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  1. In a world of nothing, just dakness and enternal snow. He have just witnessed something new, something he never knew would happen nor could happen. By the white snow a small puddle of blood started to color the world as the wind slowly swept by their faces and his face, his cold dead face whom yet had the eyes of a living person. A pale-white face like the snow and gray eyes that shone like the moon itself and the long hair who got colored by the red blood on the ground as small white snowflakes started to land on his skin and slowly melt.

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    Andarius fell on his knees as his white clothes got one with the snow and the blood started to get closer to him, he yelled out. He knew he couldn't feel anything but he just wanted to scream, just do something.
    -"ANDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" He just screamed as he slammed his fist on the snow and struggle to bite his teeth together and infront of him he could see the black shoes made of steel and a small laugh, Andarius could feel his body getting up by the demon as they looked into each others eyes.

    Demon (open)

    -"Can't do nothing but to scream?" He said with a crooked smile as his hand shone with a dark power.
    -"Well, let me help you scream some more, shall we?" The demon's eyes shone with a blood red color as he raised his hand and was about to hit but as soon the hand was about to touch Andarius a voice stopped them and as a dog listening to his master, he quickly stopped and dropped Andarius on the ground and turned back. And there, from the dark, a man appeared and colored the darkness with his red, yellow and white clothes, almost like a fire. He had a dark smile and empty blue eyes that shone like cristals in ice and he had a friend with him, a dragon-like animal with a golden mask and shining blue eyes, just like his master. Andarius bit his teeth together and felt a slight pain inside him. The man smiled.

    Fornax (open)

    -"You... You're!!" Andarius was so shocked by the sight of Fornax that he could not speak and when Fornax saw his shocking face he smiled even more and walked a little more closer to the two, the demon though backed away more closer to his master and looked down at him.
    -"Yes, you should fear me and yes, I'm the black hole you've heard of." He said with a deep smooth voice that almost gave pleasure to the air but yet, it was really cold and empty, just like he said, a "black hole".
    Fornax looked down at the dead body and touched his cold face with his foot and then turned to Andarius whom tried to get up from the ground but got stopped when Fornax spoke.
    -"I wouldn't do that if I where you..." And with that Andarius got back down on his knees and saw how Fornax smiled even more as he got closer to him and hold his cheek, he felt Fornax power and felt the pain even more inside him.
    -"We're not so different you and I." He started and Andarius slammed his hand away with his shining white hand, a small burn mark was on Fornax handbut disappeared the other second it could be seen, he looked down at his hand and then at Andarius.
    -"How... how can you be here? I mean, you're a-" Andarius couldn't say more when Fornax interrupted him.
    -"A black hole? Well, let me tell you a little story then..." He started.
    -"Your people, Andarius. When your people knew how to make these magicial shells that you now wear, I got really interested in it myself. You see... as nice as I'm, I gave them a small warning that if they didn't do this ritual and make this shell to me, they would all have died. And as nice as they are, they made it as promised and not only that, they made it more stronger to hold inside a black hole in this human form. Just like you, but you're different than me, aren't you? Oh, you're much more different than me, yet... we're very similar to each other. Much more similar than we think." He says with a glimpse in his eyes and a cold smile.
    -"We're... Nothing like each other!" Andarius took his hand that was shining with a white power and was about to touch Fornax's chest but he saw Fornax's hand slowly taking his own hand and stopping him as a white light struck them both and when the darkness came back, they stood there, Andarius with hate in his eyes and Fornax with a wide smile.
    -"Oh, Andarius... Why not stop this fight and be with me? It would all be so much easier." Fornax grip his hand harder and keep his cold smile on his face, Andarius bites his teeth together and takes away his hand with force and backs away.
    -"No... Never. Why would I, when you've killed my friend?" Andarius gets a glimpse on Andri as Fornax laughs.
    -"That thing? That thing, human, whatever... is your friend?!" Fornax laughs at what he just heard but only for a small moment and then shoots out some dark materia and Andarius fall down on the ground.
    -"Ugh!" He grunts and tries to get up and sees that Fornax is about to leave.
    -"You cannot live that blow, Andarius... I hope you had a good life." He says and Andarius sight gets more blurry and hard to see. "No, I cannot die now. I still have my task to do... Someone... Andri..."


