Have a few ideas (3 out of 6 left)

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  1. I have been saving a few ideas for OneXone's for a bit now and I finally would really like to do them. Post here or PM me if you're interested in any. :D

    About me:

    - I prefer playing females
    - I prefer FxM (love romance!)
    - I can get on at least once a day (depending on certain circumstances at times but usually more than once.)
    - I like when my partners and I work together during the Rp and come up with interesting things to happen.I want us both to enjoy it.
    - I’m pretty carefree and laid back when it comes to role-playing.
    - I don’t care about post length. Sometimes I can do a lot, others a little so you can too.
    - I’ll role-play through thread or PM.

    Now the ideas I have:

    - High school: geek X popular

    - Naruto: oc X oc or Canon X oc (I have multiple characters so which ever canon you choice I’ll most likely be fine with. Meaning you're free to choose.)

    - Alien X human: The leaders of another world want to destroy Earth. However, one of the daughters begged them not to. They said that if she went to Earth and found a reason for them to spare the humans then they would. So, she went to Earth.

    - Pirate Capitan X prisoner/worker saved from water: A young man was sent off on a ship for a reason (whatever you want), but the ship got destroyed during a storm. The young man was still alive, floating on a piece of wood. The pirate ship finds him and rescues him; however, being a pirate ship it’s not so much of a save. The man must now work on the ship, as well as being its prisoner.

    - Student X Teacher: The student would be a senior and the teacher would be a new young teacher.

    - New house resident X invisible girl: A girl was given a curse which made her invisible. People thought she went missing and in the end, was never found. The family moved away, but ended up leaving the girl behind. Then a new family comes in with a son, who ends up being the only one who can see her.

    *The bold roles are what I prefer to play at the moment.
    * Struck out means taken
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  2. Are you still looking for a partner for a pirate rp?
  3. I would love to partner with you for it, it you'll have me!
  4. Yeah, I'll send you a PM so we can discuss everything. :)