Have you been to jail or been arrested?

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Been arrested or spent time in jail?

  1. Nope

  2. Been arrested

  3. Been arrested and spent time in jail

  1. I've been arrested twice and spent one night in jail the first time.

    Both from public intoxication. The first time was kinda funny because I was drinking a beer in the graveyard. The second I was just walking home after a party.

    Lets all discuss our experiences with jail!
  2. I never been arrested or been in jail. ^_^
  3. Nope. Have arrested a guy for public drunkenness though. (No, it wasn't Pan.)
  4. Nope, closest thing i've ever had was a cop in a K9 unit honk the car horn to ask me where we got a purple sweater for our dog.
  5. I've never been arrested, but I have called the cops on a few people.
  6. Criminal Trespassing.
    lol. Roof Climbing.
  7. I've *almost* been to arrested in Dubai. Twice.

    Both of them involving fights that I didn't start. I just helped my cousins beat up whoever they were fighting.

    Only ended up in the precint for questioning, never arrested/jailed. Hurray for local cousins
  8. I got strip searched and everything!
  9. Well everyone makes mistakes that can cause you pain.

    Well no I have never been to a jail or ever been arrested.
  10. Name: Zoey Knight
    Age: 16
    Appearance: (open)
    Zoey was quite a looker with silky yet short brown hair that looks so soft to touch, bright brown eyes that reflect light just right to appear more golden, a slim yet very curvy figure, perky large B cup breasts, and her ass that even makes straight girls turn to look. Her usual sweater, and tight jean-shorts make her figure and features stand out even more. The fact her shorts reveal her legwear also help draw attention to the fact she was quite tall with having a late birthday that lets her be one of the oldest in her grade, and this help her stay ahead in the develop of her body besides a few earlier bloomers that may give her a run for the money.

    Her old boyfriend would admit to anyone he was close with that she was 'not a virgin anymore', 'she was bare except a small upside-down heart above her clit', 'she liked wearing lacy red-bras, but never wore panties', 'she was definatly Bi-sexual', and if someone pushed for it...he would further admit 'she liked to be on top and dominate me'. If anyone asked Zoey, she would confirm that it was all true, and that no one needed to know exactly how or why her old boyfriend knew some of those things such as her being Bi-sexual. This had lead to a few jokes about 'why' she was the 'head' cheerleader.
    Bio: (open)
    Zoey at school was known for being the daughter of a couple that traveled most of the time, and was rarely home. She however was one of the richest girls at the school, but while all of this was true, things at home were a bit different than what everyone expected. Zoey was not allowed to access most of her family's wealth, and the money she uses to show off is what she stole. She was one of the top villains in the city, but most people did not realize it because she has never been caught. Unlike most super beings she did not have one or two powers, but 12. She could turn invisible, go intangible, make portals, make force fields, make illusions, had conjuration, had super strength, make clones, heal, make a time field, control wind, and most of all she had the power of manipulating powers such as absorbing them from enemies, negating them, or giving others new ones. She however was born with all 12 powers, and yet to actually take advantage of her 'main' power of manipulating powers.

    Why did she have so many powers, or what could be argued to be the strongest power of all? The answer sadly was why her parents were always gone. They were actually the top 2 heros in the world. The 'power couple' that every hero admires, trusts, and obeys. While most villains fear or a least hate them. Everyone would be shocked, and maybe even deny to their last breath that those two became so powerful because they murder the previous top hero when he was already hurt due to a previous fight, and experimented on his body. This allowed them to figure out how to unlock more powers in a person as everyone born with a power was not at their limit, their bodies could handle more, and ....they used their knowledge to unlock all the abilities they could handle, and only then had a child so that she would be born with a never before seen potential.

    They were rarely home, but when they did come home they would train her, or ...do some small experiments that could be covered up, or won't make her disappear too long. They were careful not to hurt her much, but....it really did not matter because she knew while they did not torture her, that it was not because they loved her, but because she was their legacy. At best, their legacy. But at worse...a lab rat. A experiment. A ...well to say she loved her parents would be ...something worse than a lie. Not even a joke. Her power of ...power basically meant any other hero or villain would be facing their nightmare, and so she could handle her parents. Maybe not in a 'fair' fight, but if she can outright stop them from using their powers then they were basically humans. The only reason she did not already kill them was because she knew how much attention their disappearance would bring.

    That did not stop her from stealing, and doing whatever she wanted while they were gone. She made sure they were not aware of her power to turn intableble or invisible as those allowed her to get around unopposed. At school she tried to be someone her parents would be proud of, such as getting nearly perfect grades, being loved by most students and teachers, becoming the leader of the cheerleaders, etc. Sure, she bullied a few students, but that was to keep her fellow 'popular' kids happy as it something they would do. Frankly, those other students may be losers, but she figure IF that was true then they were not worth bullying in the first place. And most of the time the other students were not actually losers, but simply pssied the wrong person off, or because of their parents. Or simply because kids could be quite horrible when they are younger, and some victims keep that 'label' into high school.

