Have you been to jail or been arrested?

Been arrested or spent time in jail?

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Isabella Hime

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I've been arrested twice and spent one night in jail the first time.

Both from public intoxication. The first time was kinda funny because I was drinking a beer in the graveyard. The second I was just walking home after a party.

Lets all discuss our experiences with jail!


Nope. Have arrested a guy for public drunkenness though. (No, it wasn't Pan.)

Blind Hemingway

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Nope, closest thing i've ever had was a cop in a K9 unit honk the car horn to ask me where we got a purple sweater for our dog.


I've never been arrested, but I have called the cops on a few people.

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Criminal Trespassing.
lol. Roof Climbing.


I've *almost* been to arrested in Dubai. Twice.

Both of them involving fights that I didn't start. I just helped my cousins beat up whoever they were fighting.

Only ended up in the precint for questioning, never arrested/jailed. Hurray for local cousins

Ike Sapphire

Well everyone makes mistakes that can cause you pain.

Well no I have never been to a jail or ever been arrested.


The Murrstress
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Old roommates tried to call the cops on me last week when I wasn't even IN OHIO.

One of my friends up there said that a room of guys I used to hang with put it in their heads that I'm gonna kill them.

So, there was attempt, a stupid one, to ave me arrested.

Crimson Cowboy

I feel like such an outlaw.

I've been arrested twice. The first time I spent the night in county jail on holding, this for my involvement in a fight. The second time, which I won't go into detail about,How ever it was a non violent non burglary offense. I spend a little over 4 months in jail, and am still on probation.

Corvus Corax

....prison tour. Went through pre trial intervention. It was a must that you go on a 'scared straight' type deal prison tour. The guys know your s'posed to behave the whole time and that the people in the tour aren't allowed to talk. well, one of them ran by screaming when we crossed through a area and I burst out laughing...guy almost got me kicked out.

Ah, I don't think I was put under arrest from the whole deal that got me into pti.

Long story.

So, yeah, I've been in jail...just not like your asking.


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Never been arrested or spent time in jail. :D ...Had to bail Isaboo out of jail twice. >:[ That is not a phonecall I like to get.


You wouldn't believe me if I said I got arrested anyway xD

But I didn't, mind you xD


I once got a ride from some cops of the nice part of town like two years ago, not gonna happen again.

And I'd put up pictures of how jails are here but you can just play Fallout 3 instead.