Have you ever hesitated on finishing a book?

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  1. So one of my coworkers gave me this book to read, and it's a great book, but I'm five chapters from the end and I'm almost afraid to pick it up again.

    My problem is this.

    I think I know what the ending is.
    And I really, really don't want to be right.

    I was wondering if anyone else has ever had that problem, or something similar.
  2. Nope.

    It's just a book. Even if I already know the ending its still enjoyable seeing how everything concludes.
  3. I stalled on the last book of the Divergent series for months....then I read it and regretted it. =/
  4. I wouldn't know. I don't read
  5. "Ashes, Ashes" by an author whose name I don't remember. I read a couple pages of it, ended up getting bored of it quite fast and never got around to finishing it. I think I might still have the book, though...
  6. I did the same thing, although I imagine for vastly different reasons.

    It had been so long since I last read any of the book that I had to re-read, not just the book, but the entire trilogy as well; simply so I could remember what the hell was going on with the plot. By the time I got to the end of Allegiant I found myself extremely disappointed, though I won't go any further because this obviously isn't the right place for it.
  7. Yepp. More then once. Wild Cards series have plenty of that. :I
  8. I have half the last book left and my friend told me I probably wouldn't like the ending, so I'm stalling like crazy right now xD (We tend to think the same thing about these kinds of books, so I'm fairly sure she will be correct.) One day I'll dare to see what happens. One day.
  9. If I end up putting a book down, it usually means I don't intend to finish it. The one time I did was The Bear and the Tiger by Tom Clancy, and while it had the slowest damn build up ever, it had one hell of a climax and a Rainbow Six cameo and one of the coolest Russia being invaded by China scenarios ever.
  10. The Nine Princes of Amber, I think it was called. Part of it was slight boredom, part of it was hesitation, part of it was just that the protagonist didn't sit too well with me. The idea behind it is cool though.

    Also, back when I was actively trying to get into books (aka a few years ago), Warrior Cats the third book. I've read one and two like lighting, yet the third... I stopped about halfway. It just got boring, and very repetitive, which killed my wish to finish it.

    I'm actually quite good at not finishing books.

    EDIT: This thread actually makes me want to read something again, though... I might try the Robopocalypse book, since my friend borrowed me hers, saying that I'd like it. I am a sucker for sci-fi, after all...
  11. I can't stop reading. I just can't. Even if I know it's about to piss me off. D: Once I start a book I'm gone for the next 12 hours or so until it's done or until I'm force to pee or sleep or something.
  12. No need to explain. I understand the disappointment all too well. I stopped reading about 1/3 through Allegiant because I didn't want it to end. Then curiosity got the better of me...I wish I had stuck with my first thought and kept holding onto it out of disappointment of it ending.
  13. I may have stalled a little on Prince Lestat. Just a little.
  14. Harry potter. Final book. When it all went to hell I didn't pick the book up for months...its a bit like Schrödinger's cat; shut the book and the characters are neither alive nor dead until you open it again.

  15. I think that's exactly it!
    If I don't read it it can't happen ^_^
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  16. Well yeah but mine was because I didn't want it to end.
  17. Yea, with The Last Battle, but cause I didn't want it to end
  18. Under the Dome.... I actually put it down for an entire year before picking it up and finishing it.

    Mockingjay.... I hated the Hunger Game Trilogy. HATED! But I have this thing about leaving things unfinished, so I eventually picked up and read it. Hated it. I knew I would.
  19. Almost on The Hobbit. The beginning didn't hook me in at all. I'm very glad I got through the introduction though; the rest was great.

    Atlas Shrugged, at the radio speech that would span at least an hour in real life, where it rehashes every lesson already spoken to us through the book. Yes, I'm a masochist; I'm completed it. There's a lot that could've been cut. Ayn Rand spent at least 20 normal pages on describing a steel mill; it's insane! There are inspiring scenes, though, little gems that you can take with you... among the most shocking and morally controversial scenes put in fiction. It's a train wreck, to be sure, but I admired the strength of conviction in her words, even if it's for an capitalist ideal as impossible as the communist ideal Rand hated with every fiber of her being.
  20. New Spring, I had read the rest of the WoT books, and didn't want all them adventures to end.
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