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  1. Long story short, I'm looking for a reason to use a particular character of mine, since he rarely gets to be the focus of a story and could use some development regarding the way he thinks. He's a member of an exceedingly rare race I invented known as the spirit (not to be confused with the ghost), and spirits have one specific drive in life: find someone to trust (not another spirit), and consequently push everyone else away. The problem with this guy is that he goes way too far with this concept, practically depending on his trusted for psychological stability.

    I have a few scenarios in mind built around this:
    - His previous trusted is dead, and after grudgingly accepting a new one into his life, he has trouble opening up to them
    - After failing to find a trusted that he thinks is strong enough to deserve his attention, he creates one from scratch using powerful spells
    - His trusted is threatened, kidnapped, etc. by some third party

    I'm looking for someone to either fill the role of the trusted or the third party in the third scenario. This is going to involve magic, so if you're looking for something more realistic or sci-fi, I wouldn't suggest this. Otherwise, though, I'm extremely flexible with the setting and time period, and I'm also more than happy to hear out any other ideas. Post length and reply time aren't really issues with me, so don't worry about it. :3
  2. This sounds really interesting, I think I'd like to go with scenario one or three because I have a character that I could use as their trusted (and they have some trust issues of their own).

    Also, would it be alright to go with a modern setting? I sort of suck with getting historic stuff right.
  3. I'm interested in this as well pm me and we can do the details! I like one but I could swing any of them