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  2. Winnifred


    "Yes way..." I grumble as I blindly reach out to poke him. I manage to get what I think is his shoulder. "And it is not just accusing...I have a lot of proof...Exhibit a..." I wave my hands in what I think is his direction. "Everything that comes out of that lovely mouth of yours is for teasing me. Which, it's not the worse, but still...you cause my afflictions."

    "Compliment?" I scoff "I wouldn't be so sure about that Saka. I call that measure an act of self defense. So therefore, I am not the technically meanie." He suddenly pulls the pillow away from my eyes and they narrow as light seeps back into my vision. I hiss out and cover my eyes with the palm of my hand as to save them from the accursed photons. "Ha! you admit the truth!' I do pause as he plays around with one of the pig tails. "I...I...I guess there is nothing wrong with it..." I purse my lips and lean my head back in content. "I am just not used to the affection, that's all." I reach up to mess with his hair, ruffling his locks underneath my fingers. I try to stick his hair straight up.

    "There...handsome man you are." I grin at him and push myself up slightly so I can give his cheek a quick kiss. "Very nice if I do say so myself..."



    "Well an old computer is better than no computers." I tell him with a smile and I bite my lip "Unless you want to end up using a figure of authority's computer to get your information, I recommend setting up a new system. I don't actually know a lot about how to do such a thing, but I would be more than willing to assist with the process. Besides...it might be a skill that I am going to need for later on in life." I roll my eyes at myself. What would Jack do with that information? Probably hack into people's social media accounts and look into their pictures. No, he's not that much of a creep, right? meh. I guess he could go either way. Better yet, he'd hack into some sort of important website and change all the information. Yes, that most certainly sounds like a Jack thing to do.

    "Fair enough...my guess is that he goes along with what his little friend says. He seems to only listen when she is speaking. He's a stricken fool, I swear. I don't know what it is about her, but he's comfortable. Which is good, and she seems like the type of girl who'd do something if she was convinced it was for the greater good of the house." I bite my lip "If that doesn't work...well we will figure something out, there are still other people in the house who could possibly go to the smoke shop. My guess is that the man's particular taste in cigarettes is still in that one brand. It's wicked gross, but my guess it's been something he's been shopping for for quite a while. Those cigarettes aren't cheap. Which again brings up either that, a, he works in the area, or b, he steals from little ladies like the one across the street. We should check pawn shops too...my guess is if he had stolen something from someone, it would have ended up somewhere far from him."

    "I hope he does. That article did shed a lot of light, but I don't think that's everything. My guess is the investigator keeps some information to himself, perhaps for money or perhaps he is nefarious. Either way, I am sure you could...turn up the heat if he is hesitant to answer questions." I smirk deviously


    "C-come on man. W-we could make some cash off of it." I tease her, pressing my palm against the bandage. I grimace. I am just glad he didn't cut any deeper. Warren had an odd thing about blood. As much as he liked to enjoy other's pain, he didn't like to make them bleed too much. He said it was far too messy, and there were several other ways to bring someone suffering. Cruel little rat.

    "That's the understatement of the year." I tease her and shake my head. "He's always been like that. Usually not that...er, messy. He prefers mental screwing than physical pain most of the time. But I am not surprised by this..." Some heat creeps up to my cheeks. I am just glad he's scared of Rina so he does not mess with her.



    "Nothing is wrong my flower." I promise her, eyes vacant as they flicker over to the other end of the hall. I am surprised that there is still nothing there. This doesn't feel right. The quiet. The peace. I feel that the grey woman may have...abandoned me? That is ridiculous, I am not a dog that she can just leave behind. If she leaves she leaves, and yet...I fear that if she does leave from me, I won't know how to handle what may come. I won't know what is dangerous and what isn't. I have a horrible feeling that she is a guardian of the house, and I just screwed up and pissed her off. But hey, isn't that what I am good at?

    "A lot of people are exhausted. that's true. I just feel...wide awake." It's not adrenaline coursing through me, nor is it exhaustion. I just feel...well, I don't exactly feel anything in this moment. I just know that I can't let myself relax. "I think I am going to stay on guard tonight. Maybe go outside and watch over the house..."
  3. Rory can't make fire.

    And we still have members that won't show around in miniskirts, fuck is up with that?
  4. Indeed.

    I blame Darkness, 'cos he's the only staffie in this thread.
  5. .....

    If you add me on Facebook, I have four videos of me dancing and lipsyncing to a song for drama in a mini skirt....

    That's all I gots...
  6. BURN, RORY.

  7. Boy isn't that interesting.
  8. [​IMG]

    Well done, you've made Canada angry.
  9. WTF does Canada's opinion matter anyway?
  10. CANADA?

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  14. .... MASSACRE?
  15. That is definitely.
  16. Might as well blame the dutch for everything that's wrong with the world....jeez...
  17. Wheat?