Have you ever experienced anything supernatural/paranormal/unexplained?

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  1. I've always been curious about this since I've been told I'm as blind as a bat to the spooky stuff. Even when my classmates had experienced something creepy in the evening we had hung out late at night at our school, I was oblivious.

    Most people tell me that's a good thing.

    Have you ever experienced some thing(s) you can't explain? It doesn't have to scare you, but just make you wonder how it had happened. It doesn't have to be just ghosts or hauntings, either. I like the unexplained things, be they UFOs, aliens, or just strange flukes in people's everyday lives.
  2. The only event that goes beyond any certain grasp I can recall was a near death experience, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Once, I was caught out in the middle of a Canadian winter with nothing but a hoodie for protection. Needless to say, I quickly grew frigidly cold and dropped in the snow, blacking out. I saw a dead woman with raven's wings somewhere in the void. I reached out to her and she helped me stand. Next thing I know, I'm on a small hill overlooking a shopping mall where I could enter for warmth.

    To this day, the only explanation I have for that event is "my brain did what it needed to survive", but... There is always that nagging uncertainty. Either way, it is something patently beyond my ability to naturally explain except with the unsubstantiated hypotheses that I deluded myself into surviving.

    Make of it what you will. That's the closest I've gotten to something supernatural.
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  3. @Brovo That sounds like it was a Witch! Perhaps she put a spell on you!

    I once sincerely prayed to God to remove a series of nightmares that I was suffering from as a child, and they vanished after that! It was most likely due to willpower, belief, or something like that, but it worked, so I'm happy!
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  4. That reminds me of something I read about 'an extra person' sometimes appearing to a group of people. When they're on the verge of death, usually from the cold and high altitude, an 'extra member' seems to appear and help them out, and the group only realizes that the person isn't really part of their group afterwards.

    I think that's the main idea, anyway. I don't remember the exact words or details, but it's something about during a human's times of need a 'person' sometimes appears to them. It may be something otherworldly, or it could be the human mind's way of coping and survival? Either way, it was very interesting.
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  5. My aunt can predict when people are pregnant before they even know it. Whenever she has a dream that someone is pregnant, 100% of the time, they are. The nurses at her work used to ask her if she dreamed of them whenever they were trying to get pregnant, and the ones who were avoiding it ran if she tried talking to them. It's pretty freaky.
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  6. PSSSH.

    I predict the future all the time.

    To really dumb it down, I tell patients:

    "Well, one of two things will happen. If we do <x> you will either get better or you won't. If you don't, we'll look for <y>, because something else could be causing your problems."

    Its a lot more specific and eloquent than that, but yeah. I treat it like a fancy math algorithm.

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  7. 5 whole seasons of it. They beat Lucifer in the end, but lost Sam to Hell. :c
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  8. My mom has dreams that are almost 'precognitive' some times. One time, just the day before her handbag was stolen she had dreamed of all her teeth falling out. In superstition, that meant she was going to lose something important. Another time, she had dreamed her uncle had sailed alone and far away, and never came back. Then we got the news that he had died.
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  9. I experience weird stuff all the time. I used to live in a house with my mom, brothers, mom's best friend and her son.. there were a few different things that happened there

    1. We were all at home, mom was making lunch and she had put out four cup of water on the counter.. all of which were up against the wall, way away from the edge of the counter. Mom walked out of the kitchen, there was nobody else in there, and all four cup were thrown across the kitchen.. water got Everywhere.
    2. My mom told me about this one, she was taking a bath and the shower turned on.. she said "oh you think that's funny?" out loud.. and the water turned off.
    3. i was watching tv, waiting to go out to the bus stop, nobody else was home, and i heard someone come to the bottom of the stairs and stop on the landing.. then the tv turned off by itself.

    In the house i live now, there are always weird sounds.. i hear people walking up and down the stairs when nobody is, things turn on and off on their own, being home alone makes me feel uneasy but i'm fine anywhere else. My dog will growl at nothing at the bottom of the stairs.
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  10. I've evoked them in others. The brain is a funny thing.
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  11. Years ago, I was looking through old photographs for some bizarre reason I don't remember. I came across one of my grandfather and I just had this 'Hmmm, he looks so much older nowadays. What if he died?' thought. About a week later, my father comes home and tells me and my siblings that my grandfather is in the hospital and that he probably won't make it. I almost shit my pants.

