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Hey guys, I want to test out a new character. I've been around for a while and y'all can check my roleplay resume if you're curious about all that, I try to keep is as up to date as I can. I prefer a partner that can match my posting lengths, good grammar and all that. Shoot me a pm if you're interested.

Moving forward, I'm just gonna yeet this premise at you guys short and sweet. What if Hawkeye was thrown into the world of RWBY and tries to become a huntsman?

Name: Clinton Francis Barton | Title: Hawkeye | Gender: Male | Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 18 | Race: Human | Sexuality: Pansexual | Crush/Relationship: Open
Voice ref: Troy Baker as Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble

Weapon name: Soulstring | Weapon description: A crossbow capable of firing dust cartridge infused bolts and transforming into a bladed shovel for close combat and encampment needs.

Semblance/Power name: Target Acquired
Semblance/Power info: Enables Clint to mark a target and track it once it's well out of sight. He is able to see from longer distances, 'see' his target through walls, as well as their internal organs while his semblance is active. He can also use it to give his crossbow bolts a homing effect.
Color: Purple
Logo: Purple bullseye
Fandom: Hawkeye Comics by Matt Fraction, Marvel

Clint has straw blond hair in some typical unkept state, and sharp sky blue eyes. His usual style can be described in one word- lazy. He usually doesn't put too much effort into his appearance and generally settles for whatever's quick and easy to put on, resulting in a typical look of wrinkled tshirts and a mix of sweatpants and beat up jeans. He frequently has bandages on him. His most notable items, aside from his weapon Soulstring and a coffee thermos, are a pair of purple hearing aids.

Physical and Mental Troubles:

Clint is hearing impaired and he wears hearing aids to make up for this. He's self-depreciating, prone to addictive behaviors, and has a tendency of practicing to the point of breaking. He doesn't have a lot of faith in people or plans. He's given up before and it could happen again.

Clint is a fairly quiet guy with a sharp sense of humor when he feels like showing it. He often plays the fool, and sometimes has bouts of clumsiness that serve to either endear him or at least make others aware that he is a disaster of a human being operating under the guise of a functional one. He's intelligent and logical, with a very niche interest in fashioning dust infused trick bolts for his crossbow. He doesn't forget the people that end up doing him wrong and can hold a grudge like nobody's business. He can also be a bit cocky, often doing things to show off and prove a point, following the Rule of Cool whenever he can. What people don't see is the probably way too high number of hours he puts in honing his skills in order to pull off everything he does, or his struggles with not being good enough.

Clint Barton grew up in an abusive household with his older brother. He was hit hard enough that his hearing became impaired, though not totally lost. His father and mother died in a car crash after his father chose to drive after drinking. Barney and him spent six years in an orphanage before they ran away and joined the circus. He was trained to do archery tricks and pickpocket on the side in order to keep some food in his belly. When he found that his archery mentor was embezzling money from the circus, he made a plan to turn him in to the authorities, but was discovered and beaten within an inch of his life. He grew up into becoming a SHIELD Asset under Special Agent Phil Coulson, proving his worth and earning his keep with a bow while fighting alongside the Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes. He accidentally encountered a space-time whatever that yeeted him into the world of Remnant, aging him down but leaving his memories intact. The most he can do is bide his time until his team figures out what happened.
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