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  1. I wanted to do an rp along the lines of crossdressing. It would be a yaoi rp and I am looking for a seme.

    Something along the lines where my character is content crossdressing and enjoys working at a restaurant very very far from his school and hometown every summer. He isn't the most stand out type of person at school and can actually be labeled quiet by a lot of people. At work he completely changes, outgoing and cheerful. The only reason people can tell he's a boy is because of a slight Adam's apple. Then one day an ex boyfriend from school (your character) recognizes him at the restaurant. Together we could think of a reason why they broke up. Though things are awkard at first, the two start to slowly catch one another's attention again.

    Both characters would be around 17-18 years old.
  2. This is like my way of living. Sign me up, friend! (I'm sorry that I'm becoming like, a person who rps 4095683 different things with you. xD But your ideas are so appealingggg)
  3. (That's alright. It's fun rping with you XD)
    *wisks out pen and signs your name* Done! All you have to do is create a character sheet.
  4. Hmm.... I'll get to that in a moment, I'm drawing and it's this really complicated ass of a drawing. xD
  5. Lol okay XD I gotta get ready and go to school but I will be back in the afternoon.
  6. Haha it's already (kinda) afternoon here. xD
  7. Holy snap! We really do have different time zones! :)
  8. It's 1:10 PM as I'm writing this, haha. My time zone is GMT +1
  9. It is 7:12 am over here XD
  10. That's funny. xD
  11. Haha that never really occurred to me XD
  12. Well, everyone expects me to be American, for some reason or other.
  13. Hah, well I guess that is just a general assumption. I didn't even really think to question our odd times in the 24 hour periods.
  14. I suppose. And I often answer your messages while you're online so you probably didn't bother to wonder, hah.
  15. I have wondered what you are doing up 3 am my time but I kind of figured you were in another time zone of sorts XD
  16. Whoopie. That was a good guess, then. xD
  17. Heh x3 feel free to lost your character any time and I shall post mine soon.
  18. I'll post mine soon ^^ I just haven't found a picture yet orz
  19. Okey Dokey ^^
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