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Have You Ever.....?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chat Noir, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. The person on the top says "Have you ever- (Add anything you want) and the person answering has to answer the question before posting the next "have you ever" question. It's pretty straight forward and I hope it's used properly.
    I'll start.

    Have you ever been on a roller coaster?

    Your turn! [​IMG]
  2. YES. e A e But I'm terrified to ride one of my own will.

    HAVE YOU EVER...been forced into a pool during the winter time?
  3. Nope - I stay away from pools from September onwards. lol

    Have you ever.....had a major fangirl moment over a celebrity?
  4. Dang..Lucky you. xD Not getting pushed in a pool during the winder.

    YES AH MAH GLAB. Want to know who? Over all my bias in Kpop bands. But mostly Onew from SHINee. e we

    HAVE YOU EVER.....randomly walked into the a wall without thinking?
  5. Yeah, I actually walked into a wall, while reading a book, and I said sorry to the wall without thinking about what I was saying lol

    Have you ever.....tried to do the Gangnam Style dance?
  6. Hahaha yep! I did it down the hallway in school once...but I kept crashing into people so I quit that.

    HAVE YOU EVER.....talked to a person as if they were someone else and then realize you're talking to the wrong person 5 minutes later?
  7. Yeah - I always do that to my brothers and sisters lol

    Have you ever....listened to a One Direction song willingly?
  8. Well, I'm not a huge fangirl, but i'm not a hater either. ^ ^ So yeah. I have willingly listened to one of their songs.

    HAVE YOU EVER.....stayed up all night for a week?
  9. No way! I can't physically do that

    Have you ever.... tried to sing a French song?
  10. No. xP French words are hard to pronounce.

    HAVE YOU EVER....gone on a major coffee/sugar rush?
  11. Actually no lol

    Have you ever....actually rolled around on the floor laughing?
  12. Hm...I don't think I actually ever ROFL'd. Heh But I do fall on the floor laughing. > w>

    HAVE YOU EVER....gotten high on hand sanitizers?
  13. Nope *raises an eyebrow*

    Have you ever.....tried cream soda?
  14. Yep! It's delicious. :3

    HAVE YOU EVER....had more than one pet?
  15. Yeah - I have three rabbits and two cats

    Have you ever.....completely flipped out at someone?
  16. Unfortunately, yes I have. e A e I try not to do it anymore.

    HAVE YOU EVER.....been obsessed with a game?
  17. Unfortunately yes - hehe

    Have you ever spoken a different language?
  18. Yep! I speak Vietnamese, English, and currently learning how to speak Spanish. :D

    HAVE YOU EVER......traveled out of country?
  19. Once when I was about three

    Have you ever....just laughed hysterically at nothing
  20. Well, not at nothing...but at random things? Yes. xD

    HAVE YOU EVER.....ate something then immedietly spit it out?