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  1. I find having a definite plan or at least a Next Step helps a LOT when one is feeling listless, directionless, or un-motivated.

    It's fine if your plan isn't very long-term, or if the Endgame is still kind of vague; you can figure things out as you go!

    Use this thread to share your Plan! Use your net-safety, and leave out any information which could be used to identify or track you in real life (ie; the name of the school you attend, the city you live in, where you work, etc).

    I also recommend keeping your plan somewhere IRL where you can see it; pinned on the fridge or - if your Steps are date-specific - marked on the Calendar!

    Minibit's Plan

    1. Get Degree 1/3 while working in service to pay bills/loans
    2. Move to get Degree 2/3 while working in service to pay bills/loans
    3. Get job in Publishing. Anywhere in publishing; copy-editor, part-time writer/contributor, translator, anywhere. Just get foot in the door
    4. Get Degree 3/3 either from same school or over correspondence. Work on moving into the Books side of publishing, and/or advancing there
    5. Get a job on the editorial side of Book Publishing
    6. Advance
    7. Wait for an Acquisitions Editor to either retire or royally fuck up
    8. Get their job
    9. Have office, cute secretary, view, and power to tell assholes not to let the door hit their ass on the way out
  2. 1. Finish degree. Try my hardest not to upright murder administration meanwhile.
    2. Get a job with about 1-2 years safety.
    3. Pilot new business concept during. Promote and network, drown my new identity as cheap Vietnamese prostitute in liquor.
    4. If success, expand pilot into actual brand/platform.
    5. Have an impact on the relevant markets, attempt to make a change in common households.

    At this point I'd be happy, but beyond that...

    6. Get bought out.
    7. Distribute riches.
    8. Live while travelling, fund said hippie lifestyle by selling my time as a speaker or making workshops.
    9. Continue lifestyle until physically unable and/or death.

    6 to 9 is more of a "I can dream." But fuck if I won't do it given the chance and my moral conscious allows it.
  3. Yeah, I agree with having a plan.

    The question is what happens after you've successfully fulfilled the plan?

    I ended up having to make new plans over the last few years because I keep achieving dreams.

    Maybe I should dream about world conquest? It would have a higher rate of failure. Anything less seems to lead to auto-win.

  4. 1. Finish AA degree!
    2. This is a little tricky, because I don't know if I'm qualified to go into the Air Force yet, but I want to get my Bachelor's degree while I'm either in the Air Force or at another college.
    3. If possible, I'd also like to study abroad in Japan ;u; One of my fabulous friends suggested I try and get an internship and I've taken that into consideration!
    4. Become an art therapist
    5. Travel the world

Thread Status:
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