Have you ever broken a bone?

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I got my jaw surgically broken in four places in a nine hour surgery to remove the growth plates. Aside from that, nothing

How about you?
Broke an arm skating, now I can't see broken bones without cringing.

I'm all about talking about people getting shot though.
Nope. Close to springing my ankle a few times... but never done that either... o_o
Broke a knee while riding a motorbike, leg got twisted 180 degrees half on the knee half on the ankle, ankle popped back into place easily enough back I was in a leg cast for then entire holidays =(
I have a habit of spraining my right ankle...but then I'm a klutz...so I'm very surprised I haven't broke anything yet.
my middle knuckle on my right hand, my sternum still pops occasionally from a baseball bat hit 5 years ago (never fight right after a game) so i figure it's a mishealed fracture of sorts and my nose has been broken once and my buddy replaced it so beautifully you can't tell it was broken at all except it pops when i move the front bit up and down
I've broken both my elbows.
One of them was, ironically, while skating (Dark stole my excuse!). I was just learning and had only managed to learn how to skate quickly, but not how to stop well and tried to use the wall. The impact twisted my arm backwards and shattered the elbow.

The second time only gave it small fractures, hairline, but I was carrying my sister on my shoulders and she leaned forward to try and look at the glass shards on the ground and I had been going down a small step.... I threw one arm out from instinct and the other up on purpose to catch her, meaning I took the full brunt of the fall on the left arm. But she was ok, no bones broken on her yet.
Whoa! Cool break stories, and also, how do you feel about having the bones broken? /How do you feel about having everything unbroken?
Haven't broken anything, thank gods. A few fractures here and there though, but nothing severe. One of them from falling up the stairs XD
Whoa, Neccy. That sucks.
It still hurts sometimes when the weather changes but other then that I don't think about it.
Whoa, Neccy. That sucks.

Haha! It was nothing, I was still able to walk around just fine, until I started developing this nasty bump on my right leg. I had to wear a brace for awhile, but it was something totally minor in comparison to a broken leg. :)

Now if Angelic Asylum was here, har har har, she has the story to tell you XD
i think its kinda cool that i can crack my sternum and watch doc's cringe and then start popping my nose and watch them freak even more :D
Thankfully, I've never broken a bone but did twist my wrist once after flipping over the front of my bike and having it land on top of me. x___x;
do other people's bones count, if so many.
if not none, my bones are like steel or something, I've jumped off a 10 foot wall and was fine.
Never broken a bone before, which is surprising with the kind of accidents I've gotten myself in to. c____c Falling down stairs, pushed off roof-height walls, crazy bicycle stunts, getting beat up, hitting a light pole with a bike. So many accidents... t__t
I've broken knuckles before, but I haven't broken any major bones. The closest that I got to that sort of thing was dislocating my ankle. That was my first experience with pain so intense it literally made you see "white" for a second.
I've been shoved down 3 flights of stairs capped with steel. That gave me 3 broken ribs and 1 fractured...It felt like I was on fire.

Oddly enough, I've been trapped against a tree by my older brother, and had a Batman bank pierce my head. Like, it was sticking out of my head.