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  1. As the title suggests, I have ideas brewing in my head for a while, and would like some partners to develop them further. I prefer to do everything over PM, and do not have a set schedule for posting as I’m a college student with a weekend job, but I do my best to post at least once a day(about 3-5 paragraphs each)
    I can play a female role even if I prefer male(as I am a cis male), have dabbled in other roles, and not afraid to dabble in more.

    I am also flexible in the plot/porn ratio of an RP. From 0 to 100% of either Plot or Porn, so long as we set the expectation from the start I’m fine with it.

    Below you will find my current ideas. Will update if I come up with more. PM me if interested in these ideas, or have your own you want to pitch to me.

    Re-inventing a Relationship (open)


    Setting: Modern
    Pairing: M/F
    YC and MC were friends throughout high school, and as senior year came around we actually started fooling around and falling in love. Then our parents threw a wrench into the whole affair and got married. We buried our feelings, and played like we were just the best of friends happy to become brother and sister.

    But now we’re at college in a distant city, where we can re-invent ourselves.

    The Generation Gap (open)

    Setting: Modern
    Pairing: F/F or M/F
    YC is an older divorcee woman who has recently moved into the apartment complex where MC, a working college student also lives. Their relationship evolves from neighbors, to friends, to lovers.

    This is not The End (open)

    Setting: Post-Apocalyptic City
    Pairing: M/F
    Not much to this one. I was involved in a three-person RP in which the characters found themselves(to the best of their knowledge) the last three human left on Earth. Unfortunately it was dropped before any real fun could be had, and I really want to give it a real try.

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  2. Hey! I'm interested in the "Re-Inventing A Relationship" plot. It sounds interesting and I'd love to play it out ^_^ I prefer playing females if that's cool with you! I mean... if you wanna RP with me that is.
  3. I'd like to RP "The Generation Gap." ^^

    The Generation Gap and This is Not The End are still open. Haven't heard from people in a few days.
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  5. Hmmm. I wouldn't mind The Generation Gap, if you're still looking for someone.
  6. I like the This is not the End.
  7. I would be interested in the Generation Gap one if it is still available. ​
  8. I'm interested in role-playing with you.
  9. I would be interested in the post apoc if you are still searching
  10. I am not currently taking new partners. Will update if I don't hear from someone in a few days.
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