Have YOU Ever Caused an Awkward Silence?

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  1. Well, have you? Have you done something that just made whoever was listening go silent, out of not knowing what to say?

    I had my perfectly normal friend listen to the following song.
    With earphones in.
    Do it.
    Afterwards, she just just stared at me, with a confused look on her face.
  2. yeah i do kinda make a room go silent because for some reason i cant sneeze normally i will sit silently then "ahh ahh ahh FOS RO DAH." and im not joking....i got in trouble many times in school because i would be all quiet and then BAM i make everyone jump out of their skin.
  3. The song makes me want to take my pants off.

  4. Seems I can cause my coworks to stop and stare when I use a curse word. I guess they never suspect the hyper ones.
  5. ‚Äč*goes quiet as the song plays*
  6. ....I couldn't finish listening to the song....I felt like breaking my laptop in half >.<

    Well I have cause silence in groups...since I am quiet they do not expect a "innocent shy" looking girl say anything perv... So uh, yeah X_x
  7. I cause them quite often on purpose and on accident.
  8. Yeah, on my birthday. It was followed by laughter.

    Me: *Drinking some alcoholic drink I cant remember*

    Greg: "Suck it! Suck it like you're trying to make babies!"

    Me: *stops and tilts my head* ......that's not how you make babies! D:

  9. <.< I'm the queen of making awkward silences in my house.

    But I did it in class today- with everyone high out of their minds.

    We got the notice that our professor was only going to be with us for a moment- and she told us that it was because it was Earth Day.

    She told us to plant a tree or something today, to celebrate.

    And I joked, "Oh, so that's why we're getting the day off? Earth Day? Not because it's 4/20?"

    The class went silent.

    "Well, isn't that the same thing?" Professor asked.


    "Sure, lets go with that." Ran out of that class and watched people snarf down food in the cafeteria.