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Have any pets?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dipper, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. This might seem a bit random, but I'm genuinely curious as to what kinds of animals you guys let roam in your house. It's kind of my underhanded way of getting to know some of you people.

    Anyway, I have a maltipoo. White and covered in ridiculous fur, with giant "puppy" eyes-- and he knows how to use them. He likes long walks in the neighborhood, challenging big dogs to fights, and rolling in your clean socks. Used to have a ball python, so those are always fun. You could stick cotton balls to his head and he'd be cool with it.

    What about you guys?
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  2. I have two pets. A white and grey American Short Hair cat, named Miss Kitty. And an Axolotl named dragon.
  3. I have two cats that I consider mine, the other two are my kids'. I have a lab/pit mix, and a lab something that has a really bad case of selective hearing. I also have a bearded dragon who is the reincarnation of the grumpiest old man that's ever existed, and a ferret named Freddy Fazferret after Five Nights at Freddy's.
  4. A rottweiler. A friendly, beautiful, attention loving rottweiler named Venus. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever laid eyes on and I love her.
  5. I have a green cheek conure named Peeko who is my entire world. I can go on about him for forever, but I'll spare you~

    I also have hermit crabs! I have four or five (I'm not sure if one is still alive, she's been underground for 6 months) in a 55gal tank, and I've been keeping them for a few years now. If anybody else here, by any chance, is into crabs, I'd be happy to share pictures of my crabitat and crabs!

    I have two bettas, a purple female named Azalea and a blue and white halfmoon male named Quincy.

    And lastly, a jeweled curly tailed lizard named Percy.
  6. I have six cats. >> Three inside. One that can't make up it's mind, and two outside.
  7. I just have one cat. He's literally a scardy cat and I love him to pieces.
  8. I have 2 turtles that are older than some of the girls that I've dated.
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  9. Two lovely meow-meow-cats.
  10. Two dogs, and about 12 or so Koi in a pond in my front yard.
  11. I have a dachshund named Leon. He's really old and his snout is covered in gray fur, but it's adorable. c:

    I had two cats named Levi and Kitty, but my mom's ex-boyfriend had an adoption agency take them away without us knowing.

    I also had a goldfish from the fair named Taco. It lived a veeery long time, especially for a fair fish. Like, I was, maybe, nine when I got it? It only died when I was 16.
  12. Mine's a 10 year old Coca-poo (Cockerspanieli Poodle mix) named Rocky.

    I tried to take a more recent photo, but he's horrible at sitting still for them. :P
    This the best old(ish) one I could find.

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  13. Neat, guys! Really diverse range of pets, huh?

    This is my dog. His name's Sparky. I know, not too creative, but it fits him perfectly.

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  14. I had a fish. His name was Mischa; feeshy meeshy. He was called after the character from Milkweed, and he liked to watch TV. He'd hide in his plant all the time unless the TV was on, then he'd come out to watch. I forgot to feed him and he died :/

    He was a blue and red betta fish
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  15. A fluffy female Japanese spitz and a male miniature Schnauzer!
  16. Two dogs. Coco, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Tucker, the lab/pit/German shepherd mix.

    Or, as I like to call them, Dingdongs 1 and 2.

    Show Spoiler

    But they're cute, so they get away with stuff.
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  17. [​IMG]

    This is my dog, Julie.
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  18. Rockweiler shar pei mix. Big dummy, named Bandit.

    I got him so he could scare away intruders!
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  19. I have... five cats? Mostly because we had kittens who were supposed to go, but never did. (Named Mouse, Intrepid [who's actually mine], Trundles Underfoots a.k.a. Fathead, Chubbles, and Runt)

    And two dogs, one being a grumpy old Jack Russel named Angelee/Angel and the other a mostly blind Cocker Spaniel.
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  20. Three black cats, two redfoot tortoises, and two gerbils. :) Now, here's the fun part; the tortoises outgrew their tank, and they were always trying to find a way out, anyway, so I figured out how to stick infant diapers on them with medical tape, and now they just slowly meander around the place like malfunctioning Roombas. :D

    ...also, I don't mean to alarm anybody, but I think I might have been blessed with the cutest kitten to ever exist. I might be a little biased; just a tad. :P <3

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