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  1. Basically, as an addition to the "Like" "Love" "Dislike" buttons etc. for posts I'm thinking one that's basically "Have a snickers bar" would be a nice addition.
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  2. There's a "you get a cookie button" so the snickers doesn't make sense to me. However, a "Chew it over" twix button would be cool, as a way to say "it's okay, but some more thought would make it great."
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  3. A bit.

    I feel 'have a cookie' is more "Here's a treat/reward"
    While a snickers is more like "You ain't being yourself"
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  4. Ah, that makes sense. Disregard what I said then.
  5. "Have a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry."

    It sounds like a good idea, actually O__O I'm just worried that not a lot of people would get the reference, and we'd end up having to explain it to everyone. Not that we don't have to explain the rest of the ratings system as it is, though, ha ha.
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  6. Love the idea!
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  7. That idea actually sounds pretty awesome!
  8. By the time members are done I think we'll have that row of button ratings all across the screen!

    I like the idea though, since the cookie button reads sarcastic to me like 90% of the time. Then again, most of the ratings are kinda subjective and open to that interpretation <.< The snickers bar sounds fun though, like a little chocolate peace with a peanut on it or something x)
  9. Thanks for the support everyone! :D
    I'd give you all a snickers bar, but that would imply something's off requiring you to have one.

    So I'll settle for cookies! :)
  10. "You need to get laid" button

    Implies something's off, but also implies its readily fixable via copious and liberal copulation.
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  11. ^That works too. :P
  12. As much as I love the twix/snickers bar suggestion I think the reference will be lost on people in other countries and eventually become an out dated joke over time. XD

    We also don't want to add ten million rating options, but ARE open to suggestions if there's some really good ones! O_O

    Not adding "You Need to Get Laid". D:< Or "Someone Has PMS" before anyone suggests that...

  13. Way to predict the future there
  14. Dang it...

    *Shakes Diana*
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  16. Is the snickers bar thing a geographic joke? O_O

    And here I thought in my Canadian mind that everyone knew it... Oops. :/
  17. It might not be a global ad campaign!
  18. I wish it was, that would the joke much easier to use.
  19. For what's it's worth...

    The same ad campaign ran in the netherlands.

    Still western world though, and the concerns about it not aging well are well founded.

    Would still be nice though to have a rating between 'you get a cookie' and 'go home, you're drunk.'
  20. Pair haps a "Perhaps it's bedtime for you" button?
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