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  1. So I've been here for quite a bit.. and I've yet to be in a successful RP. Oh I was in one for about 4 posts, but then everyone vanished. And all of the other ones I've signed up for just haven't panned. I need a good RP group. A smaller group would be nice.. but beggars can't be choosers and all.
    What am I looking for?

    -Crossover: An RP involving characters from different genres interacting. Or different comic book companies in one world.
    -Sci-Fi: Something.. ya know.. science fictiony. Spaceship kinda thing?
    - X-Men: Like.. old school classic X-Men. I love that kinda thing.
    - Marvel Cinematic: Because.. awesome movies
    -Characters I Love To Play:
    Supergirl (Kara)
    Samus Aran
    Spider-Man (younger, beginning of career)

    I'm looking for something long term.. a good story! Not just 'Oh i just saw this movie im gonna rp it.. and now i'm bored!'. Romance is something I adore in RP. And more.

    I can play a number of different characters.. I've been told I'm a pretty good writer. So.. if I can be a part of something, just reply here or message me.

    And thanks for reading!
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  2. Hey there, I'm part of a group that's basically dedicated to crossover/multiverse roleplays called the Murder Series (there's a murder mystery focus but it's not the entire focus) over here: Error | IwakuRoleplay.com

    The main RPs we run are usually intended to last about a month or two. They may be too large/fast-paced for your liking, but some of our members run smaller group roleplays as well. At the very least, everyone in the group is a big fan of fandom crossover stuff, so I'm sure you could do some plotting with them and see how it goes ^^
  3. Fandomstuck definitely sounds right up your alley. It doesn't involve canon characters, though -- instead, it revolves around personifications of entire fandoms. So, you could theoretically create a fandom character whose personality is heavily based off of a specific canon character that you want to play -- although they won't be exactly the same.
  4. Hey, @Camleen it's your turn to post in Epic. :-)
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