Have base plots need partners for them! ^-^

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    Welcome to my search for a partner or two, I have been sitting in a hospital room with my grandma and I finally have a large moment to post up a few of my ideas for plots.

    expectations for us both:

    - Okay no one liners
    - Communication! tell em if you are bored or vanishing ^^
    - 18 + Though that is no issue here hopefully.
    - Good spelling and grammar
    - Prefer you can play either gender please ^^ (not essential)
    - can play sub and dom (not essential but prefered)


    The plots with characters:

    The Photographer:

    RP Genre (type) : romance, wartime. (FxM FxF)
    My Character:


    Plot: (open)

    Born into a world with one dream a young woman (MC) goes to travel the world and fulfil her dream of taking photographs in a global scale. Though as she arrives in Africa she ends up caught in a war which creates issues for her to leave the country.

    With Woman and children getting raped and murdered and men getting slayed in arms this young woman needs to find a way out before a similar fait falls upon her. Though what happens when she get’s told by tourists she bumps into that the world is in the dark about this war?.

    (Was thinking that MC would cross paths with YC when the war breaks loose?? Maybe your character is a soldier??)

    Last Human In Captivity:

    RP Genre (type) : Sci-Fi, Romance, horror. (FxM, FxF, MxM)
    My Character's: Will be shared, depends on which role you play ^^

    Plot: (open)

    Our planet is gone. Now only one human remains in existence and soon he/she will die if they are not saved by another creature whom is the last of it’s own race too.

    The problem is that the human is held by a species of alien called the Nivois. A highly intelligent race which famed and destroyed species and worlds. They even collect.

    So how will this human be saved by this creature?

    Midgard & It's Gods Who Protect It:

    RP Genre (type): Fantasy, Romance, Gore, Possible Rape?. (FxM, FxF, MxM)
    My Characters: Will be shared depends on what gender you wish to play ^^
    (Like the series Vikings)
    War wages. People Die, People Dink, People Worship, Children are born.

    Who Is New here?:

    RP Genre (type) : Romance, Slice Of Life (FxM, FxF, MxM)
    My Character:


    Plot: (open)

    Have you ever felt that you were not who you were supposed to be? Working in the wrong place? Maybe taken the wrong life choices so your talent was wasted? Or born the wrong gender?

    This is a rp about a man who was born a woman. Now trying to find himself in this confusing world.

    If you are interested comment here or please pm me ^-^
  2. I'm interested in the last of humanity :) I will give full disclosure: I can go from extremely active and multiple responses a day to only once a week without warning because I work three jobs as sometimes I get super busy and I just can't roleplay until I get breaks. Happens with 14 hour days. Other times I don't get called in to a job or it's slow or I just have other days off.
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  3. That's fine ^^ I'm not to picky about the speed. As long as you say that you have lost interest if for some reason you get bored It's all good.

    Pm me so we can plan ^^
  4. I would like to try the first idea with you. I can do dominate, switch, and submissive. I prefer to do Fxf it that is alright with you. I might at times take a while to reply but I tend to replay at least once a day.
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  5. I have a fxf version about to start . Would you be willing to play MxF?
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  6. I can. What are you limits? Also do you mind things like mind break, slavery, bdsm and bondage? I have done Mxf. Though I can only tolerate doing a Male dominate.
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  7. Yes I'm into those things ^^ could you pm me so we can plan this out?
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  8. I prefer mxm myself :) I didn't mention that earlier
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  9. Sure, give me a bit.
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  10. I love mxm ^^
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  11. Sweet ! I sent the pm I look forward to the rp
  12. Heyo, up for the FxM Last Human In Captivity? I would prefer M :3
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  13. Awesome ^^ pm me please?
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