Have you ever got so mad that...

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  1. ....you wanted to tear it all down and start from scratch, but you just KNOW that's a horrible idea, so instead you have to fight through the rage and push through it? D:<

    Yeah... yeah that's a bitch. >:[
  2. I've tried so hard, and got so far.. But in the end, it didn't even matter. D:

    But yes, I know this feeling well. Especially when I used to be assigned group projects in public school... >_>
    And with lots of my art pieces.


    And even with some of the novels I've started writing.

    Massive bitchiness. D:
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  3. Writing, sometimes, makes me feel this way. Trying to capture the right scene, words, character feelings. I could write 5,000 words, if it doesn't look good to me I delete it then curse at myself for doing so.
  4. Work does that to me. Not even big problems, small ones, like someone using my supplies but not filling them back up.

    Mostly it was that kid who undressed after he shit himself and stuck his shit covered clothes on the walls and I had to clean it.

    Got so mad my yelling and cursing turned into a British accent.
  5. @Windsong

    Hearing that makes me even mad.
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  6. Been there, done that -- both the 'tear it all down' and the 'push through it'. Sometimes, neither choice is the best, but only one choice is for the greater good.
  7. Don't tear down the site ;_;

    Also, yes, all the time.
  8. All the time. I used to be more of a "tear it all down" type of person. Many a thing was thrown. Many a thing was broke. But, alas, I've grown... and most of the time I just walk away from whatever it is that has got me all wound up and come back to it later. It's better that way.
  9. I take it this has to do with iwaku and the updates? o.o

    But yeah, I've felt like that before. XD
  10. *Shakes a canister of gasoline at Diana suggestively*

  11. Time to time with High School work.

    Nothing like that in the past several years though.
    Really angering stuff? Yea, but nothing that made me go "Refresh because Angry".
  12. Projects in a nutshell. Whether it be writing assignments or art. And it's worse when you're racing against time.
  13. I've felt something similar, but I've never really gotten mad about it. It is more like, I realize that I can do better, and I keep trying things till something works or it isn't worth continuing.
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  14. I do that aaaalll the damn time.

    Minecraft: fall in lava and lost all my stuff and forgot to save my base coords? New world

    iTunes being a bitch and doubling up my files? Format.

    Missed a stitch two days ago? Rip the whole hem

  15. No.
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  16. I've gotten mad enough to throw my laptop across the room... o-o
  17. I am an artist so my pieces tend to cycle through "this is a great idea!" to "This was the worst idea! Kill it with fire!".
  18. I used to do that, try not to anymore.
    I was told to work with my mistakes when arting
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