Shadow, Fear, Wind, and Poison
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Audrey Parker had gone into the Barn, taking The Troubles with her. Twenty Seven (27) years have passes and The Troubles have returned, and so has Audrey with a new identity and new memories.

This is bases off the SyFy show, Haven. But instead of the Barn being destroyed and, Audrey returns to it and cycle continues. Our story starts 27 years later, when The Troubles return. I would like for the main characters to be the kids of the Cannon Characters. The Cannon Characters will be playable as well.

Major Cannon Characters:

Audrey Parker(Immune to The Troubles. Will have a new name/Appearance. Veronica, Sarah, and Lucy are not to be used as a new name as those were past names.)
Nathan Wurnos(Troubled)
Duke Crocker(Troubled)
Dwight Hendrickson(Troubled)
Vince Teagues(Leader of the Guard)
Dave Teagues
(Vince and Dave are likely dead whe our story starts, but then again, these brothers are stubborn.They run the loval newspaper, The Haven Herald and print false stories to cover up The Troubles . Thier role is important!))
Gloria (Medical Examiner, likely retired.)

More information about The Troubles, the Troubled, and The Guard to come when enough Interest is sparked.