    There was Reia though. To other students it seemed like Reia was her favorite 'victim' of her own. The truth was the cute and shy, yet smart girl was Zoey's secret crush. Yes, crush. Zoey did not act like she did in school because she cared about what the other students thought, but because she knew it may get in trouble by her parents if she did something that looks bad on them. So she needed good grades, to be populated, etc. The bullying itself was never an issue because she never went too far, and her parents were realistic enough to know it was like a undercover mission where she had to bully some to join the 'popular' crowd, and keep them from going to far by influencing them. Or something else up those lines. Zoey really did not care much about their reasons.

    It was why she dated a boy while she was 15, and gave him her virginity. It helped her 'popularity' and she could leak certain things out through her boyfreind. They were no longer dating, but that did not matter. As she made sure to trick him so that their relationship ended on a good note. She knew some people would call her stupid for losing her virginity mostly to earn some points, or influence one of the top guys in the school. But she had various reasons for why she justified it, and one of them was so she could control how she loses her virginity, and secretly she talked him into a 'three-way' and she got label Bi-sexual for it, but the truth was she wanted to know which way she swing. She knew she had feelings for Reia, but they barely talked, and it was usually her bullying the girl...so she needed some experience to figure out her feelings, and desires.

    She did not start having a crush on Reia, and truthfully started some light bullying because she was a bit angry that Reia got to be herself, and did not try to put on an act for the students, or parents. So that was how the bullying started for Reia, but the crush was why Reia became her 'favorite' target. As for the crush itself...well while she had a good range of abilities she mostly used her invisibility, and intangibility. Being able to go anywhere, and not be saw...well illusions sure did not help any. So it makes it easy for her to spy...err...watch on people, and learn their secrets. Now she not yet found any major secret about Reia, but she spent enough time watching Reia to get enough hints that Reia did not act fully herself while at school, and that made Zoey curious, and reminded her some of herself...despite her first thoughts when she first saw the girl...and recently Reia made the mistake of looking a bit angry when a student badmouth the villain Vii.

    Well, maybe it was not a mistake, as far as Reia could see, no one was looking at her. But...it made Zoey a bit jealous. Did Reia like Vii? But...if she liked bad girls then maybe....well no. No one knew about her activities so she did not really have a villain name....or any 'record' for anyone to admire her. Shit. Maybe she let herself make a mistake, and get caught on camera or something? So long as she makes sure her parents can't trace it to her...well she would be fine. Maybe try to sabotage Vii, and make Reia realize there was ...no wait...admittedly Vii did have a quite curvy body, but she was probably older than them so that was not a fair comparison. Though...why would Reia like bad girls? Would she not wish for a 'hero' to protect her from the bullying she gets at school? Oh...fuck. Did they push Reia too far, and she secretly wants to kill them all? Is that why she prefers villains? She never went too far with the bullying, but small things add up over a period of years....and the girl did not really have any freinds that Zoey could see...

    As Zoey would then blush....Vii was known for...making female heros regret going after her. Could Reia secretly like her back? As maybe that is why Reia admires Vi? Secretly wanting to do the same to someone she wanted to fuck. Maybe she wants to shove her in a closet, and have her way with her? What should she do? Zoey found she liked being in control or dominate...but having such a cute girl on top of her....oh my...she needed another pair of shorts. Admittedly most of her powers were not really for direct combat, but support, or such. They however were quite useful, and did have a few combat related uses. But the usefulness was more important as Zoey could simply create a new pair of shorts as her power over conjuration was quite good for small things. She could create big things, but that can make her tired. Small things? She can do that all day long. As she comes out of the changing room, and around a corner she was furious to see someone moving to hit Reia!
  11. I feel like such an outlaw.

    I've been arrested twice. The first time I spent the night in county jail on holding, this for my involvement in a fight. The second time, which I won't go into detail about,How ever it was a non violent non burglary offense. I spend a little over 4 months in jail, and am still on probation.
  12. ....prison tour. Went through pre trial intervention. It was a must that you go on a 'scared straight' type deal prison tour. The guys know your s'posed to behave the whole time and that the people in the tour aren't allowed to talk. well, one of them ran by screaming when we crossed through a area and I burst out laughing...guy almost got me kicked out.

    Ah, I don't think I was put under arrest from the whole deal that got me into pti.

    Long story.

    So, yeah, I've been in jail...just not like your asking.
  13. Never been arrested or spent time in jail. :D ...Had to bail Isaboo out of jail twice. >:[ That is not a phonecall I like to get.
  14. If sexy jail counts. I was sent to sexy jail. For being too sexy.

    HAW HAW HAW. I am sorry.
  15. You wouldn't believe me if I said I got arrested anyway xD

    But I didn't, mind you xD
  16. I once got a ride from some cops of the nice part of town like two years ago, not gonna happen again.

    And I'd put up pictures of how jails are here but you can just play Fallout 3 instead.

  17. I was the arresting officer for that'n.

    MMM-HMM! *snaps fingers in Z-formation*