Have you ever wanted....

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  1. to learn Klingon!? Here is your chance!

  2. How did you know?!
  3. Nice. Niiiiiiice.

    Thank you. It's been my dream for many years.
  4. Yeahh.. I know -nods- Who wouldn't have that dream?
  5. -_- whats sad is i know some klingon because my dad and i are such fans i tried to learn it so that i could show i was the better fan....it only showed that i have no idea what the hell im doing trying to show my dad up because the next day he bought real Dilithium crystals used in the show....i hate him yet i am so happy because i get them when he dies ^_^
  6. YAY!
    This will certainly help everyone get dates. How could it not?

    "I'm fluent in two languages."
    "Oh? What's the second?"
    "Fuckin' Klingon. How cool is that?"
  7. im fluent in three...english, klingon, and dumb ass.
    and wait why would anyone here need help getting dates
    use the line "im a writer." it would work everytime...up until they ask you what you write about then you either have to make shit up or just say the truth which would probably start another question like "what is a RP." And somehow all that would end with you telling the judge "she/he didnt know what a RP was so i had to kill her/him."
  8. Nuff' said.