Have Fun in the Mines and towns. And other!

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  1. Name: DR
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Draghf
    Bio: He is not all that good with other people. He lives in a mountain where he mines and sleeps.
    Looks: He wears a tattered shirt and normal pants.

    DR woke up one day and grabbed his pickaxe and started to mine like ever day. After awhile his pickaxe broke, and he walked to get another one. He saw that he did not have any more. "Time to got to the town." He said as he walked out of his house. He looked around and started to walked to town.
  2. ~Name~




    Karou normally wanders from town to town, not really knowing where she is headed but trying to outrun the demons from her past. She doesn't stay in a town for too long, least her demons catch up with her.

    Karou (open)


    Karou scowled slightly in annoyance at the man currently trying to sell her some potion that seemed to cure any ailments. She had told him no three times already but he was blocking the way in the tavern/hotel and she couldn't go inside! He seemed unaffected, or oblivious of the small women currently glaring holes in his face and continued with his sales pitch.
  3. DR got to the town. He walked to the shop he goes to, but they were closed for the day. "What come on. To day is not me day. I should have stay in bed. Ok. Lets see if he as any jobs for me." He said to himself as he walked to the tavern. He saw some one there and a merchant in front of the door. "Pardon me, but can you move please?" He asked as he stopped.
  4. The man in front of Karou paused and gave DR an offended look before stepping out of the way. Karou looked at DR gave a nod of thanks before darting inside. She walked over to the Tavern/Inn(Couldn't think of the word before xD) and set down some coins, slipping off her hood to reveal pointed ears and ash blonde hair. "I would like to purchase a room for the night." She said in her melodic voice. The Inn keeper picked up her coins, nodded and handed over a key.

    Karou also paid for some fruit and vegetables then went to a empty table in the corner to wait for her food. It was brought shortly and Karou began to eat, eyes scanning around the crowded room.
  5. DR looked at Karou. "OK." He said as he walked inside he looked around trying to find the man he goes to for jobs. "Oh, come." He said as he just breathed in and out. "Today is not my day for anything. Well may get something to eat while I am here." He said as he shook his head. He walked up to the counter and asked for some salted pork. He looked around as he paid for his food. After awhile the man gave him the food. "Thank you." He asked as he walked outside eating his food.
  6. Karou soon finished her food and stood from the table. She picked her bag up and headed upstairs to her room. Once inside she locked the door and set her bag down. She sighed as she unfastened her cloak and laid in on the chair in the corner. She washed her face in a basin next to the bed before she sat down on the mattress. It wasn't the softest thing in the world but it would have to do.
  7. DR walked around town looked at the small shop that where there. "Nope. Not this one. Come. What else can go wrong?" He said as he shook his head. Rain clouds form above. "Are you..." He started to say, when it started to rain. He looked at the way home and shook his head. He walked back to the Tavern. He opened the door and walked to the counter again. "Can I have a room please?" He asked as he shook his head. He grabbed the key and walked to his room.
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  8. Karou's ears picked up the sounds of someone opening the door to the room next to her own. Hmmm, it appeared she had a neighbor. She sighed and stood up, removing her boots and her belt. She untied her hair from its tied back position and shook it out. She then laid down on the bed, gazing up at the ceiling. In the morning she would possibly leave and then the run will be on once more.
  9. DR looked around the room. "First my pickaxe broke, then the shop was close. He was not here today, and now it is raining." He said as he shook his head. He walked around the room for awhile and the sat down on the bed. He looked at the wall for awhile and then lied down. "Maybe tomorrow will be better." He said as he fell asleep.
  10. Karou rolled over on her side, watching the fire crackle merrily in the hearth across from her. She sighed as her eyes fluttered shut. After a few moments her breathing deepened and she was asleep.
  11. DR woke up in the night of the night. "I hate beds." He said as he stood up and looked around. He walked to the window and looked outside. "How long will this rain last?" He asked to himself as he walked to the door and walked out of the room.
  12. Karou cried out, bolting into an upright position. She panted as her eyes darted around before she took a deep breath and forced herself to relax. "It was just a nightmare. It's ok, you're ok. He's not here. Not here." She mumbled to herself.
  13. DR walked to the lower part and walked to the counter. He looked at all the people that was inside. He shook his head and decided to go back to his room. He walked to the door and tried to open it. "Why will it not open. I know that I did not lock it." He said to himself as he started to kick it.
  14. Karou let out a gasp as the sound of her door being kicked filled the room. She quietly drew her dagger and crept to the door. She jerked it open and lunged at whoever was outside. She stopped short upon seeing an unfamilar man. She narrowed her eyes, blade extended defensively. "What do you want?" She demanded.
  15. DR looked at the elf girl. "This is not my room is it?" He asked as he looked at the dagger. "Expecting someone to come and kill you? Can you please put that away before someone gets hurt. Like me." He said as he looked around. "It is still raining and now I have a elf girl pointing a dagger at me. What else can go wrong today." He thought to himself.
  16. Karou gave the man a wary look but relaxed slightly and let the arm holding the dagger drop. She frowned. "No, this is not your room. Why were you trying to kick my door in?"
  17. "I am sorry. I am just not having a good day right now. I thought that it was my room." DR said as he looked at the girl. "My I asked you, why you have a dagger in your hand? And why you pointed it at me?
  18. "I have it for my own personal reasons. And it was pointed at you but it is not anymore. The only reason why It was in the first place was because I thought you were trying to kick my door in." Karou said, crossing her arms over her chest.
  19. DR looked at her. "I was trying to kick the door in. I am sorry." He said as he looked at the number on his key. He looked at the next door over. "I did not me to...." He stopped for a second. "Disturb you." He said as he walked to the next door.
  20. Karou watched him for a moment before she shut her door and locked it again. She sighed, rubbing her temple as she set her knife beside her and flopped back onto the bed.