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  1. I really shouldn't be back here asking this again because I never seem to get exactly what I'm looking for and things never really seem to happen and blah. Okay, I'm done being ambiguous and ominous.

    Anything beyond here is 18+ mature content that really shouldn't be read unless you're truly 18+ and mature enough to handle details about naughty things.
    No clicky if you don't mean it. (open)

    So, here I am, once again, I am asking specifically for one type of roleplay at this point and it does not include all of those tags mentioned above, but it could if that's something my partner is interested. I'm only interested in the HardCore Kink that I plan to play around with, that being something of several varying degrees and names, but at it's simplest and finest times, is known simply as Piss Kink.

    I have several plots and pairing ideas to go with this as well to go into detail because I'm not really good at Porn Without Plot so I'd like to have even just a little bit of plot tossed in there.

    The pairings I have in mind are:

    -Younger Brother/Older Brother
    -Younger Cousin/Older Cousin
    -The age old friends forever thing

    I'm perfectly okay with doing multiple partners with one charrie or another in a consensual way or non-con, it doesn't bother me a bit.

    As far as plots go...well, I have a few in mind and I fear that if I wrote them out I'd die of embarrassment. If you want to speak more about this particular topic, feel free to respond here or shoot me a PM.