Have a Few Roleplay ideas.

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  1. I have a few Roleplay ideas and wondered if anyone wanted to help me with them.
    I wish to play the girl in every Roleplay. I suck at being male.

    Idea#1: Werewolf and Vampire romance story. A vampire male happens to fall inlove with a Werewolf girl. Basically they meet at highschool. the werewolf girl is new at school and the vampire male happens to be her 'tour guide' of the school.

    Idea#2: A romance between the Mad Hatter and Alice. Only there is a twist. The Mad Hatter is a girl and Alice is a boy. THe mad hatter will be name Hattie Mad. The boy Alice name will be 'Alister' or something. IT will be in WONDERLAND :D

    Idea#3: A romance between a Cheerleader (Girl) and an Emo (Boy). Or a Jock (boy) and an Emo (girl). I wish to be the girl, but i don't care whether I'm the cheerleader or the Emo.

    Um, yeah, I guess you could say Romance has been in my mind here lately (due to teh fact the guy i like is now single :) )
    I hope me wanting to play the girl in every one of the roleplays isnt selfish...

    Okie Dokie! Post below in which one you want to do.
  2. Idea # 2 please :D
    I'll play the male if you want... or... whom ever O.o haha confused. Well not really.
  3. Hooray! Thanks! And if you don't mind, i would like you to play the male...it's just, how do i say... My male character always acts Gay. xD
  4. in this situation I don't think it would matter much XD
    They both seem a bit confused and on the brink of wanting each other's bodies to swap parts.
  5. okay
  6. THe 1st and 3rd one are still up for grabs! :D