    Andarius feel that the snow have stopped for a long time ago, yet the snow under him is almost like a bed, so soft, yet so easy to break. He suddenly hears a voice, a small thin voice that gets closer and closer. "Please... Please wake up." A girl? Who is it? He starts to slowly open his eyes and sees a small girl in front of him that cries. He tries to get up and feels lighter somehow.
    -"Oh, you're awake!" She says and hugs him, he gets a small shock and looks down at the girl. Her hair is almost as white as his, with many locks like a doll and she looks at him with ice blue eyes like himself, her dress is also like one of a doll, white and with many ribbons. Almost too nice to wear outside. He takes his hand on her shoulder and she sits beside him.
    -"Who.. are you?" He asks and she smiles a warm smile that can make anyone calm.
    -"I'm Noah! I'm here to help you. Who are you?" She answers and Andarius smiles.
    -"I'm Andarius."


    Andarius (open)
    [​IMG] Though he have a whole suit on, with a white tie, white shoes and everything a suit should have that is just white.

    -"Oh, is that so?" Andarius says as they go through the snow, him in a white suit covering his whole body and her, Noah, in a white doll like dress with white shoes and socks that goes over her knees and stops there. Noah nods.
    -"Mm-hm, I'm here to help you out." She tells him with her warm smile and Andarius smiles back, his eyes not as hard and cold as before and he feels much more lighter now.
    -"So where are we going?" She then asks and Andarius looks forward to see a small light appear and then gets bigger. It's a city out in the middle of nowhere as fields is surrounding it, a big city it is. And it's warm light is almost reaching them.
    -"To this city here." Andarius then says and Noah, whom looks very fascinated about this looks at the city with big eyes.
    -"Let us go, shall we?" He says and takes her small hand as they start to go to the city shining up the dark world.

    (@Kyrion and @Arsonwolf @Onyxforever , interested? This is side-story to His name is... and this is about Andarius and Noah more. :3 The other one is more about Joseph. Thought this would be an interesting idea to pull. This is also going to be a little more about the actual city and not the pub so much.
    I don't know how long this one will be and if you guys even want to rp it, this was just an idea and... well... I'm thinking if this should be before everyone visits the pub, maybe some weeks after? Depending on what everyone would like and feel interested in?)
  2. It looks like an interesting premise ^_^ I think it would be better if this story takes place before the events in the pub, for we don't know how far the other story will go... maybe the characters in the pub will pass many days together, especially if we need to time skip.

    What kind of character will interact with these two? We must create new characters... the others from the pub didn't know them.
    Also, about the other story... we should make an effort to make things continue... ^^' talk more about the past, resolve what Andarius and Joseph must do together, pursue Sythe, let Darius search his brother... or do what Mikail and Blake need to do, and I don't know. Something.

    What kind of information you can give us for the two stories?
  3. Yeah, it's better if it's before the pub event.

    What kind of character you want depends, maybe you want both your old one whom maybe just strolls by, doesn't interact with Andarius and Noah until the pub or so...

    And yeah, I've been wondering about the other one as well but it seems that Mikail isn't often online, or maybe he doesn't know how to answer. I don't know. But right now, I feel it's better if our characters "rest" a little after the fight, I also find it a bit too much if they shall go find Sythe right after when he probably is pretty far away already. I saw that on my older post that there would be a festival, maybe they go to that one, maybe meet a person whom perhaps knows about this Sythe or Darius' brother. I don't know what Mikail wants, if he want to have a part as well, maybe find someone as well and Blake haven't answered that much either since it got tight when the men Mikail was going after came and then Sythe.

