Have you ever thought about being in a gameshow with one of your characters?

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  1. You entered the thread? Excellent!

    Allow me to formerly introduce myself. My name is Nim, and I'm a rather veteran roleplay, with experience that goes through a few other sites and various amounts of roleplays of different types.

    The reason I ask the question above is because of an idea I have had for a couple of days now, and I would be interested to see the response to it. The idea is a very simple one, but the excecution of it may be deemed odd or very interesting and amusing, depending on the people who choose to read this.

    The Gameshow will be called "The Fourth Wall Breaker Show" With two hosts, who will remain unknown until I finish explaining the idea. Now you must be wondering 'fourth wall breaker? He wants to make us into the participants?' Is most likely the thought that will come from reading the title. Well, that assumption would be only half correct.

    You will be the participants in this gameshow... Along with your characters.

    This gameshow will have up to 6 duos of roleplayers and characters. I have considered mixing up the chars and roleplayers, but have come to the conclusion will be result in a way too chaotic roleplay which might barely move due to the constant need to relay on each other. So, I've decided to make it out of duos of the roleplayers along with their creation.

    The Gameshow will be hosted by me and one of my own, personal favorite creations.

    Now there is a matter of how the gameshow will run. Thats very simple. It will run in a manner similair to the show Wipeout (The show where people had to race against time and get the best result to move onto the next stage) and will occur in what we will call a "Pocket Dimension where all powers are rendered useless and the only thing you will have to count on is your own physical power and brain".

    Understood all of that? Fantastic!

    Now there is a matter of what kind of characters I'll accept to the gameshow and how they will need to be presented. The only characters I'll accept are ones who have been used in the past, and I will create a proper character sheet which will require a link to the previous sheet. No new OC's and no canon chars which you just so happened to decide to use. You must've used the character in the past. This is to ensure you will not go and create a char who is 100% suitable to work with you. As for the roleplayer sheet, it will merely require the username, personality, and as optional info, age and short roleplaying history.

    Onto the presentation. There will be 2 ways to present yourself to the roleplay as a way to be accepted to the show. One is through the simple CS making, and another is none CS, but through a proper Audition. I'll have a set of questions ready beneath the CS's for those who choose too, which will cover the exact same details as the CS. but will allow you to present yourself and the char in a more creative way.

    One last note about this: This is a Gameshow, hench, it will have episodes. The winners will get a special reward but will be prevented from future participation, and losers will be allowed to retry, but only in the episode following the next (You were in ep 1 and lost, next try will be in ep 3).

    If anyone is interested or have any questions, then please feel free to ask and leave a comment or just throw random stuff at me. I'm open for everything.
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  2. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun! I just need to dig through my character archives and see if I can find anything that fits...

    Question: Just to be clear, are OC's allowed at all? And are characters that are currently in use allowed?
  3. Sorry if I made that unclear, but OC's are more than welcome, as long as they are characters that you previously used in other roleplays.

    I want to create a gameshow where the creators and creations interact with each other! :D

    Edit: Characters that are in use now are also allowed. My co-host is still currently in use in other roleplay so :P
  4. Alright, me an Mary Sue are going to enjoy ourselves! ^^ jk I'm not gonna use a Mary Sue
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  5. xD As long as its your own character, I wont mind if its a serial killer with over 100000 kills to count!

    ....Though you should be careful who you choose. :3
  6. I just had a very silly idea...
    I now really want to be in this role play. However, I have two questions:
    Will the characters and the role-players already know each other or will it be more like "YOU MADE ME?!"

    Also if a characters body is made of ,say, slime will there body still have the properties of slime in the game show?
  7. This looks like it could be a lot of fun. Me and Damien(OC from different website) will enjoy this
  8. @Crono
    The characters will not know the creators before the game. So it will be a first time encounter. As for how the body works, if it was made from slime, then it would still be made from slime, but it will lose any special abilities it had. So it will be properly grabbable and such, to avoid giving anyone an unfair advantage.

    Awesome to see more interest!

    And seeing that this is beginning to gather some interest, I will begin working on a OOC tomorrow, and if we get one more interest, then I'll open up a proper OOC as soon as I'm able.
  9. I'm stuck between a monster called The Bogieman, and a madman called Nexx...
    Any suggestions?
  10. Go with the one with the more stable mind. You have NO idea what kind of things you'll need to pass through the gameshow, hehe.

    Although, unstable minds could also be helpful, seeing you have no idea. So, it goes either way.
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  11. There both insane ^^" but I'll go with Nexx because he kills people less.
  12. Heh, alright. The OOC will be up either later today or tomorrow, and hopefully by then we will get another person or two to be interested :P
  13. Guys? Is anyone still around?

    *Violin is playing in the background.*
  14. I so wanna try this.. if i can fine past characters I've made since i tend to unwatch threads that become dead DXD
  15. Woohoo!

    Well, like I posted above, the OOC is open, so feel free to check it out.
  16. I can only assume no one is interested after all...
  17. Seems interesting, which are your posting expectations?
  18. Well, seeing this is mainly for fun, I dont want to be strict about it, but I also want to ensure there will be progress, so I'd say at least a post once a week. As for the level, I'm expecting intermediate.
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