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  1. have this starter that I'm looking for One partner to play Two characters in.

    Here's the story. Two twin sister Emilia and _____ live in a two story house with their loving parents. Emilia, s shy, quiet, girly and gets scared easily. _____ is very tuned into the spiritual world and can either see or talk to ghosts. (your pick, you may add to it if you like.) Their house is on a gateway to the underworld, without their knowledge, so it attracts many demon's. That is why Damien, decides he is going to kill the whole family so he can get to the portal. Except when he sees the twin girls he cant bring himself to kill them. _____ (the other sister) calls the cops when they find their parents brutally murdered. Emilia is to traumatized to speak, for she saw the demon before it vanished.

    _____ ( a male cop 23-27 in age) is put on the case to find the murder, but he also knows about the gateway, for he's been working to close it. He is part of a secret detective group that hunts down evil beings to protect people.

    I'm looking for someone to play both the other twin and the cop. Emilia will fall for the cop, and the other twin will fall for Damien, who turns out to not be all that bad.

    The twins are 18.
    Emilia has long blond hair she likes to dye different colors, and pale green eyes. She is slightly skinny but not incredibly so, and she loves cute things. She also likes slightly older men, but has never had a boyfriend.
    The other twin can look like whatever you want, i just request she have green eyes as well. They are also very close together as any twin sisters would be.

    Comment or PM me if interested, im sure we can work something out. Heres the starter.


    The night was quiet and cold, just the way he liked it. It was perfect for the kill, and that is exactly what he was looking for tonight. He stood perched on top of a tall tree staring down about a mile away from a secluded house. It was somewhat big, but only had four family members. Damien had been watching them from afar for a few days. He always planned his kills before he went through with it. They were all home, the mother, father and two daughters. He flashed himself inside. He headed without sound to the parents room. They were soundly asleep, the fools, he would enjoy this. First with his powers he lifted the woman out of the bed who was trying to scream but couldn't since he had a mental grip on her throat. He grinned a devil's grin and brought her slowly to him, which was perfect for the father began to wake up stunned by what he saw. Damien opened his mouth his teeth becoming long pointed fangs as he bit into the woman. A gory bite that spilled blood everywhere.

    He threw down the now dead woman and licked his lips loving her blood. The man stood up grabbing a gun and began shooting but the bullets penetrated nothing on his body for he was not completely in his physical form. All he did was lift up his hand and the man caught on fire, dark flames enveloping his whole body as his screams faded while he died. The fire touched nothing else.

    He then flashed himself into the girls room to see them sharing a bed together, maybe they weren't as rich as he thought. He used his mental powers to pull back the blanket and was about to begin his ritual killing when he stopped. Twins, these girls were twins. And they were beautiful. Both of them, and that was something he would never destroy. Although he preferred the one who seemed to have a little more curve to her body, but maybe that was the inner monster getting the better of him, wanting more meat on his meals. He smiled another evil smile as one seemed to awaken.

    She had decided to sleep in her sister's room tonight. They had just gotten done watching a new horror movie and it terrified her, but her twin seemed un-bothered by it and just laughed at her. Still she wanted to sleep in her bed. She was just having pleasant dreams when something woke her up. At first she didn't know what it was, but she had thought she heard a bang from upstairs. She dismissed it and tried to go back to sleep, thinking it to be the cat they had knocking something over. Then a gun shot went off. she shot opened her eyes and tried to look around but didn't see anything. After a moment she grabbed her pillow and hugged it tight to her body hiding under the blankets thinking she was hearing things, since her sister often spoke of hearing things around the house. Maybe she was just paranoid.

    That's when she felt the blanket move and she froze. It wasn't just the movement of her sister rolling over it fell completely off the be. She turned to wake up her sister when she saw it. It was tall, black and had glowing eyes. She couldn't see anything but the blood that covered it as she screamed while it slowly faded to nothing.
  2. I am quite interested in this!
  3. Alright, If you'd like you can create some character sheets for the Sister and the Cop guy, and then we can discuss details :)
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