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    Light had yet to come over the horizon, and yet the alarm had already gone off, blaring noise and light surrounding the numbers shining in the dark. From the bed beside the nightstand, a hand emerged from a cocoon of blankets to deactivate the alarm. "Please, stop. It's - it's too early for all that." With a press of a button, the alarm was off, and the hand retreated. As great as the bed felt, the alarm meant that it was time to get up, and that's just what Basile had to do.

    Pulling the covers from over his head, Basile saw the light coming from the bathroom door, the buzz of an electric toothbrush over the sound of running water. Predictably, he was the last one awake. Well, not actually; it was just about five in the morning, so he was the second one awake.

    With a quiet groan, Basile uncovered himself, tempted to forget getting up for a few more hours just to bask in the warmth of his bed. Unfortunately, he couldn't. There was too much that had to be done today, and sleeping in simply wasn't an option, despite how good an option it was. Stumbling through the dark of his room, Basile managed not to trip over last night's clutter on his way to the bathroom.

    His knuckles rapped on the door, the water cutting off, buzz going with it. Clearing his throat, Basile spoke up. "You just about done in there?" The water came on again, and for a few more seconds. The door opened shortly after, and Basile swore he was almost blinded. Narrowing his eyes at the light, Basile looked down to Ansell sliding right past him, still drying his hair from the shower he probably took.

    Speaking of which, Basile had to do his morning routine before the sun came up. Ansell and him had discussed it at length not eight hours ago, how they were going to warp to camp - no, wait - Haven early to pitch in with what needed to be done, and be back home before long. In order to do that, they had to wake up very early. Five o'clock, to be exact. Basile gave a passing glance to his alarm clock, eyes focused in disdain for the time it showed.

    Cracking a joint in his neck, Basile sighed. If it wasn't a shame, he'd warp to Haven without Ansell for coming up with the absurd waking time. He didn't know how the guy did it, but, for now, Basile couldn't bring himself to care about much other than getting the day over with.

    Walking into the bathroom, Basile closed the door, locking it shut.
  2. Mabhe was going to murder whoever came up with the idea of waking up early. It was such a horrid concept. After all, if you didn't wake up naturally, you were going to feel like shit. And that's EXACTLY how the young half-fae felt when she dragged herself out of the bed she was in, and headed to the hotel bathroom to wash up. At least the fact she was awake was for a good cause. She was helping do something to help everyone. What could be better then that?

    Once she was done showering, she tugged on the first clothes she could find and headed out. She had keys in one hand, and a phone in the other, texting a guy she had met online, who had 'a huge fucking pair of awesome wings'. Granted, she hadn't actually met him at the area yet, due to him doing 'scouting', but she was sure they'd meet up soon.

    She locked the door, then headed down the stairs, running one hand through her hair. Luckily, she had gotten the hotel room on the second floor, in a building close to the area she needed to help with. Otherwise, getting there would be yet another pain in her ass. She walked out the front doors, reminding herself that'd she'd sleep well tonight, and that she'd soon forget how tired she was in the morning.
  3. Breakfast came and went in a blur of dishes with cracks in their middles and a stove that almost had a mind of it's own. Basile nearly broke the knob off trying to get it to turn on, cursing the faulty wiring of the old thing under his breath. The morning had a strange feel to it, like Basile had entered a space that went uninhabited for quiet sometime. The morning felt abandoned, and he and Ansell were the squatters who called it home. When he told Ansell this, Basile had to dodge an assault of orange peels. You're silly, Ansell had signed, one-handed as his other was busy peeling the rest of his oranges.

    Yeah, well. Maybe he was. Didn't change the way he felt about it. Basile liked the abstract, making metaphors that sounded deep and profound. He was no poet, no matter how many quotes he snuck into his sentences. When the moment made itself apparent, Basile had something to say. The morning was new, and peculiar to experience.

    The moon was low, and growing dimmer when Basile took he and Ansell's plates to the sink. Ansell scooped up his peels, throwing them in a plastic tub he found lying about. For the air, Ansell explained. Basile felt as though he knew what Ansell was referring to. Saving orange peels, letting the dry to freshen up the area.

    At the table, shadows long and reaching in the kitchen, the two of them sat in silence. Basile looked to Ansell, and Ansell looked to him, both of them looking away. Basile, to the window, Ansell, to the floor.

    "So," Basile spoke, Ansell peering out the corner of his eyes towards him. "What do you think Haven's like?" Ansell shrugged, seemingly unable to come up with anything worthwhile to pass over to Basile. Neither of them had been before, only heard of it from the grapevine. That grapevine being the online community they'd came upon. Ansell sat up, and signed Good, I hope, and Basile couldn't agree more.

    Basile nodded, looking to the tabletop. "Yeah, man." He scratched at the scar on his thumb. "Me, too."
  4. Mabhe soon remembered, when she walked down the road, that she did have people she needed to tell she was awake. Usually, she wouldn't bother, but these two in particular ought to know. She assumed they were coming to Haven today, but she didn't know for sure. They might not be, and she didn't like surprises, so that was another reason to send them a message about it. She'd make it short, sweet, and to the point, though.

    As she walked down the sidewalk, she fished her phone from her pocket. It was an old flip phone; she hadn't had enough money for a smart phone, and she didn't see the need for one. This was good enough for her. After all, she didn't need the internet on her phone, nor anything else. Just texting and phone calls.