    But the story about Joseph (His name is...) is more about to find people and also find more about each other, who are they and who are me, etc. And also find the bad guys, Sythe and Fornax may also get in the rp since it's Andarius' enemy and if Mikail or Blake have another enemy they have to find. It depends

    This story is more of a background story of maybe the ones in the pub if you want that as an extra, or a new person who might come into His name is... roleplay later on and gets to encounter Andarius once again. We get to know more of the city in this one since it's rarely spoken of in the other rp. And how it ends also depends, maybe it ends when everyone get to see everyone in Joseph's pub and His name is... is an continuation?
  4. Well, you can count me in ^_^ I would use another character. If the character works well, I can make it appear again in "His name is...", or not. Darius arrived too recently at the city. It's interesting the idea to explore the city, the urban life. How old/modern is this place?

    Yes, in "His name is..." it would be nice if the others went to the Festival... we can time-skip to the day they go there, or make at least a bit more dialogues, if you prefer. People hold too many secrets there, and have too many things to tell.

    We can wait at least a day or two for the others. I hope they will appear and give their opinions too.
  5. Yeah and well, the city is pretty old actually but not too old, it has a background story in it but we'll see what it is in the rp, since we'll get to know the city more than Joseph and his pub.

    Well, either way is fine by me. Also I saw that Blake had his phone stolen and also that he'll be currently offline. Atleast that's what it said in his profile.
    But yeah, it would be fun to go to the festival since it's a piece to the city's background story and we'll probably hear that again in this one. It's an very ancient story but I'll have to think a little more about it. Maybe should make a map out of it right now, so I'll not f-ck up.

    Also in the His name is... Joseph will give a little suprise when the festival is about to begin, and it begins around the evening and night-time. (Since many will have the time to go from their work) ^_^

    Edit: Do you want to make a character sheet here?
  6. I'll think about my character, but probably will only post it tomorrow. I can fill a character sheet created by you, or create one by myself, that's not a problem. Maybe I can enroll two characters.

    Well, they can go to the festival by the next night in "His name is...". Would you like to jump directly to it, or RP the next day? I can make Darius pass the rest of the night somewhere and return at the right time.
  7. Well, I don't think more can happen than that they go home and rest and then it's time for the festival?

    And you can do your own character sheet if you feel like it, or else just include name, age, appearence and if you want some background history, etc. It isn't that hard.
  8. Ok ^_^ I'll post soon on the other RP.

    My character in this RP:

    Name: Pandora Meridian (can be called Pan, Dora, Merry... she doesn't mind)

    Gender: Female

    Age: Seems to be around 18, 19, but she will never confirm or deny it

    Appearance: Waist long light brown hair, frequently tied, braided or sporting different hairstyles. Hazel eyes, very expressive. She's 168cm, slim, a bit curvy, with long legs. Wears "gypsy" clothes, like long skirts, boots, blouses, large pants, bracelets, fingerless gloves. Has some freckles on the brige of her nose.

    Personality: fun loving, intense, usually happy and curious, yet she knows how to deal with real danger. She's brave, vivid, active, with a sharp tongue and attentive mind. Is very skilled with her hands and knows a bit of self-defense, but will try to avoid conflict (not always possible). She knows how to live in a city, but would also like to know the countryside someday. Can be sensitive sometimes, but is too proud to admit.

    Backstory: Pandora was raised until the age of 9 with her father, a merchant, who disappeared after a short travel to buy some products. He was never found, and people assume he was attacked by bandits. Her mother was a noble who always pretended she never had a child with a plebeian. She lived with an aunt for sometime, but soon found a place to herself, a small room close to the train station, where she lived since 16. She worked in many shops (and she's good with the clients!), but now stopped, trying to find something that could really touch her heart.

    Among the clients from the bookstore she worked, she knew a vampire who really liked the young girl, and soon she had a tutor to teach her something about the secrets and magic under the surface of things. He gave her something very special, before leaving forever: three small keys she uses all the time in a necklace: a black one, a white one, and a transparent one, like crystal. As magical abilities, she only knows how to share feelings and thoughts with others, and also their pain, to give them some relief. To protect herself in this city, she has a very good eye, and can throw little objects, like knives, with great skill.

