Have You Thanked Your Partner(s) Lately?

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  1. I've been rping since my freshman year of high school and have grown a lot. Of course, there's always room for improvement but the road was riddled with disappointment. Running into people who couldn't follow the rules of GMs and partners that disappeared drove me away from the scene for a few years. My curiosity was reignited for role play a year and some months ago and I tried to go back to my old site. That had disastrous results. So began the long Google search for a new home that eventually brought me to iwaku.

    In joining iwaku, I found a different caliber of player. These were people I knew I could count on to reply and to stick through the stories. There were some disappointments, and unfortunately I am sure I disappointed some, but overall I am beyond pleased with my decision to try this community out.

    so I just hit, early this morning, 1000 posts shared between myself and @Luxx . She was my first partner here and in all my years as a rper, never had I ever reached such a milestone with any partner before hand. We share four stories, the fourth one we had just started and they are beyond fun to play. I hope that she and I have many more posts to look forward to as we continue those tales.

    The partner I've had the most interesting plots with, and most numerous, is @Lawkheart . We have so many on the back burner waiting for the conclusion of some of our current tales that it's ridiculous (in a good way Lawk). She's awesome in more than just writing and if you haven't taken the time to get to know her, holy crap, you're missing out. By far she is one of my favorite people in the world whether she believes me or not.

    @Ravenbelle is one of my oldest of partners and though she's been busy of late, still one of my favorite. She is a kind soul and has a way with words that will make the darkest of days give way to rays of hope.

    One of my favorite stories so far, the list is too long unfortunately, is one I share with @Súmaire Fola . She is an excellent partner to work with and one who is very easy to work with. As busy as the rest of us, she still finds time to not just keep up with the quantity of posts, but ensure that they are still of good quality.

    Those who know me, know I have kids. My daughter is a huge fan of @LadyHarpy 's cupcake picture. While she's too young (3) to read the content of the stories, she will stand there for hours if I let her just laughing at the cupcake. We share two stories that I enjoy, one constantly challenging me by not necessarily being one in my preferred genre but still enjoyable. Thanks for giving me that opportunity.

    I have three new partners that I've just begun to spin three new tales with and I look forward to every moment of it. I hope that they do so as well. @LazyFanatic , @lostnfound , and @Novis . You guys are fun and I look forward to writing with you and getting to know you.

    Take some time and thank those you write with. Let them know you appreciate their time and effort that they put into your stories to help make them the tales you enjoy. Whether you do it publicly here, or in a conversation, everyone likes to hear that they are appreciated.
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  2. I feel loved ^_^

    You get a rainbow my friend.
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  3. @SlatersDeath
    You're so sweet! I've never had a partner who's thanked me like this before. Now you're officially my favorite person. ^^ lol
    I really appreciate how long you've stuck with me and I look forward to the many many posts we'll share in the future~
  4. Much thanks @Razilin. I don't say it enough so thank you for saying it for me!
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  5. I'm surprised on the thanks, but thank you! >//n//<

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  6. @N/A

    Because Gabrian is the finest of ships

    Thank you ;3;
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  7. @Asmodeus and @Tegan
    FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND GIVING ME A CHANCE, or some other inspirational bullshit like that.

    @Red Velvet
    For just being awesome in general, and a great collaborator. Love you sis. <3

    @unanun, @Zen, @Peregrine, and I GUESS @Jack Shade
    You are all amazing writers and co-GMs. I love you guys.

    @Esthalia, @Hirohashi, @Spammy, @Tribs, @Xnijmai, @Fiona, @F0X, @The Returner, and probably a bunch of other Inn regulars whom I've forgotten to name
    It is an honor and a privilege to smut roleplay with you guys in the Inn. ^^

    *cracks the whip* GET BACK TO WORK! >:[
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  10. I'd like to thank someone but she isn't in Iwaku anymore :( With that lady I wrote +18 full of emotions and brought me to the verge of tears a couple of times. Plus she was so funny to talk with.

    @adabotcon Our RP is one of my favourites. You adapted like no one to a roleplay based in a tabletop rpg, and Donato is so amusing to me. <3

    @Lithël Aelfwine I don't know if talking in spanish is allowed so I'm typing in english, yay! I've roleplayed with you for less time than with the rest of the guys, yet I feel now like many of our characters are inseparable. And I have so many good memories from the roleplays we've been in together (Querés poder?? ESTO ES PODER!!!) xD I love you <3
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  11. Might as well join in.

    There's only 2 RP's I'm in atm so the list is pretty short.

    Thanks @Kaga-kun
  12. [​IMG] D'awww. Thanks for joining them!

    In fact, now that I think about it -- my Fandomstuck RP might not even exist if it wasn't for you, since I was still hemming and hawing over the idea when I asked if you'd be interested, and it was convincing you to join that made me want to post an interest check.

    So, thanks for that, too! :D
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  13. AWWWW Sweetie i love you too @Isho13 i love our charaters nd i love how they always end up happily happy or sadly happy, you know what i mean.

    I'd like to say to @Yara that she's the best player. I'm always laughing at how she writes because it is funny yet understandable. I love how everytime we try to plot things out it comes hiper easily, although it's not that good because we don't talk as much as i'd like because we have nothing to plot.
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  15. Ah, great fangirling memories were shared with @Sen. :D We've created so many ships together we can create a fleet for ourselves xD

    Also @Elphame I'd still love to do a one on one with you in the future :3 Also since I knew you before Iwaku and helped me plan for my past Vampire Knight rp ^^
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  16. Beyond writing, I appreciate @fatalrendezvous because she's always been around to help me with stuff. It helps to have a second active in public relations.
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  17. Awww thank you! I do love our Rp it was one of my first ones in Iwaku and it's been really fun! Love drama and romance!
    Should we discuss more our rp in our pm? please feel free with me!
  18. @Hanako-chan

    *flails* Together we shall rule the world with the many ships we have! Mwahahha~
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