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  1. I hate hate hate it when characters are described as 'fun-loving' or when people try to convey personality by saying someone 'likes to have fun'


    "Saying your character likes to have fun is like saying they breathe air and sit on chairs"

    You can express far more about a character by explaining what kind of things they think are fun, and how they enjoy them. Try to focus on specifics for this exercise, don't say

    "Jack has fun swimming"


    "Jack loves swimming outdoors and other outdoor activities. He likes to go to beaches but visits indoor pools in the winter to keep active"

    Now we know Jack swims all the time, likes being outdoors, and sees keeping fit as a priority, since he keeps swimming even when he can't go to the beach.


    For this exercise, write about what your character considers fun, how they include it in their daily life, and the specifics of what they enjoy about it and which variations they like (eg: Jane is a gamer. Okay, shooters? Puzzles? Visual novels? Adventure? Racing? MMO? )
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  2. The robotic Zelkova has fun doing human and animal autopsy's, because she is fascinated by the internal workings of the human and animal body. To her it is the opposite of a person looking and studying a machine like a clock. She studies and surveys every organ with an uncanny and inhumane precision, like a human with a monocle and a fine tipped screw driver. She enjoys the sound when she cracks open the ribs, due to their creak and crunch and she does this in a fluid motion one would wonder if she was ever anything resembling a human at one point in time or at the very least, created by something vastly similar to human due to her obvious inhumanities.

    Was that good? I feel weird about it now. ><
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. My MUD character is a fan of reading the lores of the lands, as he plays an almost librarian-type of role in the organization he serves. As the organization is somewhat invested in espionage and infiltration, whenever he visits enemy cities it is usually to obtain tomes from their libraries in order to gather more information. My character also dabbles in some combat, although it is an on and off situation for him.

    The character I'm using for a 1x1 RP with someone is locked away indoors during the daytime, as he is an undead character. Although my partner and I haven't exactly gotten to the point where my character's day-to-day life is shown, I'm playing with the concept that he pretty much lives dat NEET lyfe as a freelancer, perhaps. Most of his time will be spent on the Internet, and although the undead (technically?) do not have to sleep, in order to feel more human, he'll occasionally take naps.
  5. Oh sooo many characters. Which to choose...

    Ashton is a nineteen year old socialite that spends most of his days leading his bodyguard around on wild goose chases and his nights hopping from club to club. His idea of a good time is getting drunk and seducing a variety of men and women. His main source of entertainment however is his bodyguard, who he has decided he is fairly smitten with. When he's not trying to coax him into bed, Ashton enjoys murdering civilians. He loves the thrill of the kill, the way the blood rushes over his hands and watching the life leave their eyes. But what gets him most excited is the knowledge that they never saw it coming.
  6. So two of the four that have been displayed by users involve killing/pulling apart people. Okay...
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  7. Well, serial killers are very interesting characters to portray
  8. I googled the phrase 'definition of fun loving' and Google says: Fun-loving, (of a person) light hearted and lively. Fun loving and having fun are two different things my Dear Mini-Bit.

    "Jack has fun swimming" Yes he might but personality wise this does not make him fun loving. He might be a loner and moody.

    My character Zack, like everyone, likes to have fun too. But that usually comes at the expense of what ever poor bastard that his bounty says he needs to kill.
    He is not "fun'loving". Rather quiet, angry, and brooding.

    Now my character Vincent
    is fun-loving. He has a very upbeat and playful attitude. He never takes anything seriously and often pulls childish and harmless pranks on many of his family and friends.
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