    MABHE: Hello, I'm awake.

    MABHE: You're coming, yea?

    ((Sorry it's so short LMAO))
  5. Habhe would get an answer fairly soon.

    BASILE: Yea just setting up here

    BASILE: where r u?

    Pocketing his phone until he received an reply, Basile stretched, and eventually sighed. He was elated to finally get over to Haven, and very anxious, which was weird for him because he usually didn't spend much time worrying trivial stuff like that.

    Yet, here he was, bags packed, and sitting on the porch with his heart leaping in his throat. Ansell was still in the house, finishing up packing the stuff he forgot to put in his duffle the night before. Cross-legged, and chin in his palms, Basile looked out at the horizon.

    Basile had hoped it'd be morning when they set off. Going at night just felt so ominous, and it did absolutely nothing to quell his nerves. The corn fields were rustled by a breeze that chilled through Basile's tee. He shivered a bit, wishing he'd packed more sweaters. Haven had better be warmer than here.

    The door opened behind him, and out stepped Ansell, duffle thrown over his shoulder and - damn it - a sweater on as well. Jealous as he was, Basile nodded to him.

    "You just about ready to head off? We've got Mabhe wondering if we'll show or not." Ansell nodded, offering a hand to pull Basile to his feet. Accepting the help, Basile worked out a crook in a his neck when he stood up. "God," he mutter, "I must be sleeping funny."

    Shaking the shaky nervousness out his fingertips, Basile bounced on his feet. Making a portal was easy to him; Basile took to making them like a fish to water. He knew it, inside and out, and how they worked. All he needed was a location, and he was there. Just like that. In the air, the stirrings of Basile's power reached out, hands weaving through spreading ripples in space. Mabhe had yet to text back, that was fine. In the meantime, Basile could get the portal ready. It was sort of like a car; it could get you there, but first you have to start the engine.

    Ansell took a cautious step back, Basile saw out the corner of his eyes. Portals had never really been Ansell's thing, and that was fine. He had his own type of thing, stuff Basile couldn't wrap his mind around. The whole ''union with forces greater than our individual selves'' was kind of trippy.
  6. Mabe looked down at her phone, then up at the street signs around her to get a good estimate where she was. Or an exact one, actually. While she had never been good with direction nor streets, or maps, or really anything concerning going places, street NAMES gave other people an exact location, especially if she was on the corner of something, which she happened to be. After taking a moment to read the signs, she moved to a wall nearby and leaned against it.

    MABHE: Oh, good, I was worried you were asleep or something

    MABHE: Without a phone

    MABHE: That seems to be Pedro's problem, as he hasn't answered me what-so-ever. At least I've gotten a hold of you. I'm on the corner of Brookside and Lincoln.

    And, expecting nothing else, she closed the phone and waited patiently. She didn't doubt that they'd arrive soon. After all, they had portals, which was pretty useful. Much more useful than what she had. She couldn't just go wherever, she actually had to walk, and that was a pain. But, it was a pain she had suffered through forever, so she didn't mind it SO much. She just wished that she could snap her fingers and just be there sometimes, especially when she was late for something.
  7. BASILE: no were up

    BASILE: be over in a sec

    Putting his phone back in his pocket after looking up the location, Basile grinned, chuckling only to himself. Basile felt like he was buzzing with anticipation, and with the energy he was manipulating, he likely was. As cool and useful as they were, portals rarely had much space in his daily activities. If done in a hurry, they could collapse and cause some dangerous tele-frag, and that was something he sought to avoid as much as possible. Basile knew the potential danger, and he knew how to make a stable portal. There was nothing to worry about if everything was done correctly.

    "And here," a twitch of his fingers, a burst of color, "we - go!" A sound not unlike that of static filled the air, the hair on Basile's neck standing on end as the portal came to fruition. Round, large enough to step through, and possessing a glowing outline; it looked like any portal you'd find in a sci-fi movie. Turning to give a spirited smile to Ansell, Basile was given back a enthused thumbs-up. Well, as enthused as a thumbs-up from Ansell could get. His face told a different story; eyes tired, barely open, grip on the strap of his bag hardly keeping it up. All in all, Ansell looked tired. For weeks now, since the two of them found someone like them online, Ansell was the one who voiced his concerns about Haven being just like the last camp. Judgmental, intolerant, and so stubborn in accepting someone who was just different.

    Basile had his hopes, Ansell had told him he believed in him, and him alone.

    Teeth gnawing at the skin of his lip, Basile nudged his head towards the portal and smiled wide.

    "Let's get going, huh?" Ansell nodded, following behind Basile through the portal. It closed behind them, and they were gone.

    Gone was a strong word. Moved was more fitting.

    Basile and Ansell emerged from a portal just away from where Mabhe said she'd be, Basile looking both ways before urging Ansell through, a snap of Basile's fingers closing the portal. Clapping his hands together, Basile smoothed his hair over his rear-face, lest they attract too much attention before even getting to Mabhe.

    "Okay, I'm guessing that's her, right?" Narrowing his eyes, Ansell stared across the street, giving an unsure shrug when he realized he couldn't tell from the distance. Bearing his teeth in a grimace, Basile tsked his tongue. "Yikes, no telling? Okay, how about this?" Hands going over his mouth, Basile called out.

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