Have you ever broken a bone?

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I'm 21 years old and I've never broken a bone...and I've said this many, many times throughout my life and never, ever, jinxed myself. I've torn muscles, strained muscles, and everything else having to do with muscle injury, but I've *never* broken a bone.
One of the legs of piano broke and the piano fell on me. Broken shoulder. Age 4.

Tried to jump over a fence in an attempt to beat my cousin to the dream cast, tripped and fell. Fracture. Age 13.

Arm got hit by a truck, fracture. Age 16.
I don't really break things, thank goodness xD But I'm very risky, so I do get sprains easily x3

Jump Rope Competition > sprained ankle.
Fell from climbing the jungle gym the dangeous way > sprained wrist.
Some other Jump Rope injury > sprained ankle
Fell from a tree picking blueberries > fractured arm
Danced in the rain in flipflops and tripped > sprained ankle
Slip and trip while passing the baton in a team race > sprained BIGTOE > AND OUCH THAT HURT MORE THAN AN ANKLE XD
I've never broken anything, I attribute it to the glass of milk o have each morning.
Only toes.....Do teeth count as bones? if so then yes, i have fake teeths!
Teeth can count!