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  9. Hello. Like the idea here. Sorry I havent been on at all lately, I have been so busy with work and have been ust crashing as soon as I get home
  10. @Arsonwolf it's okay! Just wanted to know if you still where here

    Also @Kyrion your character is accepted :b We'll just wait and see if the others want to do this.
  11. I think I'll wait to see if anyone else is going to post in "His name is....". It's really becoming a OnexOne XD but I don't want the story to stop like this, without a proper end. So, if it takes too long, let's continue it at least until we can find a good moment to finish. We cant' waste a good story like that.
  12. @Kyrion Yeah! Absolutely, I think so too. They can answer when they can but as you said, if it takes too long we've to keep going, because I've done too many rp's now that have died, sadly enough.

    Oh by the way, do you think I should wait with this one as well? To see how many that still want to do this one, if they're interested? I've time and now since it's summer, I can wait. But not too long since I'll start to summerwork soon in 2 weeks and wont be available as much as now.
  13. Well, you can wait at least this weekend, and PM people you know here ^_^
    We won't let the RP die! *heroic pose*
  14. You're absolutely right, Kyrion!! *poses with you*
  15. Well, I've thought a little about the city's history and background story so that's all planned out now :D
    And then we'll see how the story will go from there...

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  16. alright. i have use of a computer for a few weeks since my brother lent me his while mine is getting fixed. i can actually give you character info now.

    Name: Cyril Aintin

    Gender: Male

    Age: Appears to be 25, but is actually 19.

    Appearance: Tall and thin with blond hair that reaches past his ears and eyes that are a sharp green color. He usually wears glasses and carries an ornate pocket watch, despite his less than well off clothing. He also wears a ring with a multicolored stone set in it. He usually dresses to impress with nice clothing.

    Personality: Very friendly to whoever he can get to listen to him talk. That being said, he talks a whole lot and does not do much listening. Telling stories, singing loudly, etc. Not much can bring his mood down.

    Background: Grew up in a big city where his only income was money he got from begging, telling stories in bars, and singing, which he had done so that he could help his father support him and his brother through his younger years. When he turned fifteen, he left home with his brother, Kai to find something to make out of his life. Kai had always told him that he had a magic voice. A voice that was made to be the center of attention and a voice everyone trusted easily. He has since used his voice to sell things that people usually don't want by lying his ass off until someone believed him and bought his things, most of which he practically stole.
  17. @Arsonwolf good! And your character is accepted!
    It's just that the others doesn't seem to be online that very often, perhaps they're too busy as well. I just don't know what to do, if it'll only end up with us three since we're the only ones that're keeping the His name is... Alive.
    Though, I'll PM them just in case.

    Also, just wanted to warn you guys that next week on Thuesday I'm going away to where I shall start my summerjob and then work for about two weeks, so I probably wont me online that very often, but I shall try to go into the site on the evenings. Just to give you a warning and not think that I'm not interested in the story anymore or anything else. ^_^
    But I'm sure you guys would understand.
  18. @Arsonwolf : nice character! Glad to see you online again
    @Nathchi : You can count on us. If the others can't join for any reason, we could come up with more characters and make the story more intense, if you'd like. I don't mind having many characters to deal with ^_^ And thank you for telling us about your summerjob. If you can't get online so often, we will understand.

    Since the other RP doesn't have a OOC thread, I'm using this to talk about "His name is..." too. If we can create mythologies and tell stories, I'll introduce a temporary character (only during this festival scene), a friend of Darius from his people. She can also talk about him, from the time he was not "Darius" yet.
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  19. @Kyrion Yeah, and it's okay to take her into the rp. It'll be fun to see what his story will be as well as his... people.
    And it'll be fun for me to tell the story of the City and if this rp starts, you'll hear it again but of course more details in it. I just hope it'll be good and not weird since I'm a person who likes to create more... odd stories and such.
  20. I've done this last post so we can figure out who will start telling the stories. If you prefer to start, I can wait ^_^ If Vesa will be the first... well, I ask you: do you two prefer a veeeeeeeery long post of her telling everything quickly, or should I make a few smaller posts, so we can still interact while she does so?

    Also, I tend to deal very well with odd stories XD I'll certainly like the story of this town. Ah, Vesa's story will be... creative, too.
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