    He pulled through that time but he died exactly a year later.

    I highly doubt there was anything supernatural going on but that crazy coincidence scared the crap out of me at the time.
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  12. I really hate being home alone at my family home, because my brother had weird imaginary friends when he was little. And then one of the past maids apparently could see small people playing inside at the corner of her eye whenever she's cleaning outside. Some visitors can see them too.

    If only they could be hobbits...
  13. My house is haunted for starters. The last owner's late grandfather resides within the house and is often making noises or moving things around. Sometimes I have seen him though, but only as a shadow figure. My house also contains my dog who died two years ago; he seems to wander the backyard. It's sad when you see the happy face of a German Shepard as he runs through the yard and then you remember that he's dead and what you're seeing is a spirit. The last entity is something I can't explain, luckily it doesn't come around often. I also have a good sense of the supernatural and when something is about which I feel is a good thing since I'm so fond of the other side in terms of wanting to understand it. Once at my ex's house I did see her dead great grandmother who I never met. When I described her to my ex and her mother they both nodded in shock on how accurate I was to the great grandmother. Lastly, I'm rather accurate with my tarot readings. The only reading I've gotten wrong was my cousin and that's because I botched the shuffling.
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  14. How do you do tarot reading? I vaguely remember my mother seeing one when I was a little girl, and we had her try to get a reading on my lost pet. I know, but I couldn't sleep well because I was worried. We never saw the pet again, but the tarot card reader (I think, since she used cards?) told us he had gotten to a good owner.
  15. I learn the persons name and question and then select which deck I wish to use. The shuffling consist of making a 3X3 layout of them face down and then breaking them into three small decks and then shuffling them into one whole deck with shuffling them one more time before drawing once I get a good feel of the cards. This ensure the reader that I am not purposely drawing specific cards and what not. I botched my cousins because I rushed the shuffling part.
    And btw this is who your avatar reminds me of from Bleach.
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  16. A lot of weird sounds you hear your house make throughout the night is just the contractions and expansions it makes from the temperature fluctuation.

    Weirdest thing I've seen that I have no explanation for is I was doing a night driving exercise on base where we were driving with no lights save for little hard to spot guiding lights on the rear of each vehicle. We stopped by a lake and it's brilliantly starry out and no moon, and a few moments later everything lit up like somebody turned on the sun again for a brief second before it turned dark again. There was no light source I could see and it was so uniform across everything, even the trees across the lake, it seriously seemed like it was like some fucked up reemergence of midday for a brief second. Never seen anything like it since.
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  17. One of my friends had to have some pretty severe surgery which left him in 24 hour excruciating pain. The family always has spirits around them and decently powerful ones. We've had a lot of unexplainable crap but this one is the most tame. So anyway I volunteered to move in with them to help take care of him and he literally had to take medication every 4 hours round clock. At one point I had him moved out into the living room and had him set up on one of the couches and we both fell asleep watching a movie and I had forgotten to set my alarm for his meds. One of the spirits that I know follows them around as their protector started talking to me just casual conversation about things and I asked him if my friend would make it through this okay and he told me yes with time and so on and such forth, but after a while he moved forward and put his hand on my face and told me it was time to wake up and take care of him. I woke up and my friend was staring at me with wide eyes and said you were just talking to him weren't you? He was seeing him interact with me and it was pretty crazy.
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  18. @Dervish

    Yeah, I hear that the noises you hear during the night could be explained by the house 'settling'. It's still creepy, though. Especially if you're paranoid during nighttime.
  19. Yes. I've had some very very very spooky experience that's marked me till today. It's one of the major reasons I've dedicated myself to Occult Studies in my free time.
    However, there are three options with sharing such an experience :
    1. People saying you're insane and that you need to seek help.
    2. Decide that irrespective if it's true or not , respect the person that has gone through it as it is very real for them.
    3. Listen and stick to the fact that you're not going to believe it since it's relatively impossible and possibly outrule the psychological explanations for it.
    As for me, I've learnt to be a logical person and listen, put my input where I should, and if I believe it or not its not a really important matter. That you are being heard out I think is more important than actually believing paranormal occurrences or not.
    The Frozen Queen ❄
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  20. Yeah, I can see the resemblance xD White hair, what looks like horns, black sclera with white pupils. And his clothes also have that fur lining lol

    I don't really watch Bleach, which character is that again?
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