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  1. Hello, so I have several ideas that I want to rp, and I am also open to suggestion by others. I usually do plots that are at least partly romance. I have no requirement for post length, however I request enough to reply to and acceptable grammar. In addition to that, I do not rp horror or plots in which characters have major psychological issues. I also only do MxF pairings, as I am not very good at the same sex ones.

    Plot idea 1:
    Pairing: girl or guy X opposite gender best friend
    Detail: These two characters have been best friends for a very long time and do everything together. Pretty much everyone assumes they'll eventually be married, but they're not even dating yet. Something -will be decided later- happens and changes that.

    Plot idea 2: IN USE
    Pairing: Winged guy "hero" [MINE] X Girl he saves... A similar plot can be done with any supernatural character, really. Even a normal human vigilante.
    Detail: A girl [your character] is walking alone, and is attacked in either a park or an alleyway by a strange man. Just as they've lost hope that nothing terrible would happen to them, another stranger appears and helps them, killing the attacker. The girl is scared, but this new stranger only wants to help, having made a habit of being a vigilante in the city where this takes place. He takes a special liking to this girl and visits often in the hopes of starting a relationship, although he is somewhat bad at socializing and naïve about how one actually accomplishes that.
    Plot idea 3:
    Pairing: Prehistoric outcasts
    Detail: Two options for this one:
    Option one: I rp the male, banished from his tribe because they believe him to be a demon. He looks odd, with pale skin and hair which are unusual for his tribe, and blue eyes which are near nonexistent at this point in history. He's also sort of a rebel and does not follow tribal customs, and he's weaker but far more intelligent than those in his tribe. You would rp the female, and choose the details of their eviction, either from his tribe or another. These two then meet up and basically begin their own tribe.
    Option two: I rp female, banished from her tribe for disobedience and refusing to be with a male she dislikes. Something similar to what happens in option one happens, but you'd then rp the male.

    Plot idea 4: Hunger Games:
    Pairing: Katniss x Gale
    Detail: This is the same one I started a thread for before, in which Gale ends up in the games instead of Peeta, probably by volunteering once Katniss does. The two of them do well in the games, ending up as the last two, and refuse to kill each other. They must then survive the game makers' attempts to make them fight or kill one of them.

    That's all for now, but I'll probably end up adding more later. Please reply to this thread or PM me if you're interested in rping any of these. :)
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  2. Number two, please? ;u;
  3. I have someone for that.. Would you be alright with me doing two of the same plot? -I actually quite enjoy doing the same plot with different people and characters, it's quite interesting to see how different it ends up being each time..-
    Or would you like to do a different one?
  4. Oh... Well, I'm actually quite the opposite when doing the same plot idea as anyone else so ciao!
  5. Plot idea 2 please!
  6. Do you mind doing a slight variation of that one, since I have someone for the main part of that plot? My character would just be a different kind of supernatural, or a normal human, instead of a winged..
    Would that be alright?
  7. That's perfectly fine for me.
  8. Alright. Can you send me the description for the character you'll be using?
  9. I would be up for plot 1 or plot 4 if you want?
  10. Plot 1.
    Send me your character?
  11. Would you like me to send a male or a female?
  12. Whichever you'd prefer, as I could do either.
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