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  1. I ussually post tppic ideas and thought it would be fun to play out someone elses idea so post them here.

    Ussually do female human slaves but reluctant ones that get forced and well.. pretty much raped and tortured.

    Have played males before but only dominate males.

    Wouldnt mind mixing in some other ideas. Like vamps or werewolves. Im pretty good at picking up on characters.

    I match post length as much as possible. I dont like to put in the effort nor have enough to work with to do lengthy posts if im not getting them in return.

    So ya post or pm your ideas.
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  2. OH Me me ! Lolz, :) jK But let me know what you decide on setting and such for our vampire Plot..it was thinking maybe there could be two sisters , two purebloods, then that is how we can get the two couples..we can try twins

    do one MxM couple,
    and One regular FXM

    Or perhaps we Could Do FXF with the twin sister, i would want you to be the twin sister if my pureblood princess gets a sister.
  3. I would prefer fxf or mxf... I dont think I could do mxm. And are we moving away from the princess lol
  4. Here's some plot ideas. (Note, the characters can easily be Elves, Humans or something entirely else)

    • A female is taken captive by a religious cult. The leader takes a liking to the female, who was original meant as a sacrifice. The plot moves on as he start to train and corrupt her.
    • A young man strike a deal with a mother who live alone with her beautiful daughter. To pay off her huge debt, the daughter becomes the man's personal slave.
    • Two Kingdoms are at war. However, one of the Kings is growing weak, and he send his daughter to discuss peace. The strong King's adviser suggest that they capture the princess and corrupt her. That should surely break the weak King's will.

    I didn't really understand what you were looking for especially, so here's some other ideas.

    • A Princess is taken hostage by a rival Kingdom. Tricking the guards, she somehow escape and now have to get back to her palace. Luckily for her, a stranger offer help.
    • Our female knight hold a artifact that can break the evil spreading across the land. She is soon joined by a friend or stranger.
    That's all I can think of right now.
  5. Lol all very cool.. first 3 i could do well.. the first 2 being my fav..

    Last 2.. the first one I could figure out and the last one.. not really up my ally.. I dont think I could play a knight
  6. Well, I wasn't entirely sure what you was looking for. The cult thing could be pretty interesting and the debt idea isn't bad either.
  7. I always enjoy some sxm :3
  8. Sxm?
  9. Slave and master
  10. Ya.. me too.. got any plot ideas
  11. Slave and master

    And im up for either one of your ideas
  12. I see. I love that stuff too =3

    If you're fine with either then I want to try the debt story. Should we do it in PM or?
  13. Doesnt matter.. whats ur fav
  14. I would like to try the debt idea for starters. I'll PM you and we can take it from there =3
  15. We can if you want to, i dont have to be a princess Lolz.
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