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  1. Ok, before I even say my idea I would like to say a couple things about myself. I'm not always reliable, one day I might be posting all day and then for a week after I might not even log on. Though when I have an RP going I do try to at least get in a post a day out of respect for whoever is my RP partner. I only do MxF because I'm just not into FxF and MxM. Just to be clear I'm not hating on anyone who is into that kind of stuff, its just not something I'm into. I like to have plot, plot is very important.

    Now for the idea;

    This idea is based on the anime Naruto if any of you have seen it but it doesn't include any of the characters, don't worry if you haven't seen the anime because we will be coming up with new moves and all that as we go along. This idea also has a damsel in distress however she doesn't have to be weak and submissive. We can talk about that later.

    Anyways the story starts with the girl getting attacked by a group and she is outnumbered, the male character jumps in and saves her while at the same time making a great show of force. I would prefer the male to be a missing nin, aka a ninja that ran away from his village (which means he will not have a forehead protector), because that would explain why he decides to help her. A missing nin isn't always hunted down, normally they fake their deaths, which we will have this one do should we go along with what I planned out, and he has nothing else to do other than help the girl get back to her village. Of course I have a couple plot ideas in mind for later as well but if I just go right out and dump my bag of tricks on the table it wouldn't be so much fun.

    Why is this in the mature RP section? Well the girl falls in love with the male character for whatever reason (its up to whoever plays the female) and you can kind of guess what happens from their I'm assuming.

    Last but not least, I will be happy to play either character and if you request, for whatever your reason may be, I am willing to change parts of this idea around. I'm more confident playing Male characters however I am able to play female's too. Just post or message me or whatever if you want to talk about the idea.

    If their are multiple people interested I guess I can make this a group RP but I would have to change a couple of things. Just whatever you guys think really...
  2. I'm easily up for it, just no expecting a weak and too submissive girl
  3. I'm assuming you would like to play the female character then? Would you like to do CS or just jump in and reveal things later as we go?

    I'm perfectly happy with a stronger not completely submissive girl. Also it would make sense for her to have some skill, I mean she would have to be able to survive for at least part of the fight before the male character jumps in. I would assume her rank to be somewhere around Chunin level.

    On a side note how much do you know about Naruto? Either way I really don't care it will just effect my posts a little. Like if you don't know much of anything about the show I can explain the basics that will come up in the RP.

    Also would you like to start the RP with first post getting right into the fight or I could start it and have some sort of back story going on.
  4. Hmm, I don't know. What do you feel like? I'm alright with both.

    Please do explain the basic! I was supposed to watch the show, but then there's been coming up 2000 other shows I have to watch so I never had the time to watch naruto.

    If you could start it, that would be absolutely awesome.
  5. Ok well let's go with the CS so I can look over skills and what not for your character to help you out. I will start it as well.

    Ok so their are a bunch of different forms of fighting. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu are the basics.
    Ninjutsu uses Chakra for fighting and does physical damage. You have to perform hand seals for this and it can do a range of thing.
    Taijutsu is hand to hand fighting and you can use chakra to Give you more power.
    Genjutsu uses chakra as well and puts them into an illusion. Not everyone is able to use genjutsu though. It can be used with hand seals or depending on a blood line it can be used in other ways as well, threw eyes, threw paintings, ext.

    If anything else comes up I will explain them to you.

    Ranking structure is genin, chunin, jonin, kage and S rank. Their is also ANBU which is hand picked from the kage him/her self. Genin are normally ninja just out of the academy that handle E/D/C rank missions, chunin handle C/B Jurnin handle B/A and if they are skilled enough S.

    (Be back later to post the rest)
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  6. Their are only 5 Kage's for the 5 great nations. They are among the strongest in the village and are in charge of just about everything that happens. ANBU are basically special ops.

    Their are 5 basic chakra types, wind, fire, earth, lightning, and water. Chunin normally don't know much about that so I will explain it more in detail in the RP.

    The weapons are simple, explosive tags, kuni, swords, scrolls that do a number of thing, summons, spears ext. and if you have any ideas on a certain weapon you want to use you can.

    Their are numerous villages but only 5 large ones who are able to have a kage. They are located in the land of fire, wind, earth, lighting and water.

    Blood lines are special skills that are passed down threw family. They can be anything from special eyes to special jutsu's.
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  7. CS
    Show Spoiler

    Village: (If your from one of the big ones they are hidden leaf (for fire) hidden sand (for wind) hidden mist (for water) hidden stone (earth) and hidden cloud (for lightning))
    Jutsu Specialty:
    Favorite Ninjutsu: (You don't have to have Ninjutsu but almost all ninjas do)
    Summon: (Not everyone has one. You need to sign a contract with a species to do it, such as frog, snake, bull, ext.)
    Chakra type: (No more than 3 types, most chunin can't use it anyways so only pick one for now)

    Name: Daichi (Unknown as of now)
    Age: 19
    Personality: He doesn't normally speak to people and whenever he does it is normally only instructing them to do something or how to do something. Despite not talking much he is caring and doesn't like to leave people behind or watch someone else get hurt. A smile on his face is a rare sight, even to those he considers friends, and some people tend to think of him as a cold person.
    Village: Missing Nin from the Hidden Sand Village
    Rank: Jonin
    Jutsu Specialty: Clone Jutsu's
    Favorite Ninjutsu: Lightning Release Shadow Clone
    Summon: Turtle
    Chakra type: Lightning, Wind
  8. Name: Kirara

    Age: 18

    Personality: Very bubbly, but hardworking. Kirara tends to be a little too stubborn and too brave for her own, which often leads her to jump into situations she shouldn’t. She tends to speak right out what’s on her mind without thinking it through, and thinking that she is stronger than she is. Whenever she comes into situations she isn’t familiar with, she first asks questions, and if the questions are not answered, she just walks on, taking things as they fall.

    Appearance: A bit shorter than average, yet she doesn’t let that stop her. She have the hair on her left side shaven, while the rest is black and reach her to her shoulders. Hazel eyes, and slightly tan skin because she never stay indoors for too long.

    Village: hidden sand

    Rank: chunin

    Jutsu Specialty: bukijutsu

    Favorite Ninjutsu: Has not decided.

    Summon: doesn’t have.

    Chakra type: Wind

    Hope it doesn't look too bad.
    Tend to use descriptions instead of picture.
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  9. It looks absolutely fine actually and the fact that he is a missing nin from her village should make for a lot of fun. I will go ahead and start us up then.

    I might suggest going earth if you want to do tiajutsu. Wind is good for fighting with weapons because it can sharpen your blade but earth is good for packing a punch and blocking.
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  10. I forgot to tell you every mission is assigned a team. Normally its groups of 3 or 4 called cells and if its a larger group aka 5+ its called a platoon. You may want to do something about your teammates in the post. Either they are killed or you were left behind.
  11. >.< Gah! I have real life experience with punch and blocking (martial arts), but weapons are too fun >.<
    I'm gonna have to decide between the two now >.<
    Alright, I'll have made up my mind a little bit later today, have a bit of psychology to do first.
  12. Swapped over to ninjutsu (that was weapons, right?)
    Makes more sense with her size.
  13. I'll swap another time then
  14. Question, where is your forehead protector? Some Shinobi's don't where it on their forehead, some where it around their waist like a belt, others around their neck, some girls use it like a hair band, others on legs arms shoulders ext.
  15. As a belt.
  16. She did mention that she prefered doing it the old style that even those who were not trying to become ninjas did :p
  17. As far as this world goes that is old style, but I only posted it because of what I was about to post in the thread.
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