Having a Bad Day? Shoot People in the Face.

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  1. So obviously I didn't mean literally shooting someone in the face. If you think I really meant it, then boy, I dunno what to tell you.

    Doe anyone else, when they're having a particularly bad day, like to play games where you slaughter other people/zombies/etc? What games do you play on bad days to get that anger out?

    Me personally: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Titanfall, and GTA are my usual go-to's.
  2. For me it's Borderlands 2, and some Wolfenstein: The New Order with a dash of Shadow Warrior.

    I don't like the usual "cookie cutter" Military Shooter all that much.
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  4. Ooooh! So one time I was super mad at my boss, speech professor and...Someone else I forget who. But I basically made a sim's game, created characters that looked like them, gave them all bad traits like childish and loser and then I killed them all in colorful sim game methods. :D (I.E: Starvation, electrocution and fire)

    It was fun. :D
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  5. Nothing says stress relief like wrecking a dragon, in Dragon Age Inquisitions.
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  7. Prototype was always my go-to murder-many-things-at-once game.

    That was really the last good game I can recall using to de-stress like that. It's been well over a year since the 360 has even been powered up too.. Maybe I should do that.
  8. Psh. Shooting people in the face. I stab undead in the balls. Sometimes I hide in fields of weed while cops search for me. If that isn't enough to satiate my bloodlust, murdering all of the French because the Pope told me to do so helps. If swords aren't a painful enough demise, fire does nicely. If burning an entire civilization to the ground isn't enough, I'll blow up the planet it resides on. If all else fails, I can just hop on a broomstick and fly over a military base after drinking four (and a half?) shots of whiskey.

    ... Gaming, I fucking love it. In all of its sadistic, violent, psychotic glory. :ferret:


    Yes, I am the guy who made all those screenshots. I didn't go randomly stealing them from the Internet. I am indeed one of those people who has hundreds of screenshots. Pictures say a thousand words and I'm the kind of guy who never shuts the hell up. Like now.
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  9. I shoot things with fireball.
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  10. Unreal Tournament '99 GOTY. There's nothing more visceral than good ol' fragging.
  11. Nothing like going on Interactive Buddy, turning gore on then repeatedly mashing the being against a wall xD
  12. L4D takes me back. Had a bad day, picked up the assault rifle or the shotgun and shot hordes of zombies in the face.

    Their heads exploding was such a sick, wonderful satisfaction.
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  13. Murder Mercer Frey over and over and over again. I have a save entirely dedicated to bludgeoning his lying, miserable ass into Oblivion and back.

    Otherwise, whenever I have a bad day or feel the frustration pile up, hop on Skyrim and go on a werewolf rampage. Having a crazy OP character helps, because I can effectively slaughter half of Skyrim without being slowed down by turning back or losing too much health. There is something so satisfying about slaughtering Stormcloaks, Silverhands, and Vampires in particular.

    Freeroaming the seas of AC4 is also a thing. Endgame Jackdaw has some ridiculous fire-power, the fleets out and about hardly stand a chance. And instead of commandeering their ships, just sink the bastards. It's extremely satisfying to see them go up in flames and disappear under the waves.
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  14. .......

    I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf when I'm upset.
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  15. I find that playing violent games when I'm mad doesn't really help much, I prefer to play more relaxing games that help me calm down. Like Minecraft or Goat Simulator. I also find some puzzle or strategy games to be rather helpful because they force me to think very carefully about a particular situation and keep my mind off of whatever it was that pissed me off so much.
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  16. Serious Sam

    Nothing better than the sound of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, accompanied by gunfire and explosions, than just the background music.
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  17. Any shooter or anything with gratuitous violence can have a calming effect when I'm having a bad day.

    Every day is a bad day because I'm always angry, all the time!
  18. I delve into Dynasty Warriors type games. A bit of mindless slaughter helps keep me sane during rough times. I just got GTA V for PS4 about two months ago, that's also good for some stress relief. I would go for shooters, but that wouldn't help, unless I run single player action. Multi-player shooters tend to cause me to gamer rage... which leads to broken controllers... which are too damned expensive these days! Which makes me think getting the new SW Battlefront is going to be a bad idea... but yeah! >_<
  19. When I'm in an angry mood the games I'll put on will be those with relatively low difficulty, and those where I am fully able to just run around and go on a big killing spree.

    Mainly titles such as: GTA V, Saints Row 4, Overlord 1 & 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Fable and Skyrim depending on the city and if I have a working mod list at the time.
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  20. I used to play Gears of War 2. There are few things more righteous that defending humanity from inhuman oppressors/invaders, and Gears is a rather bloody and violent game. I get my gory gibs and I'm morally justified in doing it too.
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