniel was almost to his dorm room when he herd his phone buzz in his pocket. He chewed on his bottom lip in anxiousness. He wanted to believe it was Jacob, and he hoped it was him; however, something in his heart knew that it was the HAGG fronting on Twitter about how "great" the school year was gonna go and how they would get to see one of them soon. Just like last year. Thankfully, Daniel had the pleasure of not being kidnapped by the HAGG this year, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't this year. He just prayed that he wouldn't because that would freaking suck.

    Daniel pulled is phone out of his pocket and cleared out the notification. Not like he hadn't seen it all before. He chewed on his bottom lip a little bit before scrolling through his contacts and finding Jacob's name. Just looking at his contact photo made him smile, and he swiped to the right and sent him a quick text. ~Hey. I'm here, just gonna set up stuff in my room and then maybe we could meet up afterwards? If you want that is. Or you could come up here and we can hang out for a bit?~ Daniel put his phone back into his pocket and opened the door to his room.

    He quickly began unpacking, hoping that Jacob would text him back a little faster. They'd only seen each other two times over summer vacation, so he was really excited to see him at school today. The two had been together for about 2 and a half months now and they were going strong. The hard part would be not showing any public displays of affection. It would be hard, but not impossible. What would be impossible was stopping the HAGG from telling everyone at Hawthorne that he and Jacob were together.


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  18. Mathias' originally neat clothes were not neat anymore. With the movement, they were not in the neat piles they were originally. His mum would certainly kill him if she saw the state, and she knew if anything was crumpled, so he was forced to refold everything. Which was really, really annoying. He didn't have such an organisation as Eli, when he looked, and he wasn't going to change just to impress some guy. His shortage of clothes and organisation was a blessing in disguise, he found, when he had finished before Eli and got to watch in amusement as he tried to customised his bed. Mathias just lived with what the school suppled. It was quite funny to watch him fall, and Mathias had to hold in his laughter before Eli sat up again. "Maybe you should try a different approach," he suggested. Well, obviously.
  19. Interactions - @OlympusBlood, Mathias Nickel

    Hawthorne Academy - Dorm 344

    Eli turned to look at the other boy, seeing him hold back his laughter made Eli smile hand begin to chuckle soon turning into a infectious giggle, the more Eli tried to stop giggling the more he did. Smiling widely Eli replied to Mathias's statement "Maybe you should try a different approach," Eli nodded, "Yeah, I totally agree." Eli looked around "How do you suggest I do this?"
  20. E r y n
    L A W L E S S

    The Priah


    [ Hawthorne Academy ; Campus Entrance ]

    Eryn unloaded her things from the back of Alyss' van, the step-grandmother had been kind enough to grace her with a lift to school with the bulk her of clothes and such. The girl had packed her essential items in a total of a large suitcase and a backpack. The backpack had rolled up posters poking out of it, and wore the hylian crest in silver and black. It was the most obviously stuffed and it rested awkwardly on her shoulders. She'd left a few pieces of clothing hanging in the closet and in the drawers so that her staying over now and then wouldn't be a hindrance. The bare necessities were stationed at a room at her grand parents' place, an extra toothbrush and such, but traces of her personality were non-existent. She'd been living there for the summer now that her grandpa was ill and dying.

    She waved to the driver of the van, rather than a friendly gesture the woman seemed to take it as an excuse to leave. She bolted out of the parking lot that was steadily building in population, her tires screeching. Eryn began her trek to her room, the paper listing her residence and classes was folded in the pocket of her denim jeans and as she'd nearly reach the entrance way, in her other pocket her phone vibrated. The blonde ignored the notification due to her full hands as she dragged her bags along on their wheels, but when it chimed again so soon she raised an eyebrow. As she became aware of them, she realized that people walking by her looking worriedly at their phones. Almost every person that passed her stared at the screen in an eerie silence. She reached the school and set her things to the side before she whipped out her phone. Her eyes widened at what she saw...

    Who the hell...? Was her first thought, subconscious and quick, but her skin tingled, as if she were cold, as she read the welcome.
    It didn't take much to recall. There had been a blog entry, going on about the threats at their school. The author of the blog had scrutinized and mocked the mysterious Hagg, but gave the details nevertheless so that their readers would understand. Once Eryn had began attending, out of curiosity she'd followed them. Immediately, the mysterious person had followed her back. That was all. Their dormance through the summer had caused her to forget about the urban tale, but now... She scrolled to the next notification.
    [​IMG]@HA_Hagg: Reminding you all that 10/25 is the last friday of sept. Looking forward to seeing one of you then.

    Instinctively, something twisted in her. She read the tweets over again and slowly let out the breath she'd been holding. She waited a moment, before turning her screen off and pocketing her phone once again. This time she drew her room assignment and the enclosed map that probably wouldn't help her in the slightest. She was so encased in her thoughts of the new school year, Hagg, and just getting to her room, that she didn't even notice the familiar boy with sandy blonde hair gazing at his phone as he walked in her general direction to enter the school. She stared at her sheet with a furrowed brow and glanced up, tapping the nearest person on their shoulder to ask for directions, "E-Excuse me, can you point me towards the Simon-Benson house? I don't know where to--"
    The girl she'd stopped gave her a smile of pity and ridicule as she was dragged off by her friends, and Eryn was left staring after her. She frowned and looked at her map again, "Just great."


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