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  1. [h=2]Sanctuary ( originally Welcome to Haven)[/h]
    So the idea behind the story is it is a normal world. But instead of regular prostitution there is the trafficking of magical creatures. There are human traffickers called the Chosen who kidnap magical creatures from all over the world and sell them to wealthy humans.

    The story starts with Eve, who's mother,an angel, was kidnapped and sold to a wealthy human named Mikael. Mikael raped her mother and Eve was a product of that rape. Because of her parents crime of making her,powerful magical creatures that pose as humans called The Majesty,(the beings the Chosen answer to and negotiate deals between the human) killed her mother and Mikael and put a piece of the weapon they used to kill her parents,inside Eve's heart-a painful reminder of her parent's indiscretion.

    Eve's biggest weakness is a piece of The Majesty's sword is lodged in her heart as punishment for her parents inbreeding. When her emotions are out of control, the shard moves, and her heart stops beating for a few seconds. When she is in a a full blown panic it stops completely,and she needs someone to restart it for her. Needless to say, it is important that Eve stay calm at all times and never out of control but she has to trust literally anyone she meets with her life.

    What I hope Eve gains as a character is a sense of belonging . She is sick of relying on others seeing as no one as ever revived her because they truly cared about her-they did because it wouldn't look good for business.

    So the story starts when Eve has escaped from The Chosen and is looking for other escapees like her,when the weapon shard moves in her heart,leaving her lying in the middle of the road without a pulse.

    I am looking for characters to serve as other Chosen refugees, The Majesty,and humans.

    Here are the characters I need:

    Hope: Liberator of magical creatures from the Chosen and head doctor at the refugee headquarters known as Haven,she can be the magical creature of your choosing.

    Luke: Hope's husband and also doctor. He is human.

    Sadie: Hope's best friend and vampire. Falls in love with Eve.

    Gabriel: A half-angel like Eve,he finds wandering magical creatures and takes them back to Haven.

    Duke: Bartender and half-demon,secretly in love with Sadie.

    Charles: Leader of The Majesty and murderer of Eve's parents.

    Bianca: Charles's wife-head liaison between the Majesty and The Chosen.


    So here's the sample post of Haven:

    Eve's blurry vision came back into focus as the smoke cleared from around her. She looked back behind her to see the crashed car,surveying her injuries which she found to be bleeding a bit faster since she last checked. She struggled to stay calm and focused because being unconscious wouldn't do anyone any good.

    It had been nearly a day since she stole the car out of the Chosen's headquarters and had taken one dagger to the shoulder and a car wreck in her escape.

    Even though pain coursed through her body she began to run faster down the dark road searching for any sign of passage. But Eve found nothing and panic rose in her,and this time,nothing could be done to calm her. Hearing a car in the distance,she broke out into a panic running faster and faster ,a race against her own heart,and was halfway down the road,when she saw headlights coming towards her,and she could run no more.

    Using her last bit of energy,she put her hands out,hoping the car wouldn't hit her. She closed her eyes, crying out as sword shard inside of her elongated ,piercing her deeply.

    Eve was utterly alone in the middle of the road, as her heart stopped beating.
    She had come so close just to die,alone and with no luck of escape.
    Or so she thought...